15 Colorful Bedroom Walls Ideas You Need To See

Painting a bedroom in your home can be a fun experience, especially if you decide that you want to get creative with colors. Bedroom walls don't need to be boring, and with a little imagination, you can easily turn any bedroom into a space filled with personality and pizazz. 

If you want to avoid the typical bedroom colors and instead try a bold shade, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration. First, it's important to choose a color that doesn't clash with your floors. Also, you want to make sure that you sample various paint colors on your walls to get the effect of what the paint will actually look like. Finally, make sure to coordinate your new paint color with any existing furniture and accents if you aren't planning to redecorate.

Once you've decided on the perfect paint color for the bedroom, choose accents that complement the wall color if you do decide to redecorate. Although you will want to opt for items that work well with the paint color, you don't need to match everything exactly. If you want to be extra daring and make a statement, you can also accessorize with colors that clash. 

We have put together 15 examples of colorful bedroom wall ideas that you are sure to love!

Minimalist bedroom with green accent walls and green and gray beddings with plants for vibrancy, 15 Colorful Bedroom Walls Ideas You Need To See

1. Purple Paradise

Purple is always a gorgeous color, and this decadent bedroom in the photo is painted in two different shades of deep purple separated by a chair rail. The perfectly matching lamps, comforter, rug, and pillows complete the dramatic effect, and the look is absolutely exceptional.

Lavender and purple colored bedroom with purple bedding and a purple area rug

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2. Sophisticated Green 

Gorgeous modern green and white bedroom with canvas paintings on the accent wall and white beddings

Green can be a beautiful color on a bedroom wall, and the room in this photo shows just how glamorous a shade of green can be. The white wall in the room provides a pleasant contrast, while the black and white pictures on the wall and the green, white, and black accents give this bedroom a retro, romantic vibe.

3. Teal Time

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Teal is a dazzling color, and it can really add charm to a room. This bedroom has a dark teal accent wall which works well with the white walls in the room.

The teal wall provides a nice contrast and gives the room the splash of color it needs to create a dramatic mood, while the white walls keep things bright and airy.

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4. Cheerful Yellow 

Minimalist inspired bedroom with yellow walls with green and leafy beddings with square bedside lamps

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness, so why not paint your bedroom in this color? The lemon yellow walls in this photo provide the perfect backdrop for this simple but elegant bedroom.

The painting on the wall brings a splash of color to the room, while the muted colors in the carpet and the comforter tone things down.

5. Red Hot

Modern luxurious bedroom with a red accent wall and gray wall with matching gray and red beddings with wooden flooring

Everyone knows that red is an extremely bold choice for walls, so one way to keep things a little calmer is to use red on an accent wall.

The bedroom in this picture expertly pairs red with gray, which is a fantastic color combination. The red keeps things from getting too boring in a room with gray walls, while the light wood floors brighten the room considerably. 

6.  Glowing Orange 

Orange painted walls inside a spacious bedroom with white flooring, a small fireplace on the side and white beddings

If you are looking for an unconventional color, orange is an extremely bold choice, but it is also one that can make a powerful statement in a room. In the photo, the walls are painted a deep orange and decorated with white and black accents which tone things down and achieve a simple, classic atmosphere. 

7. Timeless Burgundy

A red velvety bedroom with green beddings and a small red chair on the side

Burgundy is a luxurious shade that shouldn't be overlooked when deciding on a bedroom color. This bedroom is impressively dramatic, decorated with rich shades of green. The black accents add to the dark aura, and everything comes together to create a striking bedroom that is sophisticated and timeless.

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8. Perfect Pink

Gorgeous pink bedroom with pink walls with pink beddings and white wooden flooring

If you want a bedroom that's delicate and dreamy, then look no further than soft pink. The room in this photo achieves harmony by pairing a beautiful light pink with a white bed and floors. The simple decor works perfectly together, and the effect in the room is delightfully charming.  

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9. Powder Blue Bliss

A light blue painted bedroom with white beddings matched with wooden flooring

Light blues conjure up blissful feelings, so it only makes sense that powder blue would be an excellent choice for bedroom walls.

The calming color in the photo collaborates beautifully with simple decor, creating a tranquil atmosphere that will make you feel as if you're seaside at a quaint beach resort listening to the sound of the waves.

10. Charming Robin's Egg

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Robin's egg is such a unique color, and although it may seem like it would be appropriate in a nursery or a children's bedroom, Robin's egg can actually look quite sophisticated in any bedroom.

The room in the photo pairs Robin's egg walls with a floral pattern headboard. The pastel linens further add to the quaint Victorian garden theme in the room.

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11. Peachy Keen

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If you want a truly original color in your bedroom, peach is an aesthetically pleasing winner. Peach is more neutral than pink, but it still brings a fresh vitality to any space.

In this room, the peach walls are complemented with furniture and linens in shades of green, yellow, and red. The result is simple and elegant.  

12. Lime Green Dream

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Lime green is another exciting option if you are looking for a color that's truly dynamic. This room is decorated simply in whites and grays which keep things balanced and complements the vibrant walls. The result is bright and chic with a colorful modern ambiance.

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13.  Gorgeous Gold

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Gold is a color associated with wealth and luxury, so it only makes sense that painting your bedroom gold will transform the space into something truly exquisite. The room in this photo pairs gold walls with black and white accents, and the effect is timeless and elegant. 

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14. Soft And Subtle Lilac 

White and modern bedroom with white painted walls matched with lavender beddings and a chair nightstand with a lampshade

Lilac is soft and soothing, and it's perfect for a bedroom if you are looking to create a space that is relaxing.

This bedroom combines accents in various shades of purple, and the effect is incredibly tranquil. The white accents are a nice touch that even things out, preventing the room from being overwhelmed by too much purple.

15. Hot Pink Heaven

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For a look that's exciting and feminine, how about hot pink for your bedroom walls? Hot pink is wild and dynamic, but when it's combined with a light pink accent wall and charming pieces of furniture as seen in the photo, hot pink can actually look simple and traditional, and it provides just the right amount of color in the room. 

Get Creative With Color

Minimalist bedroom with green accent walls and green and gray beddings with plants for vibrancy

There are unlimited options when it comes to painting a bedroom. From green to red and everything in between, there are no boundaries and definitely no rules.

An electrifying paint color can set the tone and allow you to transform your space into something truly original that you will enjoy for years to come.

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