11 Colors That Go With Antique White Trim Or Cabinets

Antique white is a warm white color that makes any space seem more welcoming. It's a versatile color that works well on many surfaces, including walls, trim, and cabinets. Are you unsure of what colors complement antique white trim or cabinets?

Don't worry; we discuss 11 colors that go well with antique white in this post!

11 colors that go well with antique white trim or cabinets are: 

  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Cream
  • Dark Gray
  • Greige
  • Blue
  • Sage Green
  • Olive Green
  • Blue-Green
  • Dark Red
  • Ivory

Now that you know some of the colors that go well with antique white, you may want to know each of the qualities these colors bring.

You may also want to know how antique white compares to other whites, such as ivory. We answer these questions and more in this post. Keep reading to learn more about antique white!

Old wooden chest of drawers with metal handles, 11 Colors That Go With Antique White Trim Or Cabinets

11 Colors That Go With Antique White Trim or Cabinets 

It's important to know the aesthetic that colors provide before choosing them. So, let's further discuss the 11 aforementioned colors to determine the mood that each of them sets.

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White wooden dresser with three vases and flowers on white wall


Wall painted in beige, adjacent to antique white trim and cabinets

Beige compliments both antique white trim and cabinets very well. It provides a classic aesthetic when paired with antique white, making it perfect for those who value tradition.

Additionally, beige is a warm color, which will blend well with antique white cabinets. Try this pairing if you're striving for a timeless, subtle look!


Wall painted in beige, adjacent to antique white trim and cabinets

Like beige, brown is a traditional color to pair with antique white cabinets or trim. One of the most significant benefits of brown is the warmth it provides.

Antique white has yellow undertones; this yellow can really shine through if antique white is paired with the wrong color, giving it a dirty appearance. 

Because brown is warm, it blends in with antique white, balancing its appearance and making it look less dingy. A great brown color to choose is mocha brown. 


Cream-colored wall, next to antique white trim or cabinets

Cream is another paint color that offers a traditional, timeless look when paired with antique white. However, though cream and antique white are a popular pairing, they can be a difficult combination.

This is because cream is quite similar to antique white, making it a color that accentuates the yellow in antique white. 

So, you can keep cream on your list if you're going for a classy vibe. However, be mindful of this color, as it can make antique white trim or cabinets look dirty. 


Gray wall, complementing antique white trim or cabinets

Like the three colors above, gray adds a touch of elegance to any home when paired with antique white. This color is a traditional one to pick and looks beautiful with antique white trim or cabinets, making it a reasonably safe option. 

Additionally, gray can be warm or cool, depending on its undertones. Warm grays have yellow, red, or brown undertones, while cool grays have blue, purple, or green undertones.

Warm grays will blend pretty well with antique white cabinets, like beige, cream, and brown, offering a subtle look. Conversely, cool grays will emphasize the comfortability of antique white.

So, gray is an excellent option if you're looking for a versatile paint color! 


Greige-colored wall, blending cool gray with warm beige, alongside antique white trim or cabinets

Greige is a very unique color. It's the perfect color to choose if you're having difficulty deciding between a cool or warm undertone.

This is because greige blends a cool gray color with a warm beige. Though most grays are warm, they are not extremely warm, making them well-balanced. 

Greige is a lovely color to pair with antique white cabinets or trim; it's not an overly cool or warm color, and it brings all the elegance and class that both gray and beige bring. 

If you want to add a little flare to a greige and antique white color combination, try accenting with pops of color. 


Medium shade of blue, like denim blue, highlighting antique white trim or cabinets

Blue is perfect for those who want a greater pop of color than gray or beige provides. The combination of blue and antique white creates a very soothing atmosphere. 

It's important to note that darker shades of blue typically won't pair well with antique white. As with cream, darker shades of blue, such as navy blue, can emphasize the yellow in antique white and make it look dingy.

However, medium shades of blue, such as denim blue, beautifully accentuate antique white trim or cabinets. 

Sage Green

Wall painted in sage green, combined with antique white trim or cabinets

Like blue and certain grays, green has a cool undertone, so it highlights the beauty of antique white features. A benefit of green is that it's not as neutral as beige or gray, but it's more neutral than blue.

This allows it to provide a bit of color while appearing gentle and soothing to the eye. 

Sage green is a lovely shade of green; it's a muted hue that gives off earthy vibes. Combined with antique white trim or cabinets, it can give a home a timeless, stylish look. 

Olive Green

Wall painted in olive green, with antique white trim or cabinets

Olive green is another shade of green that goes well with antique white. Similar to sage green, olive green is a muted hue that's gentle on the eye. However, the two colors differ in their undertones; sage has a gray undertone, whereas olive has a yellowish one. 

Olive green is fairly versatile. It's charming, earthy, and soothing, so if you like all of these qualities, consider this color! 


Blue-green colored wall, complementing antique white trim or cabinets

We've already discussed the calmness of blue and the beautiful earthiness of sage and olive green. Blue-green combines the wonderful qualities of both colors and perfectly accentuates antique white trim or cabinets!

There are several blue-green shades, some that look bluer than green and some that look more green than blue. It can be a lot of fun to determine if you want to highlight the blue's calmness or the green's earthiness.

Blue-green is a great color to pair with antique white if you can't choose between blue and green.

Dark Red

Wall in dark red, making the adjacent antique white cabinets stand out

Dark red is probably the most adventurous color on this list. It's bold, stylish, and usually isn't for people who like to play it safe. The richness of a dark red will make antique white cabinets stand out.

So, if you want to give your home a bold vibe and emphasize the beauty of your antique white features, this color is for you!


ivory-colored wall, harmonizing with antique white cabinets

Ivory is another great color to choose if you're a fan of tradition and class. Ivory is a neutral color like gray and beige, so it will easily blend with antique white cabinets, providing a calming and elegant aesthetic. 

What Colors Do Not Go With Antique White Trim or Cabinets?

white chest of old fashioned drawers

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong color to pair with antique white trim or cabinets; your choice should be based on your preferences. However, there are a few colors that don't go particularly well with antique white.

One of these colors is purple. Purple can make antique white look dingy, so it's a good idea to stay away from it.

Additionally, it's essential to be careful when pairing cream with antique white, as cream can also accentuate the color's yellowness. 

What Color Floors Go With Antique White Cabinets? 

Old white Kitchen Cabinet

Darker floors look beautiful with antique white cabinets. This is because the darkness of the floor stands out against the cabinets and makes them pop. 

Is Antique White a Popular Choice? 

glass built-in display cabinet in a kitchen, displaying fine china dishes and crystal pitchers

Antique white is a very popular paint color. It's known for creating a timeless and charming mood that people adore. It's between a white and a beige and is one of the most common options for those who want a creamy white. 

In Closing

Old wooden chest of drawers with metal handles

In closing, 11 colors that go well with antique white trim or cabinets include beige, brown, cream, dark gray, greige, blue, sage green, olive green, blue-green, dark red, and ivory.

Each of these colors infuse homes with a different quality, so determine what mood you want to create before picking a color. 

Additionally, be sure to consider the warmth of the color so that you don't make your antique white features look dirty. 

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