9 Siding Colors to Pair with White Brick

Check out these nine awesome siding colors that go perfectly with white brick. They’ll give your home a fresh and stylish look, adding a touch of personality and charm.

Small cottage with shutters, flowers, front yard and sidewalk, What Color Siding Goes With White Brick?

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Find your favorite shade and see how it transforms your house into a standout beauty in the neighborhood!

Siding Colors That Go With White Brick


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Traditional two car wooden garage

Using white trim with your white brick can give the exterior of your home a clean, spacious look. White is a bright neutral that makes a vibrant statement.

Accenting your white exterior is easy, as white is one of the most versatile colors available. Vivid colors, such as the red door pictured in the example above, add some life to your white exterior. 


The combination of black siding and white brick creates a striking contrast, with black trim adding dramatic definition. The warm wood door softens the look, adding a touch of warmth to the exterior

Black and white are a classic color combination. The ultimate light neutral and the ultimate dark neutral combine to make the perfectly contrasted pairing.

Using black trim on your white brick home adds some dramatic color and definition to the architectural details of the exterior of your home.

The warm wood door pictured in the example above gives this color scheme some warmth and softness. 


Grey siding paired with white brick offers a modern cottage feel, with grey trim beautifully complementing the white exterior.

Grey is a color that has become increasingly popular in home decorating. The perfect mixture of black and white and grey trim is a beautiful compliment to your white exterior.

The white and grey pairing pictured in the example above gives this home a modern cottage feel. 

Sky blue

White brick house

Blue trim is a cool contemporary contrast to your white brick home. Inspired by the sky and water, blue is a tranquil color with a soft country feel.

The sky blue trim pictured in the example above gives this exterior the perfect subtle color. The grey roof is the perfect cool accent color for your blue and white color scheme. 

Bright blue

Bright blue siding creates a stunning contrast with white brick, giving the exterior an unexpected burst of cool color. White floral greenery adds balance and cohesiveness to the look.

Another blue option for your white brick is a vivid shade of brilliant blue. Bright shades of blue are uncommon but can give your exterior an unexpected burst of cool color.

The bright blue shade pictured in the example below is a stunning contrast to the white brick. The white floral greenery adds balance and creates a cohesive look. 


Brick wall with open windows

Green is an attractive option for the trim on your white brick home. It’s a cool, tranquil color inspired by nature that adds a vibrant contrast to white brick.

Green trim will coordinate well with a green landscape and other natural green accents outside your home.

The teal green trim in the example above is the perfect mixture of blue and green shades, but many different shades of green would make great color pairings for your white brick home. 


Terraced English House

Red trim can add a fiery contrast to your white brick house. It is bold and vibrant and can give your exterior the perfect splash of warm color.

To accent, this red and white color combination, consider colors like black or grey. The gutter piping and other inconspicuous black accents in the example above helps to balance this color scheme. 

Natural wood

Natural wood siding adds innate warmth to white brick, with the unique stained wood color enhancing the exterior.

Using natural wood for your trim is an excellent way to bring some innate warmth into your color palette. The stained wood color is unmatched by any other paint color and can add a unique touch to your home’s exterior.

Accenting this color combination is also easily accomplished as this color scheme goes with any other color imaginable.

In the example pictured above, the white and wood combination is accented with a small amount of black, which adds some detail and definition. 


Beige siding provides a subtle contrast to white brick, adding a light, warm, earthy vibe.

Consider beige for your trim if you want a subtle contrast to your white brick exterior. Beige is the perfect pale mixture of brown and white. Trim in this shade can give your exterior a light, warm, earthy vibe.

The coordinating roof in the example above, combined with the natural greenery and flowers, gives this home a rustic country look. 

Is white a good exterior house color?

Shades of white are perfect exterior colors for several reasons. White is versatile and fits any style of home.

It’s a great backdrop to highlight architectural details outside your home. Shades of white also add a crisp, clean burst of color to their surroundings.

Is white brick going out of style?

White brick will never go out of style, in part because of its versatility. It is the ultimate light neutral and pairs well with almost any color imaginable.

Lighter exterior paint colors make your home look bigger and add an airy, expansive feel to your property.

Whitewashing buildings and homes have existed since at least the 1500s and is still a popular method for changing a home’s exterior look. 

How long does painted white brick last?

Painting your brick white is an excellent way to change the color of your home’s exterior. Depending on the painting method and the condition of the underlying brick, painted brick can last 3 to 5 years.

To ensure the maximum durability of your painted brick, use a good primer before painting and ensure that the painted brick is cleaned often.

Your brick should also be repainted regularly to keep the painted brick looking its best. 

Can painted brick look good?

Painted brick will look good if the proper steps are followed to prep the underlying brick and adequately maintain the painted brick.

If possible, the brick should be cleaned well with a pressure washer before priming.

When planning your brick painting project, consider the season as warm. Dry weather is best for painting. After priming and painting your brick, plan to repaint your brick exterior every 3 to 5 years. 

What color siding has the best resale value?

Lighter-colored siding has the best resale value. According to some experts, light neutral colors such as beige or cream are good siding colors for resale.

Grey and lighter shades of blue are also recommended for resale value. You may also want to compliment the homes surrounding yours when deciding on a color for your siding. 

Can you put siding over brick?

While placing siding over your existing brick is possible, it is not recommended, according to a source familiar with the process.

Placing siding over brick can be complicated because of the less-than-even surface. Painting your brick instead of replacing it with siding can be a great alternative that may provide you with the results you are searching for. 

What color siding is most popular on a house?

Some of the most popular siding colors for the exterior of your home are inspired by nature. Beige, browns, and greens are popular siding choices.

Light shades of all of these colors are highly recommended. Contrasting trim colors can give your siding an extra pop.

Final thoughts

Small cottage with shutters, flowers, front yard and sidewalk, What Color Siding Goes With White Brick?

Your home’s exterior should reflect your and your family’s styles and tastes. There are no actual rules when it comes to decorating your home exterior.

The colors you choose for your exterior trim should appeal to you first and foremost.

We hope the above selection has helped you search for the perfect siding color for your white brick.

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