What Color Rug Goes With White Couch in the Living Room?

What color rug goes with a white couch? The answer may seem simple until you get ready to shop, and then it appears that all colors will work. We looked at a variety of sources to get the best ideas for pairing a rug with a white couch!

Numerous rug colors work with white couches. Here's a shortlist of our favorites:

  1. Patterned Soft Blue and Cream
  2. Neutral Beige
  3. Navy Blue
  4. Green
  5. Animal Print
  6. Jewel Toned Pattern
  7. Light Gray
  8. Dark Gray
  9. White

Let's delve a little deeper into the color choices of rugs for your white couch.

A white couch with white throw pillows and a brown rug on a wooden floor, What Color Rug Goes With White Couch in the Living Room?

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What Rugs Go Great With White Couches?

White couches make a statement in a room. They can go in many different design directions depending on the other pieces you choose to go with them. Can your choice of the rug make a difference? It absolutely can. Your area rug and a white sofa together can say volumes about your intentions in the space. Let's look at some photo examples of nine great rug and white sofa combinations.

1. Patterned Soft Blue And Cream Rug With A White Sectional Sofa

If you're looking for a room with a relaxed and crisp vibe, why not look for a rug that introduces soft cool colors alongside the white. This bright and cheery room features a white-on-white palette with color pops brought in with plants, pillows, and this soft-toned patterned rug. The whole space just screams fresh and relaxing.

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Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home

This Persian area rug gives you the same kind of feel. The soft muted pattern in blues and tans on a cream background easily recreates the look above.

2. A Neutral Beige Rug With a White Couch

If you love a warm yet neutral palette, consider choosing a soft beige rug to go with your white sofa. Here the rug and walls complement the couch. Warm wooden accent pieces, and pillows to pull in the colors from the painting, work to create a cohesive look. You could choose a pile rug or one of the natural sisal type rugs to achieve this look.

Scandinavian style living room interior design

A beige jute rug pairs nicely with white sofas.

3. Navy (And All Blue) Rugs Look Great With White Couches

Blue and white is a vibrant color combination. It's like the ocean meeting Caribbean sands. And, whether you choose navy, turquoise, or a soft robin's egg, any color of blue is a super choice for white sofas.

Blue concrete wall with white modern furniture in minimal interior design living room

This scrolling vine shag rug in blue and cream will fit delicious underfoot when you rest on the couch. Its a great medium tone blue that is sure to be the perfect fit for your white sofa.

Click here to see this rug on Amazon.

4. Green Rugs And White Sofas Are A Match

Green is a color that's seeing a resurgence in decor. Here a bold green room brings a bit of the outdoors inside for this brightly lit sunroom. A few tastefully placed green vases tie the rug to the other decor. The bold color of the rug plays well against the serene, calm of the white sofa.

Modern living room interior with white sofa, green rug and hardwood floor

This fireworks pattern area rug in tones of green can help create the look above. New Zealand wool provides long-lasting wear.

5. Animal Pattern Rug And A White Sofa Are A Chic Combination

White sofas are excellent for light, coastal style homes, but they are also great for bold, modern homes. Paired with sleek furniture, unique, modern lighting, and a bold rug, you can make a statement with a white sofa. In this room, a faux zebra pattern rug set at an angle works well with the unusual space.

Modern living room interior with white sofa, zebra printed rug and throw pillows

This faux zebra print rug can help you achieve the look in the above room.

6. Jewel-Tones Are Perfect With White For A Classic Look

If you love a classic home, then you might consider a jewel-toned South Asian inspired rug. A jewel-toned rug crafted in luxurious colors adds a richness to any room. And it goes perfectly with a white sofa.

Colorful patterned carpet design

Here's a modern take on classic jewel tones.

7. Light Gray Is Always A Great Choice For A White Couch

Grays and whites are by far the most popular color combinations in home decor these days (see our post here if you prefer gray sofas and white rugs: 19 Gray Sofa Color Scheme Ideas). The two colors meld beautifully and allow for bolder design choices in accessories. 

Modern living room with white corner sofa and light gray carpet on wooden floor

8. Dark Gray Rugs With A White Sofa For A More Dramatic Look

Just like our light gray rug, a charcoal rug is a perfect color choice for a white couch. It creates a bolder look than the lighter tone of gray and looks super with black accents in the room. We particularly love the striking black and white framed photograph over the sofa.

Modern Scandinavian style country villa light minimalist living room interior with white sofa and dark gray sofa

This charcoal rug is very similar to the one pictured in our photograph above.

9. Let's Not Forget How Well A White Rug Can Go With A White Couch

If you love super clean lines and a crisp, bright look, then pair your white couch with a white rug. It's a classic combination that won't let you down (unless you have big dogs with muddy paws, then stick to a darker color). 

Interior of a bright modern living room with white sofa, white rug and white walls

This soft white shag rug is a perfect choice.

How Can I Decorate My White Couch?

As you've no doubt noticed from the photos above, throw pillows are a super way to bring in color to your white couch. Consider using pillows to pick up the colors from your rug or wall art. Couch throws are another way to make your white sofa look homey and welcoming.

This lovely tasseled light gray throw is perfect for today's white and gray interiors. Here you can see the hint of a blue throw pillow to bring in the wall color, too.

What Other Accents In A Living Room Should Match A White Couch?

Many rooms that are home to white couches have white walls as well. In this room, we see a white sofa that is accented by the wall color. A beautiful nature view from large glass windows. White flowers in a vase finish out the look.

Modern living room with white sofa and dark gray carpet

In this bright room, a wooden coffee table plays nicely with the white sofa. A white vase, white throw pillows, and a white window with white curtains.

Scandinavian farmhouse living room interior with white sofa and hardwood floor

You really can't go wrong with your choices when it comes to a white sofa. What it boils down to is the mood and tone you're trying to create with your design. If you enjoyed this post here at HomeDecorBliss.com, please check out these others below:

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