What Color of Rug Goes With a Brown Sofa?

Have you been decorating your living room lately? Maybe you have a brown sofa and can't think of what rug color will best complement it. With the vast number of rug colors available, this decision can certainly be overwhelming. So, what rug color goes well with a brown sofa?

The best color of rugs to go with a brown sofa include:

  • Gray
  • Brown and beige
  • Patterns with multiple colors

If you still have some more questions, don't worry. We're here to help guide and show you how you can make the biggest visual impact with a rug and a brown sofa. Continue reading to discover 20 great examples. Without further ado, let's get to it!

panoramic view elegant living room brown, What-Color-of-Rug-Goes-With-a-Brown-Sofa

Gray Rugs

Brown and gray color combinations have become increasingly popular. The colors are frequently found together in nature, after all. The neutral tones play off each other well and are different enough for visual stimulation. Gray is fresh and clean while the brown provides some grounding.

1. Mood Lightener

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Open plan Scandinavian styled family living room and kitchen with brown leather sofa

Lighten the mood of your room with the addition of a soft gray area rug. It complements the other organic features incorporated into the room design.


2. Leather Pairing

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Throw pillows and blanket on brown velvet corner sofa in elegant living room interior, with gray rug and gray accents.

Pair your brown sofa with a smoky gray area rug and coordinating throw pillows. Using gray throughout your design gives it a more cohesive look.

3. Airy Feel

Modern living room with brown leather furniture, 3d rendering image, large windows overlooking to nature and forest

In a room full of cocoa brown furniture and lighting, a light gray area rug is the perfect addition to create a more airy feel.

Chevron Area Rug

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4. Cohesive Appearance

Modern loft living room with nature view

Maintain a cohesive look throughout your dark-themed room by placing a dark gray rug in the middle of the furniture set.

5. Industrial Aesthetic

Loft Interior with Leather Sofa and Furniture

Design a seamless industrial space with the help of a dark gray area rug. A rug can really put some finishing touches on a room, so never underestimate its ability.

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Brown And Beige Rugs

Brown and beige rugs help add some warm depth into the room. Choose a shade that complements the couch without matching it exactly. Brown and beige area rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures, ensuring you'll find the right one for the room.

6. Texture Rich

Modern living room with mezzanine 3d rendering image.

A texture-rich rug brings forth a lot of cohesion to the room. It also adds a lot of liveliness and draws the eye in. Don't let texture be an afterthought in your room design.

Beige Shag Area Rug

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7. Subtle Color

Interior design scene of modern apartment with living room and dinner room in wood and brown colors

Against brown furniture and wood floors, a brown and beige rug tends to blend in with its surroundings, serving as a subtle design accent.

8. Color Blocking

Modern bright living room with brown sofa, throw pillows, and brown furniture

Color block your room with the furniture and rug that you select. That style of color usage doesn't have to remain in the fashion industry, it has made its way into design, creating great visual interest.

9. Softness

Ivory bright elegant living room with hardwood floor. Furnished with leather couch, chairs, brick background fireplace

In a room full of wood furniture, trim, and flooring, a soft, beige rug is very welcome. It softens the feel of the room and elevates its overall design.

Oriental Vintage Medallion Area Rug

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Patterns And Multiple Colors

Create a harmonious contrast with the pairing of multiple colored and patterned rugs with brown sofas. The colors used in the rug can highlight the furniture that's in the room, provide a unique aesthetic, and make it seem lighter. Patterned rugs can also help determine the overall style and feel of the room.

10. Neutral Geometric

Cozy living room interior with fireplace, beige walls and hardwood floor.

In an otherwise simple-patterned room, the geometric area rug brings a pop of life to the space. It creates a visual interest aspect to the room.

11. Consistent Theme

Interior design series: living room with consistent theme

If you have a consistent design theme in the room, ensure it stays that way with the rug you pick. The rug can include the colors from around the room and be incorporated into a unique style.

12. Bright Tones

Digitally generated elegant and modern living room interior design

In a room full of dark colors, a bright colored area rug makes a splash. The border of the rug contains the dark color but then is otherwise vibrant.

Colorful Geometric Square Area Rug

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13. Organic Hues

Cozy sofa in a domestic living room design

This room oozes with organic hues and textures found in nature. The earth tone palette makes the room feel warm and cozy. The rug has neutral colors but a whimsical pattern that pulls the room together.

14. Oriental Rug

Living room with fireplace, tv, brown leather couch and glass top coffee table

Oriental rugs are full of rich design. Whether it's an antique or a reproduction, the style won't go unnoticed or unappreciated. The tones used in the rug have the ability to pull the room together and highlight all of the accent pieces.

15. Define The Room

Living room with antique sofa, long patterned rug, chair, coffee table and piano

Define the room with the size of the rug you use. It can help anchor the room and serve as the perfect highlight.

16. Layer Decor

Luxury living room with leather couch, colorful rug, and a fireplace

Layer the room's decor with a rug full of color. This rug pulls in color from various features around the room and can help create a layered look in the space.

17. Echo The Pattern

Lovely living room area of a showcase design home

Echo the pattern and colors of the rug through the furniture in the room. Notice how the curvature in the pattern of the rug is also used in various pieces around the room.

18. Warm Tones

Log cabin house interior with vaulted ceiling. Luxury living room with fireplace, leather couch and glass top coffee table

In a room full of warm tones, keep it going. This area rug ties it all together and makes the room feel extra cozy.

19. Accents

Light brown tone living room with fireplace and TV. Comfort leather couch with pillows and orange blanket

Pick some of your favorite colors in the rug then find an assortment of decorative objects with the same hue. The throw pillows and blanket do a wonderful job of complementing some colors found in the rug.

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20. Color Contrast

Interior of nicely furnished living room with large windows overlooking back deck. Hardwood floor, brown chocolate sofas, Persian style rug, natural stone wall trim and a fireplace.

Contrast your light wood floors, walls, and features with dark brown sofas, coffee tables, and an area rug. Though the area rug is primarily dark-colored, it has light accents in order to create harmony in the style.

Traditional Oriental Rug

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panoramic view elegant living room brown

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