What Color Shower Curtain Makes A Bathroom Look Bigger?

Everybody dreams of having a spacious bathroom in their home. Unfortunately, they’re a comfort few have access to. The good news is there are plenty of ways to fake it and make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. For example, getting a shower curtain that’ll make your space seem open and inviting.

A shower curtain that makes the bathroom look bigger is:

  • White or clear in color
  • Has an uncomplicated pattern or no pattern at all
  • Is situated high and hangs almost to the ground

Of course, there’s more to bathroom design than the shower curtain. For tips on how to make the room appear more spacious than it is—and explanations on why a white shower curtain without a pattern helps the illusion—keep reading.


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Why White?

Bathroom with shower curtain

White opens up any space with ease. To the eye, it seems like the absence of color, allowing you to imagine a space that has boundless depth. It’s the blank canvas on which your mind projects endless possibilities.

For an example of a high-quality white shower curtain to use, check out this AmazerBath piece on Amazon.

The Benefits of Clear Shower Curtains

A shower curtain rod

Getting a see-through curtain might not appeal to some people, but it’s a great way to make a small bathroom look spacious all the same. By giving off the impression that the room is unbroken, the eye assumes that the bathroom is bigger than it is. Check out this heavy-duty AmazerBath Clear Shower Curtain on Amazon for a great example of what to use to achieve this effect.

If you’re still looking for reasons to pick a white or clear shower curtain, they have added the benefit of being easy to clean.

To Pattern or Not To Pattern

Since the shower curtain is one of the focal points of the bathroom, it’s tempting to pick out one with a fun pattern. However, certain designs can actually make your space seem smaller by overwhelming the eye.

If you want to use a patterned shower curtain, stick with one that has a subtle color scheme. Different shades of ivory or black and white design work best.

Additionally, you’ll want to go with a simple pattern. Vertical stripes make especially good choices since they give the illusion of height.

Texture Counts

If you want to get playful but are worried about picking the right pattern for your space, textures are a good way to intrigue the eye without being overbearing. Simple ruffles or pleats look great in nearly any bathroom design. Take this AmazonBasics pleated, white shower curtain found on Amazon, for example.

The bathroom will still feel open and spa-like in its luxury, but you have a bit of depth a simple shower curtain can’t provide.

Placement is Important

Shower curtain rod placement is another aspect of bathroom design you can use to give the illusion of more height. Setting the rod closer to the ceiling than you might feel inclined to and then buying a curtain that falls nearly to the ground elongates the whole space. When you use this trick paired with a white or clear curtain, you’re making the room feel both taller and wider than it really is.

What Are Some Other Ways to Make the Bathroom Look Bigger?

Ways to make the bathroom look bigger, What Color Shower Curtain Makes A Bathroom Look Bigger?

You’ll want to use some other tricks of the trade to really aid the eye in believing the bathroom is spacious. Everything from the floors and walls to decor accents can have an effect on the overall impression.

Bright, Airy Colors

The same principle you use for shower curtains applies to the bathroom as a whole. Bright whites and creams make the room feel airy and open. To strike the right balance, make sure you match the color of the floor to the ceiling. Then, you can add a little more color by using a different shade on the walls.

Another way to avoid a monochrome look is to layer different shades of white over one another or use accent pieces—like soap dispensers—to give the place a pop of color.

Mirrors are Your Friends

Stylish bathroom interior with vessel sink and round mirror

It’s the perfect trick for any room in the home: the bigger the mirror, the larger the room appears. This means you’ll want the mirror over your sink to be as big as possible.

If you have a large counter that spans a whole wall, definitely take the opportunity to have your mirror do the same. For tinier counters, you don’t want the space to look unbalanced. Therefore, you’ll want to take advantage of height with a tall mirror, as opposed to a wide one.

Then, where you can, add little accent mirrors to help the illusion. A cabinet with mirrored doors, for example, keeps the space organized and makes it seem endless.

Bright Lights

In addition to using bright colors to make a room appear more open, you can use bright lights. Giving your white bathroom a bit of a glow, bright lights create a welcoming atmosphere.

Additionally, if they do their job right, high-intensity lights reduce the number of shadowy corners. This gives the feeling that every bit of space is being used, making the room seem larger as a result.

Natural Light

Stylish bathroom design with natural light

You should be utilizing natural light when you can, pairing them with bright lights to keep the bathroom well lit. Not only does this make a room feel more welcoming, it brings the sprawling outdoors inside. Large panel windows achieve this effect the best, but if that’s not an option, small and circular windows are better than nothing.

Eliminate Clutter

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll be amazed at what cleaning up will do. Have your toothbrush and paste sitting out on the counter? Putting them in the medicine cabinet will do wonders for opening up the area.

Likewise, stop leaving your bathroom reading on the back of the toilet. Get a little basket or decorative cube that’ll help the space seem more organized.

Flooring and Walls

You already know the floor and walls should be white for the greatest effect, but if you’re looking to add a bit of interesting deviation, tile is a good place to start. Having tiles that match in shape but vary a little in color offers visual intrigue, and using small tiles keeps the space from feeling overcrowded.

Extending the tile you use on the floor to your shower also helps give the illusion of more depth. If that’s not an option, try using the tile halfway up your walls. This lengthens the space.

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What Color Shower Curtain Makes a Bathroom Look Bigger?

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