11 Best Colors That Go With Agreeable Gray For Your Home Decorating

Gray shades are cool neutral combinations of white and black that usually contain several different undertones that make shades of gray popular and versatile colors. Sherwin-Williams’s Agreeable Gray is one of the most popular shades available.

Because of its versatility, choosing the perfect color to complement your Agreeable Gray space can seem daunting. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a selection of 11 colors that go with Agreeable Gray for your home decorating.

One of the most popular attributes of neutral colors is the versatility of these shades, especially grays. Different color combinations can create a variety of looks by combining them with Agreeable Gray.

There may be endless color pairings that work with Agreeable Gray, but some come more highly recommended than others. Some of the most popular color companions for Agreeable Gray are:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Charcoal gray
  4. Tan
  5. Dark brown
  6. Teal blue
  7. Navy blue
  8. Gold
  9. Red
  10. Pink
  11. Orange

Choosing the perfect color to accent your Agreeable Gray space is a good start, but other considerations will need to be addressed. You may find yourself asking what color is the next lighter or darker color to Agreeable Gray. 

You may wonder what specific shades of white or other colored shades go well with Agreeable Gray. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics; just keep reading!

An elegant navy blue sofa in the middle of a bright living room interior with gold metal side tables and three paintings on a gray wall - 11 Best Colors That Go With Agreeable Gray For Your Home Decorating

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1. White

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Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed. Real photo

The ultimate in light neutrals, white is a fabulous color companion for your Agreeable Gray home decor. This crisp clean color is sure to add a brilliant contrasted and expansive look to your gray space. 

White is a great way to add an airy and light feel to your room. Natural greenery and wood tones bring a relaxing outdoor element into your home and add some tranquil color to the area. 

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2. Black

Stylish interior of bright living room with black sofa and armchair, floor lamp and coffee table with decoration. Living room interior mockup. Modern design room with bright daylight.

On the other end of the neutral color spectrum is black. Black makes a modern sleek color pairing with Agreeable Gray that brings out the taupe undertones of this shade. 

Light neutral-colored wood adds some toasty color to this palette along with a dimensional look. Use white accents to bring some crisp light color into your space and brighten this color palette. 

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3. Charcoal Gray

Modern Dining Room With Marble Dining Table, Pendant lights, Plants And Posters

Charcoal gray is a deeper shade of gray that brings out the cool undertones of Agreeable Gray. Combining two different shades of gray adds a dimensional look to your home that isn’t too overbearing. 

This subtle contrasted look brings a modern cosmopolitan feel to your space. Bright splashes of natural greenery complete this color scheme with a fresh burst of cool color and an overall more interesting look. 

4. Tan

Living room with accent sectional sofa in coral or terracotta. Beige empty walls as background. Luxurious space for gallery or art. Colorful mockup design interior home.

Tan is a muted shade of brown that pairs beautifully with Agreeable Gray. This warm color companion highlights the cool undertones of this shade of gray, especially in a north-facing room with a natural light source. 

Using light natural wood and earth tone accents adds a sense of cohesion to this tan color palette. White furniture brightens this palette and creates a soft light contrast that helps to add some balance to the look. 

5. Dark Brown

Modern dark green home interior with brown couch and pampas in wicker basket

Rich chocolatey shades of brown can add a toasty dramatic flare to your Agreeable Gray space. This warm contrasting color highlights the cool gray undertones of this color and brings a welcoming ambiance into your home. 

Deep brown wooden floors are an excellent way to use this moody dark shade in your home. Oil-rubbed bronze is a great material to use as hardware to coordinate with the dark brown shades in your room. 

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6. Teal Blue

Living Room Interior With Picture Frame On Gray Walls

A cool combination of blue and green, teal blue brings an intriguing jewel tone into your space and pairs with gray shades for an ornate color scheme. Combining teal blue and Agreeable Gray highlights the warm brown undertones of this shade.

Pops of mystical purple shades are sure to add an unexpected dramatic touch to this cool color palette. Natural greenery brings some of the outdoors into your home for a relaxing ambiance while brightening this color scheme.

7. Navy Blue

An elegant navy blue sofa in the middle of a bright living room interior with gold metal side tables and three paintings on a gray wall.

No other shade adds as much sophistication and elegance to your space as navy blue. This deep cool shade is an eye-catching and bold tone that is classic and timeless. 

Cool shades, such as navy blue, tend to highlight the warmer undertones of Agreeable Gray. Add some bright shades of white and gold to bring some light contrast and bright metallic color into your home. 

8. Gold

Front View Of Modern Living Room With Yellow Sconce, Gray Sofa And Yellow Pillows

For a warm sunny burst of color, consider using bright shades of gold as a color pairing to your Agreeable Gray walls. These warm shades are unique and vibrant and will add a ton of character to your space. 

Gold is a warm metallic shade that is closely related to bright shades of yellow. These brilliant shades of yellow bring out the cool undertones in Agreeable Gray and create a vivid color scheme. 

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9. Red

interior with red sofa and gray wall

Create a bold statement with a red and gray color palette. Red is a vibrant, unmatched shade and pairs exquisitely with Agreeable Gray.

Accent this dramatic look with black and white decor for a modern twist. Gold hardware further adds to this dynamic look. 

10. Pink

Modern living room with pink furniture. Interior design.

A soft warm mixture of red and white, different shades of pink can add a gorgeous subtle contrast to cool shades of gray, such as Agreeable Gray. Using even just a small amount of this pastel shade can have a big impact on your space. 

Use monochromatic shades of black and white to add some depth and dimension to this color scheme. Rose gold accents bring a great metallic splash to this look. 

11. Orange

Interior design of modern living room with brown leather sofa and home plants.

Bring a fiery burst of color into your room with a spicy shade of orange. Orange and Agreeable Gray is a modern color combination that is exciting and contemporary. 

Shades of orange are a vibrant mix of red and yellow shades. Deeper brick reds contain a larger amount of red, while more yellow than red will create a lighter, more golden orange. 

Agreeable Gray is a light greige color. Incredible White is a Sherwin-Williams shade that is slightly lighter than Agreeable Gray. 

Because Agreeable Gray is considered a greige shade, there are shades that are lighter with different undertones. To use a lighter color with a different undertone, find the undertone that is most appealing to you. 

Anew Gray is a Sherwin-Williams shade that is just a bit darker than Agreeable Gray on the Sherwin Williams paint swatch. Again, there are several darker shades with more prominent gray, brown, and green undertones available. 

Don’t be afraid to use darker colors for your walls. Lighten this look by accenting your darker-colored walls with light natural wood tones, cream, or white shades. 

What White Trim Goes With Agreeable Gray?

Because Agreeable Gray has subtle warm undertones, it pairs well with warm shades of white. Pure White, Alabaster, and High Reflective White are all Sherwin-Williams shades that go well with Agreeable Gray.

Swiss Coffee, a warm white tone by Benjamin Moore, is recommended as a good color pairing to Agreeable Gray. Yellow or creamy shades of white should be avoided with this particular shade; instead, opt for a cleaner shade of white. 

Greige is a neutral mixture of brown and gray and is predicted to make a big impact on home decor. Agreeable Gray is the most popular Sherwin Williams greige shade. 

Final Thoughts

Your home decor should be reflective of your personal style. It is a deeply personal choice that you will want to put plenty of thought into, but no real rules exist when it comes to decorating your space.

As we have shown, pairing Agreeable Gray with different colors can have a significant impact on the undertones and overall look of this shade. We hope the above listing of colors that go with Agreeable Gray has helped inspire your project. 

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