11 Colors That Go With Brick Red [Including Interior And Exterior Ideas For Your Home]

Red brick is a unique material with a unique color that has been known to add an unmatched appeal to your home's exterior and interior space. The warm orangy red color of brick is dramatic, vibrant, and sure to turn heads.

This deep vivid earth tone pairs with several other colors well, but it can be tricky to find the right color to pair with it. We have searched several sources to bring you an inclusive listing of colors that go with brick red.

Natural earthy tones work best with brick red, but there are others as well. Brick material is very versatile, so it isn't unusual that brick red will pair well with similar shades. 

Although there are no rules in home decor, some colors work better than others. We will discuss the recommended natural earth tones as well as some other unique color combinations such as:

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Black
  4. Light gray
  5. Charcoal
  6. Dark brown wood
  7. Navy blue
  8. Teal
  9. Orange
  10. Mustard
  11. Pink

Picking the right color to pair with brick red is only one question that you will encounter during your decorative project. You may wonder which colors go well with brick or if gray goes with a red brick home.

You may find yourself asking what the opposite of red is or what the most popular color of brick is. We will answer these questions and discuss other closely related topics—just keep reading!

Seamless vector red brick wall - tiled pattern for continuous replicate, 11 Colors That Go With Brick Red [Including Interior And Exterior Ideas For Your Home]

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1. White

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White- Empty room with red brick wall, large window and wooden floor

To lighten up your area and add some sharp contrast to your brick red space, consider using white as an accent color. White is a crisp clean color that brings out the beautiful earthy orange tones in brick red.

Brick red can easily become overbearing in your space, but white can help balance this powerful color. Deep colors can make your space seem smaller, so using shades of white helps to create the illusion of extra space in your room.

2. Beige

Beige - Interior of red student (teenager) room - back to school

For a warmer and softer contrast to your brick red room, beige is an excellent color pairing choice. Beige tones bring out the red in this red-orange space.

Deep shades of brown wood can add a toasty element of detail and dimension to your room. Bursts of crisp white add some subtle contrast to this brick red and beige color scheme.

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3. Black

Red brick house with black trims and windows

A sleek modern exterior look can be achieved by using black as an accent color for brick red. Black is the ultimate in dark neutral shades and can add some style and class to your outdoor space.

The deep contrast of shades of black will mute some of the powerful brick red tones. Using black windows adds to this contemporary dramatic outdoor ambiance.

4. Light Gray

Interior of a modern house with red brick walls and charcoal flooring

The cool tone of light gray is the perfect color pairing for brick red. This cool and warm contrast looks modern and classic all at once.

This cool tone accentuates the bold richness of brick red. Deeper shades like navy and black add a sense of detail to this look.

5. Charcoal

A two storey house with red brick walls accented with charcoal roofing and white dormer windows

Charcoal is a darker shade of gray with slight blue undertones. Rich shades work well for exterior home decor because natural light helps to lighten these colors.

Deeper shades of gray, like charcoal, can give the exterior of your home a moody dramatic ambiance. The reddish-orange color of brick red is a brilliant warm contrast to deep cool charcoal shades.

6. Dark Brown Wood

Empty Interior room with old red brick wall, wooden plank floor, used as studio background wall to display your products

Wood comes in many different colors that all pair well with brick red, but for an exaggerated look, turn to chocolatey shades of dark brown wood. Combine brick red with deep rich wood tones for a dramatic effect.

This warm dark shade brings out the rich warm tones in brick red for a highly contrasted look. Use soft shades of white, cream, or beige to bring out the light grout colors and add some geometric texture to your space.

7. Navy Blue

Blue and red brick walls of a classic designed house

A deep sophisticated shade of blue, navy blue adds a traditional nautical ambiance to any space, including your outdoor space. Navy blue tones highlight the orangy shades in brick red for a highly contrasted warm and cool look.

Crisp white accents add a detailed look to this color scheme and bring in some clean brilliance. Deep chocolatey shades of wood add to the traditional elegance of this exterior look.

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8. Teal

Teal - Real photo of a comfy living room interior with a round table on gray rug

Teal is a sophisticated blend of blue and green that adds some intriguing color to any palette. Combining teal with brick red brings a deeply contrasted look to your room.

Green shades, including teal, will accentuate the orange undertones in brick red. Neutral wall shades will help ground this look and add some light stability to this dramatic color pairing.

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9. Orange

Orange - Real photo of warm color cushions on a red couch

Orange may not immediately come to mind when considering accent colors for brick red, but it can be a great choice. Orange highlights the deep undertones of brick red and adds some bright warmth to your space.

Use darker-colored accents such as gray or navy blue to add some depth to this warm color scheme. Light cream-colored walls will help to subdue this strong color palette.

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10. Mustard

Mustard - Unique living room in modern style

Mustard is a rich shade of brownish yellow that can add a deep glow to any area. Pairing mustard and brick red will bring an elegant colorful ambiance to your space.

Brown undertones in mustard shades will be accentuated by pairing this shade with sultry shades of brick red. Use gold hardware and gold accented furniture to add some warm metallic sparkle to your room.

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11. Pink

Pink - Striped and pink carpet in spacious living room

Brick red is a strong bold shade of red that can dominate your space if you aren't cautious. Bring out the softer side of brick red by using muted shades of pink to accent this powerful shade.

Using pink tones to accent your brick red space adds a layered dimensional look to your room. For an ombre look, add some deep burgundy to this palette for a movement in color from light to dark or vice versa.

Does Gray Go With Red Brick?

Gray is a cool neutral mixture of black and white that is widely used in both interior and exterior decor. It is a very popular shade largely because of its modern versatility, pairing with many colors, including red brick, exceptionally well.

Lighter gray tones with slight taupe undertones bring out the bright orange tones in red brick. Darker charcoal grays will accentuate the deep red shades.

What Color Goes Well With Red?

There are so many different shades of red that choosing color pairings can be difficult. Some suggest using complementary or contrasting colors to pair with this powerful and vibrant color.

If you want a warm palette, use warm color pairings such as golds, browns, or oranges. To add balance to a red space, use cool colors like blues, greens, or grays.

What Color Is The Opposite Of Red?

Green is located on the opposite side of the standard color wheel from red. This makes the colors red and green complementary colors.

Combining these shades will create a bold vibrant palette, but this should be done cautiously. Pairing deep reds with pale greens and deep greens with muted red shades creates a balanced color scheme.

What Is The Most Popular Brick Color?

Red is by far the most popular color of brick. Classic and traditional, red brick adds the perfect welcoming touch to the exterior or interior of any home.

Using red brick for an interior accent wall can give your home an unmatched urban element. Red brick gives your room a warm vibrant color as well as a stable geometric textured look.

Final Thoughts

Empty Interior room with old red brick wall, wooden plank floor, 11 Colors That Go With Brick Red [Including Interior And Exterior Ideas For Your Home]

Your home should be representative of your and your family's unique tastes and styles. Brick red is a rich warm reddish orange that combines with a multitude of colors.

Although many colors pair beautifully with brick red, it can be difficult to choose the perfect color pairing. We hope that the above selection of colors that go with brick red has helped inspire your home decor project.

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