11 Great Color Schemes For The Home Office

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. Maybe you work from home more often but dread spending time in your drab home office.

Believe it or not, the color of your home office can affect your motivation, productivity, mood, and energy. Choosing the right color scheme for your home office can help you feel more inspired and allow you to work in a more comfortable environment.

Color can have positive psychological effects and can even lower stress levels.

Choosing the wrong color palette in your home office can also have adverse effects. Certain colors can cause eyestrain and may make you want to stay out of that room completely!

Choose a color that makes you happy to be around for an extended period. Our experts have compiled a list of 11 great color schemes for your home office.

From basic neutrals to bold and bright, hopefully, one of these will inspire you and help you create the perfect work environment.

Stylish composition of dining room interior with design table, modern chairs, decoration, tropical leaf in vase, fruits, bookcase, abstract mock up paintings and elegant accessories in home decor, 11 Great Color Schemes For The Home Office

1. Crisp White

Office of business person with desk, armchair of professional, chair for clients, shelves, clock, green plant and two pictures on wall

Maybe you are someone who gets distracted by color and like a very neutral and clean look. A crisp, clean white, such as 'Simply White,' may be right for you.

It works as a blank canvas and can be combined with any color and decor.

If your home office lacks natural light, painting the room white will instantly brighten up the space and make it light and airy. A white home office will be timeless and can be simple and relaxing.

The built-ins and furniture in this home office are also white, creating a very clean and calm area.

2. Classic Gray

Posters on grey wall above wooden desk in natural home office interior with plants and lamp

Another great neutral color for a home office is gray. A warm shade of gray will go with everything but won't be quite as stark as a bright white.

Gray is versatile and can be very feminine but also very masculine, depending on your decor and furniture. A gray home office can keep you focused and calm.

You can transform your office into a professional and sophisticated space by painting it a warm gray. This gray home office looks polished with the pops of black and white and touches of greenery.

3. Calming Green

A photorealistic home office painted in calming green, creating a stress-reducing atmosphere.

Green is known to be one of the most calming and stress-reducing of all colors. Green is an excellent choice if you're looking for a way to bring nature into your office.

If you are choosing a bold or darker green, consider painting only one wall as an accent wall, especially if you have a small and dark space. You don't want your office to appear too dark or too small.

A muted green, however, could be used on all the walls and give your office a soothing feel. The green accent wall in this home office adds a pop of color against the other white walls.

4. Serene Blue

a photorealistic home office with a beautiful and fresh light blue shade, creating an eye-catching and relaxing environment.

A beautiful and fresh light blue shade can be eye-catching and relaxing. Soft shades of blue can evoke calming tones and keep you tranquil, even in stressful situations.

Light blue colors tend to keep you focused for long periods. If you love the ocean and water, choosing a light blue can make you feel happy and content.

This home office painted in light blue is whimsical yet elegant.

5. Black And White

a photorealistic home office featuring a classic black and white color scheme for a chic and timeless look.

Nothing is more classic than black and white. Choose black and white if you want to create a chic home office. You can't go wrong with this color combination.

It will never go out of style and will pair beautifully with any furniture or decor. Depending on your design style, a black and white office can be modern, rustic, or luxe. The options are endless!

Black and white are used to make this home office modern and sleek.

6. Soft Pink

a photorealistic home office with soft pink walls, adding a feminine touch and brightness to the workspace.

If you want to add a feminine touch to your home office, think about painting your walls a soft pink. This beautiful shade of pink will add brightness and the perfect amount of color to your office.

You can use it on an accent wall or throughout the entire room. It won't be overpowering. Pink may not be for everyone, but if it's a color you love, think about using it in your home office.

This small space has been transformed into a feminine and beautiful home office. 

7. Dark Navy

a photorealistic home office with dark navy walls and gold hardware for a rich and luxurious look.

Navy blue is currently a trendy color in the design world.

You might be too afraid to try a dark color in one of the main rooms of your house, so try it in the office instead. It can look incredibly rich and luxurious in a home office.

It's the perfect background for all of your online meetings. Navy blue built-ins or accent walls will transform your home office into a space you'll want to return to day after day.

The gorgeous navy walls and shelves with gold hardware take this home office to the next level.

8. Chocolate Brown

Lovely home office

Brown might seem like a drab or boring color but think again. Wood furniture stands out beautifully against shades of brown and can act as a neutral.

Additionally, brown pairs well with colors like green, white, and other earth tones. Chocolate brown can convert your home office into a cozy and warm space in which you will feel comfortable and laid-back.

This home office showcases dark and light shades of brown to create a sophisticated and warm environment.

9. Yellow

Office workplace with computer.

While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, yellow can brighten up your office and be stimulating. It can be energizing and give your home office that pop of color you may be searching for.

Some may find yellow to be refreshing and cheerful. Yellow can inspire creativity and add a pop of sunshine to your room.

We recommend using it as an accent color, as it may be overwhelming if used on all walls throughout your office. Yellow can add fun to your home office and pairs perfectly with white and black.

Painting a small yellow rectangle behind the shelves in this office adds the perfect amount of color.

10. Teal

A photorealistic home office featuring a bright teal color for a playful and fun atmosphere.

Again, a bright teal color may not be for everyone. However, it can add playfulness and fun to your home office. Teal is a combination of blue and green and can be both calming and energizing.

Pair your teal office with neutrals such as white,  gold, and silver so the room doesn't become chaotic and cluttered. Using teal in your home office can add a touch of elegance and beauty.

The teal wall in this home office pairs perfectly with the white walls and wooden shelving. It creates a chic, boho look in this office.

11. Black

a photorealistic home office with black walls and accents, emphasizing the elegance and sophistication of this color choice.

Black is another neutral that will work in a home office. But be careful! Using too much black can make your room dark and dreary.

Black textured wallpaper or a fun black accent wall can enhance your home office without making it too gloomy.

Pairing black with touches of gold and light shades of wood can turn your home office into a high-end, luxurious space.

This homeowner painted all the walls and built-ins in the office black. However, it works perfectly because of all the natural light from the windows and the light shades of wood and gold used in this space.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you are drawn to soothing colors like blues and greens, neutrals like white and gray, or bolds such as yellow and teal, you can turn your home office into the office of your dreams.

The paint color is almost as important as your job. You want your office to be a space you enjoy and a space that reflects your personality. Remember, the tone of your office can directly affect your motivation levels, mood, and energy.

We hope one of these color schemes will help inspire you to create a home office where you can thrive and produce your best work and ideas. Mostly, what it comes down to is choosing a color you love!

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