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What Color Tablecloth With White Dishes?

Tablecloths are a nice way to elevate your dining room. They come in many colors and can make your dining room look elegant, festive, or classic. Like tablecloths, white dishes also give dining rooms an elegant feel. Are you thinking about coupling a tablecloth with white dishes? If so, you may be wondering what color tablecloth goes best with white dishes. We have some important decor tips for you. 

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Several tablecloth colors go nicely with white dishes. The specific tablecloth color you choose can depend on the situation you're using the tablecloth. Seven tablecloth colors that look beautiful next to white dishes include: 

  • Charcoal gray 
  • Ivory
  • Burgundy
  • Navy
  • Pumpkin
  • Silver
  • White

Now that you know what tablecloth colors pair nicely with white dishes, you may want to know which color to use for certain situations. For example, which tablecloth color works best for any time of the year? Which colors work best for holidays? Don't worry; we elaborate on each color and more in this post! Keep reading to learn more about the best tablecloth colors that go with white dishes, when and how to appropriately set up a tablecloth, tablecloth sizes, and using placemats. 

Silver service seen on an old fashioned railway carriage, showing various silver cutlery, prior to dinner service on the railway car. What Color Tablecloth With White Dishes

When Should You Use A Tablecloth?

You should use a tablecloth when you want to completely protect your table from food or beverage stains. A tablecloth covers the entirety of a table, so it shields them from any foods or drinks that may spill onto them during dinner. You should also use a tablecloth if you're hosting a semi to formal dinner. Tablecloths help elevate dinners by giving your table a classy appearance. 

An important aspect of using a tablecloth is learning which tablecloth colors go well with certain dishes. With this being said, let's further discuss the seven tablecloth colors that go well with white dishes.

Charcoal Gray

A charcoal gray tablecloth pairs nicely with white dishes because it creates a timeless aesthetic. This particular pairing is simple yet breathtaking, making it a lovely combination. Also, you can pair a charcoal gray tablecloth with white dishes year-round. So, if you're unsure about which tablecloth color to pair with your white dishes, or if you just want to pair them with a classic color, you can always rely on charcoal gray!

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Ivory tablecloths are simple, but their simplicity allows them to be jazzed up, making them a great match for classic white dishes. During holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter, you can embellish your ivory tablecloth with festive decorations. If you want your table to have a seasonal theme, you can mix your ivory tablecloth with seasonal colors. For example, if it's spring, try adding some pastel colors to your ivory tablecloth. White dishes are very versatile, so they suit a decorative ivory tablecloth very well. 

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Burgundy is a rich color. White dishes stand out against the richness of burgundy, making these two a striking pair. Burgundy tablecloths and white dishes are an especially nice pair during Christmas time, as the colors compliment holiday decorations very well. If you want to add a rich pop of color to your home for the winter holidays or romantic dinners, consider pairing a burgundy tablecloth with white dishes.

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Navy is also a rich seasonal color, which makes white dishes pop against it. Just like a burgundy tablecloth and white dishes, a navy tablecloth paired with white dishes is perfect for adding a deep pop of color to your home for the holidays. 

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Like burgundy and navy, pumpkin is a rich color that is perfect to pair with white dishes during the holidays. In particular, this combination works well for Halloween and Thanksgiving. If you want to add a festive look to your home this fall, a pumpkin tablecloth and white dishes may be the perfect pairing for you. 

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Similar to burgundy, navy, and pumpkin, a silver tablecloth with white dishes works well for the holidays. During Hanukkah, you can add royal blue and gold decorations to your silver tablecloth to give your table an elegant holiday vibe. While it's a good option for the holidays, a silver tablecloth with white dishes also works well for any sophisticated setting. If you want your dining room to have an elevated feel, try pairing a sparkly or mesh silver tablecloth with white dishes.

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A white tablecloth is similar to a charcoal gray tablecloth; it can be paired with white dishes at any time of the year, creating a timeless appearance. However, while this white-on-white combination is timeless, it can be a bit too simple. To add some color to this pairing, put some colorful placemats on the table. The placemats will add some brightness and personality to your table while still allowing the white tablecloth and white dishes to create a classic feel.

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Should A Tablecloth Touch the Floor?

Whether or not a tablecloth should touch the floor depends on the formality of a dining event. It's not necessary for tablecloths to touch the floor at casual dining events. The drop length for tablecloths at casual events should range from eight inches to 15 inches from the edge of the table. 

In contrast, tablecloths should almost touch the floor or completely touch the floor at formal dining events. The recommended drop length for tablecloths at formal events ranges from 15 inches from the table's edge to the floor. 

So, if you're planning a birthday party for family and friends, then your tablecloth doesn't need to touch the floor. However, if you're planning a formal event like a wedding, then you should definitely ensure that all of your tablecloths are close to the floor or completely touching it. 

What Are Standard Tablecloth Sizes?

Standard tablecloth sizes depend on two main characteristics: the shape of the table and the size of the table. The two main table shapes are square and round. Depending on their shape, tables come in different sizes.

The standard sizes for square tables are:

  • 30 inches
  • 36 inches
  • 42 inches
  • 60 inches

The standard tablecloth size for a 30-inch square table is 52 inches by 52 inches with an 11-inch drop. A 36-inch square table requires a 62-inch by 62-inch tablecloth with a 13-inch drop. A 42-inch square table needs a 72-inch by 72-inch tablecloth with a 15-inch drop. Finally, the standard tablecloth size for a 60-inch square table is 85 inches by 85 inches with a 12.5-inch drop. 

The standard sizes for round tables are:

  • 30 inches
  • 48 inches
  • 60 inches
  • 72 inches

Next, let's talk about the standard tablecloth sizes for round tables. The standard tablecloth size for a 30-inch round table is 64 inches with a 17-inch drop. A 48-inch round table needs a 72-inch tablecloth with a 12-inch drop. There are two standard tablecloth sizes for a 60-inch round table; one is a 90-inch tablecloth with a 15-inch drop, and the other is a 120-inch tablecloth with a 30-inch drop. There are also two standard tablecloth sizes for a 72-inch round table; one is a 120-inch tablecloth with a 24-inch drop, and the other is a 132-inch tablecloth with a 30-inch drop.

Should Placemats Match the Dishes?

What Color Tablecloth With White Dishes

When using placemats, you should take into account the color of the dishes. The purpose of placemats is to embellish the table, so you want to ensure that placemats complement the color and the theme of the dishes well. In addition, it's helpful if you ensure that placemats match tablecloths, napkins, centerpieces, and flowers. 

In Closing

There are several different tablecloth colors that you can pair with white dishes to create different dining moods. Seven tablecloth colors that go well with white dishes are charcoal gray, ivory, burgundy, navy, pumpkin, silver, and white. Each of these colors has its own benefits and its own time of the year to shine. 

Remember that tablecloths should only touch the floor at formal events, and that standard tablecloth sizes vary depending on table shape and size. Also, remember that you should consider the color of dishes when using placemats. With this list of tablecloth colors and these décor tips, you should be ready to decorate your table in no time!

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