What Color Rug Goes With Wood Floors?

Do you have wood floors and are in the market for a new area rug? Are you wondering what style, color, or design may go with the floors? Well, we have done some research and have the answer for you!

For dark wood floors, you want to keep the color of the rug light. A pale blue, orange, or lavender is a great choice. You may even prefer white or beige. If you have lighter colored wood floors, go with deep greens, purples, blues, and even red. Also, take into consideration the theme of the room you will have the rug in. 

Continue reading this article to figure out which color of rug you may want to go along with your wood floors. We'll also discuss the best types of rugs for various floor types and other common design questions. 

Dangling lamps directed on the dining table matched with a grey rug and wooden flooring, What Color Rug Goes With Wood Floors?

Dark Wood Floors

Pale Blue

A pale blue rug would look great with darker colored wood floors. This color will break up the floors' darkness, bringing more light and an airy feeling to any room. Using a lighter colored rug against dark floors creates a beautiful contrast that catches the eye. You can use a solid pale blue rug or choose a designed one like the above pictured. Choose the style that will match the theme or motif of the room that you are using the rug in. 


Whether you choose a bright orange rug or a creamier pastel orange, the rug will look beautiful against a dark wood floor. Orange can bring out the red hues in cherry wood or dark oak flooring. This color also adds a little pizazz to a bland room. Bring the eye to the rug instead of boring white walls! Adding color to any room can also make it feel warmer and happier to be in. 


Like the rug pictured above, many tones of purples go with light or dark wooden floors. This rug has many different hues of purple and grey, and it works! Try a rug with multiple hues to bring out the designs in the rug itself and the wood grains. There are enough dark and light purples in the rug to offset the darkness of the wood, so it is not overpowering or too gloomy. 


When adding white to a dark surface, the color automatically makes it look clean and comforting. While a white rug is harder to keep clean, it catches your eye when on top of the dark floor. If you want to brighten up the room a little, white is absolutely the way to go. You can even choose a rug with a bit of beige or gold designs in it to make it a little fancier than plain white. 

Beige/ Tan

Beige and tan are neutral colors. This breaks up the darkest of wooden floors without using a stark white. Because they are neutral colors, beige and tan will match with any decor or theme the room may have. You can also add other colors too without anything clashing. These colors are easier to keep clean as well. The color's neutralness will help bring out the grains of the dark wood and almost create a feeling that the outside is indoors with you. 

Lighter Wood Floors


A dark green rug would look amazing with lightly colored wooden floors. It is almost like having the green leaves on a tree! The green color brings the eye to the beautiful wood and its intricate designs and grains. You may even choose to find a rug with a leafy pattern on it to pull nature into your room. Dark green can also be paired with numerous other colors depending on the theme of the room. 

Royal Purple

Who doesn't love a royal purple? Because of its jeweled tone, it will contrast greatly with the paler colored wood floors. A dark rug will offset the light on the floor, making the room look bigger and more comfortable. Choose a rug with different hues of purples, like suggested above, for darker floors. These will all blend nicely and create a stylish environment everyone wants to be in. 

Blue Hues

Blue is another color that goes with almost anything! You could use a navy blue against the lighter colored wood floors or even a robin egg blue. The robin egg blue against the light wood will make the room feel bright and airy while also making the room look bigger! A navy blue against the light wood will make the room feel homier and more welcoming. Either blue would look amazing with your floors. 


Red is the color of passion and love. If you are looking for a rug for your bedroom, go with red! This color not only pops on its own, but it will also make your floors stand out. If you are looking for an eye-catching piece, using a red rug will do just that. Make the rug the focal piece against neutral colored walls. Do not be afraid to incorporate a stylish design to give your room a gorgeous, warm makeover. 

How do you pick a rug color?

Wooden flooring matched with a red and white rug

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First, look at the room you are putting the rug in. If it is small, use a lighter colored rug to make it look more open. Darker colors make a room feel warmer and more inviting. You also want to make sure that the rug you choose matches the decor and furniture you have in the room. Watch for overpowering designs. You do not want things to look too crazy. 

Does a dark rug make a room look smaller?

Using a highly decorated rug can make the room look smaller. Darker colors are also known to help make a space look smaller. Using several small rugs will reduce the size of the room. If you want the room to look more extensive, it is suggested to use one big area rug instead of several smaller ones. 

Can you use rubber backed rugs on vinyl flooring?

Grey pattern rug inside a white walled living room and light hardwood flooring

It is not suggested to use rubber in a natural or synthetic state with vinyl flooring. The rubber will react with chemicals found in vinyl and will cause staining and discoloration. 

What kind of rugs can you use on laminate floors?

You can use pretty much any kind of rug you prefer on laminate floors. You may choose an area rug, runners, or animal skins. It is all personal preference. 

What kind of rug pad is safe for hardwood floors?

Patterned blue rug inside a wood floor living room

It is suggested to use a natural latex or felt pad for hardwood floors. Some pads use a combination of both. Not only are these materials non-toxic, but they also provide additional padding for comfort and create a barrier to keep the rug from moving and slipping around. 

In Closing

White rug layed on a wooden flooring

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There are many color options out there for different colors of hardwood flooring. If you want to brighten up your dark wood floors, choose a lighter blue, lavender, or even orange-colored rug. If you have lighter colored wood flooring, go with deep royal colors such as purple, red, blue, and green. Using rugs with different hues of the same color can also greatly contrast to any colored wood flooring. Remember to keep in mind the decor and furniture colors you have in the room already. 

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