What Color Siding Goes With Black Windows?

Upgrading your home's exterior can increase not only your curb appeal but also your home's property value. Black windows are a unique-looking accent for the exterior of your home and have recently become a popular choice in home decor. Finding the right siding to complement your black windows may seem like a small detail but can make a huge difference in the overall look of your outdoor space. We have brought you an inclusive list of color options for your siding that will coordinate well with your black windows. 

Wood or vinyl siding adds a sleek and modern look to any home exterior. Exterior siding is available in many different colors. Black is the ultimate dark neutral and will coordinate well with almost any siding color, but some siding colors stand out. The colors of siding that we will discuss in more depth are as follows:

  1. White
  2. Neutral
  3. Natural wood
  4. Black
  5. Gray
  6. Bright blue
  7. Light blue
  8. Green
  9. Red 
  10. Yellow
  11. Greige

Siding color is likely only one of many issues that you will have to address during your project. You may wonder what house color goes with black windows and whether black windows are going out of style. You may want to find out if black windows increase your home's value and what the most popular window color is. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

A huge two storey house with brown sidings and black windows with a huge driveway, What Color Siding Goes With Black Windows?

11 Gorgeous Siding Colors That Go Well With Black Windows

1. White

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White siding of a house with black framed window

White and black is the ultimate in elegant and classy combinations and can make quite a statement on the outside of your home. A monochromatic color scheme may seem boring yet it can be anything but!

These black windows add some dramatic color and deepness to the white siding on the house in the example above. Warm natural brown deck flooring gives this epic color duo some warm contrast and a subtle softness. 

2. Neutral

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A huge long span beige colored mansion with a huge driveway and black windows

Black windows can add some much-needed drama and color to neutral-colored pallets, such as the neutral and brown combination pictured in the example above. Earth tones such as these have a soft and subtle appearance that can add some warmness to your outdoor space.

Black windows are a great way to add some detail and dimension to this neutral color scheme. The neutral-colored house pictured below has a serene country feel with a touch of modernity added by the black windows. 

3. Natural woodModern contemporary home with black windows and a view deck with glass fence

If neutral colors appeal to you but seem a little drab, natural wood can be a great option to pair with your black windows. Natural wood is a similar color to the neutral color that we discussed above but has some flair.

Natural wood is subtle and warm, with small details ingrained in the wood. Pairing this light warm color with your black windows can give your outdoor space a modern rustic feel.

4. Black

Black windows matching the black sidings

Using black siding with your black windows is a great way to almost camouflage your windows with a deep and dramatic color, which is quickly gaining popularity. Your windows will fade into the striking moody color of your siding for a sleek contemporary look.

The warm brown front door shown in the example above adds some soft warmth to this dynamic exterior. The black background really makes the glass of the windows and around the door stand out and is easily accented with any number of colors. 

5. Grey

A small country home with grey wooden sidings, black window trims and dark windows

In different ratios of black and white color combinations, grey has recently become huge in the world of decorating for both interior and exterior projects. The perfect mixture of the two ultimate neutrals, white and black, grey is an elegant color choice for your siding that is a cool neutral color.

The black windows in the example above are highlighted by the black door, roof, black planters, and black rocks along the sidewalk to be the focal points of this home. White pillars and trim add some soft bright color to this color scheme. 

6. Bright blue

Bright blue painted sidings with black framed windows

For an elegant, vibrant cool color to pair with your black windows, blue is the perfect color for your exterior siding. Blue adds a simple yet dramatic pop of color to your home's exterior.

Inspired by tranquil elements of nature, shades of blue are soft and peaceful while also eye-catching. The bright vivid blue shade pictured in the example above combined with the crisp contrast of the white trim is a great backdrop to your black windows. 

7. Light blue

Light blue painted sidings with black framed windows

Shades of blue are highly versatile and diverse, ranging from deep navy blues to subtle sky blues. The lighter shade of blue used to pair with these black windows, in the example above, adds a cute country vibe to the exterior of this home.

This muted version of blue is complemented nicely with the deep black tones of the windows and the competing white siding on the other side of the home. This color palette is further lightened and softened with the use of white for a well-balanced color scheme. 

8. Green

Green painted sidings with black framed windows

Shades of green are also tranquil and cool colors inspired by nature. The sage green pictured in the example above is complemented perfectly by the black windows.

The deeper shade of green used for the trim and the warm colored brick combine for a modern cottage look. Naturally accented by the surrounding greenery, this green home exterior has a peaceful ambiance that is eyecatching yet delicate. 

9. Red

A long span barnhouse with red wooden sidings, black window awnings and small plants on the side

Vibrant and bold, red siding is a dramatic contrast to black windows. The deep red siding pictured in the example above is a rich shade that is sure to increase the visibility of your home.

Pairing this shade with black windows gives this house some depth and balances out the vibrant color. The black trim and piping used on this home's exterior accentuate the black windows. 

10. Yellow

A two storey country home with black windows, yellow sidings and gorgeous landscaping

Sunny and warm, yellow siding adds an energetic look to any exterior. The elaborate white trim pictured in the example above gives this home an elegant charm.

The black windows add some dramatic dark color to this home's exterior. Black accents like the door and metal fence give this outdoor space a cohesive look.

11. Greige

A house with black windows and framing incorporated with asphalt roofing

The perfect mixture of grey and beige, greige has become hugely popular in home decor. The black window, greige siding, and white trim come together perfectly for a detailed contrast that looks sleek and modern. With both warm and cool undertones, greige is the perfect siding color to coordinate with many other accent colors.

What house color goes with black windows?

Black is the ultimate dark neutral, making it the perfect color to pair with almost any other color. Windows in this shade can offer depth and detail to almost any color palette.

Black windows with a dark-colored house can blend in with the surroundings for an inconspicuous look. Black windows with a light-colored home can stand out and add a sense of contrast to the overall look.

Are black windows going out of style?

While black windows are hugely popular, they aren't just a trend that will fade any time soon. Black is an enduring color, so black windows will never go out of style.

Light-colored or dark-colored windows are a matter of personal preference, but black windows are sleek and timeless. Black windows not only go with most colors of homes but also with many styles of homes. Modern or rustic, black windows add a certain flair to many various home styles. 

Do black windows increase home value?

As mentioned before, black windows can increase your home's overall curb appeal. This, in turn, will increase your home's value.

While replacing windows may not directly increase your home's value, they can attract positive attention that can help your home sell faster. Black windows will give your outdoor space a distinct look that will stand out to potential buyers. 

What is the most popular window color?

White is the most popular window color. White is bright and coordinates with pretty much any other color. Although wite is popular for its versatility, black windows are definitely making a comeback. Black windows are hugely popular for their contemporary style and unique look. 

Final thoughts

A huge two storey house with brown sidings and black windows with a huge driveway

Exterior colors are hugely important in the overall look of your home. Your personal tastes and styles should play a huge role in choosing the colors that will adorn the outside of your house.

Black windows go with many colors of siding for a sharp and distinctive look. We hope that the above list of siding colors to go with your black windows has helped to inspire your home exterior project. 

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