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What Color Tablecloth With Burlap Runner?

A table doesn't look complete unless it is set with an attractive tablecloth and runner. However, you might wonder what color tablecloths are best paired with a burlap runner. We researched beautifully executed tables and color theory to show you what is most visually appealing. Discover how to style a dining table with a modern farmhouse style, a minimalist, traditional display, or a timeless ensemble using jewel tones.

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When you need a tablecloth that complements a burlap runner, stick with a neutral color or bold with jewel tones for dramatic visual appeal. Burlap is one of those materials with a rustic, down-home look that can be dressed up or down for a beautiful dining table. Check out our list of suggested tablecloth colors for a chic look:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. Purple
  5. Orange

Create a stunning dining table that expertly unifies an earthy burlap table runner with a finely draped tablecloth. Keep reading below for more ideas and inspiration for pairing your burlap table runner. 

flower case on a Beautiful wedding table place settings in a rustic country style. What Color Tablecloth With Burlap Runner

Wow Guests With A Well Dressed Table

When you need a tablecloth that looks amazing with a burlap runner, you can't go wrong with white, black, or a stately jewel tone in blue or purple. Also referred to as gunny sack or hessian cloth, a burlap table runner has a certain type of charm that draws you in.

Beautiful Table Decorations at a wedding.

Give a dining table a down-to-earth look with a tablecloth in neutral or earthy tones. Brighten things up for holidays using red or orange tablecloths, or create a sophisticated mood with blue or purple. Check out our list of suggested tablecloth and table runner pairings for inspiration.

1. White

When you need a tablecloth that looks amazing with a burlap runner, you can't go wrong choosing a neutral shade like white. Opt for a bright, crisp white, toned-down linen, cream, eggshell, or chalk-colored tablecloth with a natural-colored oat or barley burlap runner.

Using a white tablecloth with a specific intensity seamlessly shows off a burlap runner without stealing the show. Note how there are burlap accents on the chairs in this example, too. A white tablecloth is perfect for formal and informal settings, from weddings to a weekend dinner with loved ones.

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2. Black

Some stylists might want to shy away from using a black tablecloth with a light-colored burlap runner, but the combination is pure magic. In this example, the color of the tablecloth pushes the runner forward and looks incredibly classy.

The sunflowers peppered along the runner add a touch of country charm and a welcome dose of color for balance. Instead of appearing severe, a black tablecloth with a hessian runner has a sophisticated farmhouse vibe.

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3. Blue

Bring in the calming tones of blue to create a delightful table. Choose a blue in navy, robin's egg, or a blue-green teal tablecloth paired with a rustic burlap runner. A deep navy tablecloth anchors a table and makes the gunny sack runner stand out.

Notice how the table accents in the centerpiece use glass pieces in a lighter, translucent blue. The napkins in a subdued sandy peach create some contrast, play off of the runner, and balance the light and dark blues on the table.

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4. Purple

Make an impression with a royal purple-hued tablecloth, or soften things up with lavender table linen. A purple color ushers in the energy of spring or fall with an airy, feminine touch. A smooth textured lilac tablecloth looks lovely against an earthy, light brown runner and similar colored napkins. Try this look for a dining table for a wedding, baby shower, or nighttime gala.

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5. Orange

Add the fiery warmth of pumpkin orange, or choose a tablecloth with more red tones for a welcoming dinner table. Note how the napkins are in a jewel-tone purple and balance the complementary color of orange for heightened drama.

Because of the strong contrast between the napkins and the tablecloth, the white chairs and rough, rustic burlap runner come forward. A look this strong may not be for everyone, but it keeps things visually interesting.

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Can You Use A Table Runner Without A Tablecloth?

Having a table runner without a tablecloth is a matter of personal preference, as it is okay to forego a tablecloth. Adding a table runner was created to protect the tablecloth when dining. However, a table runner looks stunning when used alone to decorate a wood dining table. Dress your dining table with a table runner and tablecloth for formal or informal gatherings, or make a bold move and only show off the runner.

Ideally, a table runner should hang over the sides of the table no more than six inches. The runner should have a center alignment to give the table some breathing room. When a runner lies on top of a tablecloth, the sides should not hang past the edges of the table linen.

If you have shorter runners, make a dramatic move and hang multiple runners evenly spaced apart width-wise on a table. Also, don't pass up on the opportunity to style an end table, console table, coffee table, or tea art with an attractive table runner.

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What Fabric Is Best For A Tablecloth?

Many people swear by using polyester tablecloths because they are inexpensive, wrinkle-resistant, and do not readily absorb spills. However, it may be better to stick to a natural fabric like linen for a tablecloth for a few key reasons. Linen has a luxurious feel, absorbs spills, and wears well over time.

A linen tablecloth is a balanced choice because it works in informal and formal table settings. Don't forget to take care of your table linens to maintain their appearance.

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What Do You Put Under A Tablecloth?

If you snag a tablecloth with a non-slip underside, you can forego adding a rubber mat to the top of a table before adding the linen. Another option is to add a lengthy sheet of shelf liner material or a padded mat. 

It is wise to place some type of covering over a table before putting down a tablecloth to prevent damage, especially to an unsealed wooden table. When you are worried about keeping a tablecloth from slipping, but you don't have a pad to put underneath, weigh down the table linen with a heavy centerpiece or use clips. 

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Can Placemats Overlap A Table Runner?

Follow your decorating bliss and choose to leave some space or overlap a table runner with placemats. Take care if you are going to overlap the runner and make sure that the table won't end up looking like a cluttered mess.

If you are going to overlap placemats with a table runner, they should share the same color or texture to maintain visual harmony. In addition to considering color or texture, keep the proportions balanced and avoid oversized placemats that can overshadow the runner.

In Closing

We hope you feel more confident about decorating a dining table appropriately with a burlap table runner. Using the right color tablecloth helps set the mood for the dining experience and complements the unique qualities of burlap. Follow your bliss, choose an understated country-style appearance, or create an upscale look with jewel-toned tablecloths paired with a hessian table runner.

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