What Color Walls Go With Black Ceiling?

Making the bold move to choose a black ceiling is not for the faint of heart. However, if you were curious about which color choices for walls best complement a black ceiling, you're in luck. We researched what interior design mavens had to suggest about the subject. Consider our helpful info and curated examples of visually stunning rooms with black ceilings.

If you have black ceilings, you don't have to stick to only neutral colors. Do consider using the following colors to paint your walls:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • White

Create a sophisticated room, amplify visual drama, and develop an inviting atmosphere using color to complement black ceilings. Keep reading to see more inspiration and info. 

lavatory with white walls and black ceiling. What Color Walls Go With Black Ceiling

Complementing Colors For Black Ceilings

Making an effort to cultivate visual balance and harmony between different colors is essential to creating a beautiful, welcoming space. Whether you need to paint a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or basement, you can use shades within a color family to complement a black ceiling.

If you opt for neutral colors like white or grey, they are the safest choices for interior decorating. However, have some fun and experiment with warm colors in the red and purple family as well. Check out our list of suggested complementary colors and visual examples.


Add some warmth and embrace color boldly in a basement room and beyond. The red walls inject some vibrancy into the space and are not overpowered or underwhelming with a black ceiling. There is a bit of texture to the ceiling which helps create visual interest.

Note how the soft gray carpet is a solid flooring choice because it is soft, and yet still ties the black ceiling and white trim together. A look like this isn't for everyone, but it works as the colors don't fight one another for dominance.

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Reach back in time to Victorian elegance, embrace antique finery, and create a regal look with purple paint. Note how the black ceiling fits seamlessly with the plum-colored walls. The light fixture is a delight to behold with the metallic ornamentation at the base. The style of the light and its construction cast a golden glow that is soft and intriguing.

The use of gold accents in the mirror and main light work beautifully with the ceiling and walls, creating visual harmony and ties the room together.

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Choosing to work with a monochromatic color scheme does so well for a guest bedroom. The black ceiling overhead makes the room feel cozy, but the white trim pops with the soft, grey walls.

Note how the window coverings match the ceiling and provide a reverse pop against the walls and bedroom window. The oatmeal-colored area rug and checkered stool at the foot of the bed are a lovely touch.

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Brown is a nice, earthy color to pair with a black ceiling, provided that it is closer to tan, beige, or a light sand hue. Make sure to keep things interesting with white trim. Utilize furnishings, texture, accent colors, and lighting to keep the room feeling modern and clean.

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Sticking to a neutral color palette for the walls is one of the safest treatments when you have a black ceiling. Note in this slightly bohemian, contemporary living room the use of color. The bright white walls and mantle keep the room feeling refreshed and not overbearing.

The pattern in the area rug and the tufted accent chair adds a nice touch of texture, along with the ivory drapery over the windows. The wood floor balances the contrast of the dark ceiling and lighter walls, and the mirrors have accents of black.

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What Does A Black Ceiling Do To A Room?

Black is a strong color that commands attention and immediately grabs your eye. If you choose black for a ceiling, it makes a room feel more sophisticated and luxurious. A smaller room may feel cozier if you stick to dark colors for the walls and ceiling.

However, a room may seem to open up and appear larger if you choose a light color paint for the walls. Seek balance, visual harmony, and create positive eye movement by tying a black ceiling to a darker floor treatment.

Do Black Ceilings Look Good?

When styled well, black ceilings look amazing in a home. Don't be afraid of embracing a darker-colored ceiling and dress it up with bright white walls, or choose a warm color for some vibrant energy. You can opt for darker flooring to complement a black ceiling, which is a sophisticated look.

Ensure your room looks clean, chic, and has a well thought out layout regarding furniture and accessories. Use texture and color to create balance, harmony, and visual interest. 

Painting a ceiling black is an excellent idea for a room with a high ceiling. Often, black used in the right places makes a room appear grander, wider, and feels good. Do consider using wainscotting, coffered ceilings, and other embellishments to bring out the best of your interior decorating style with a black ceiling.

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Should My Ceiling Be The Same Color As My Walls?

You can create a polished look by opting to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. If you choose to do this, you may want to focus on colors, patterns, and proportions of your furniture to create visual interest.

A room typically will seem smaller or more intimate when all of the colors are the same. However, offer some visual contrast by painting the walls in a shade that is one step lighter or darker than the ceiling, and vice versa. 

Should The Ceiling Be Lighter Than The Walls?

Many people opt for a ceiling that is lighter than the walls to make the room appear larger and higher. However, it is acceptable to have a ceiling that is darker than the walls. Use this visual trick in a larger room that you want to make feel more cozy, and select a darker color for the ceiling than the walls.

Walls that are a lighter color may appear to expand and move away from one another with a darker ceiling overhead. Overall, the choice of going light or dark with a ceiling and walls is a matter of personal preference.

What Color Should I Paint A Room With Low Ceilings?

Usually, most people choose a brighter, lighter color if they have low ceilings. A color that is lighter or bright makes a room appear taller and pushes the ceilings upward. However, you can create an intriguing vibe by painting a room with low ceilings in a darker color.

If you opt for a darker paint choice, balance things out with lighter-colored walls. You can also go a few shades lighter or darker using the same color. Remember, darker areas feel more closed in and lighter colors visually open things up. Some people swear by using white or light grey paint on a low ceiling.

In addition to painting a room with low ceilings in lighter colors, there are some other things you can do to make it appear larger. Choose furniture that sits low and hang up artwork or accent pieces that move the eye in a vertical direction. Use simple window coverings that complement the paint color choices and install floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Reduce the focus on the ceiling and eschew overhead lighting.

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In Closing

We hope you feel more inspired and excited to work with a black ceiling. Black may be a very dark and dramatic color but it offers so much potential when planning a stylish interior. Stick with a safe choice and choose white paint or a neutral grey or earth brown. Or, you can dive into warm, bold colors like red or purple and make a strong statement.

Use color theory to spruce up your space and show off your personality. Embrace and emphasize your black ceiling with the right wall treatment and expertly bring a room's look together. Black ceilings are a chic way to dress up a room.

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