11 Great Colors That Go Well With Burgundy

When you're thinking about color schemes for decorating your home, there are lots of possibilities. One unique color that shouldn't be overlooked is burgundy. Although burgundy might not be the first color that comes to mind for a bedroom or living room, it's a vibrant and bold choice that can really bring a room to life.

Burgundy is a mix of purple and red, so when you are pairing other colors with burgundy, you want to choose tones that complement it. Rich, warm colors look exceptional with burgundy, but you can also find some lighter, cooler colors that pair just as well.

Be careful not to confuse burgundy with maroon. Although the two colors look somewhat similar, maroon is a mix of red and brown, and the colors that coordinate well with burgundy don't always look good with maroon.

If you're looking for some fantastic colors that will complement burgundy in your home decor, we have compiled a list of 11 great choices to consider. Let's get started!

Emerald green futon with pink pillows on the floor against red, ombre wall in elegant living room interior with gray lamp and velvet chair, 11 Great Colors That Go Well With Burgundy

1. Grey

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A hyperrealistic living room with dark grey walls and a burgundy sofa, showcasing the perfect blend of cool and warm tones

Grey is a popular shade right now, and if you love the idea of grey or already have it in your home, the good news is that grey is a color that works fabulously with burgundy.

In this photo, the walls are painted a dark grey which is rather severe on its own, but the burgundy sofa adds a lot of warmth and color to the room.

Some designers recommend avoiding using lighter greys with burgundy because of the cool/warm color contrast, so try to keep the greys darker in your room.

2. White

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White and burgundy contemporary bedroom interior with a bed dressed in cotton linen and pillows

It's not surprising that white goes well with burgundy. The brightness of white pairs well with the decadence of burgundy. In the photo, the white walls are perfectly contrasted with the burgundy comforter and throw. The effect is sophisticated, and the room achieves the modern vibe it was going for.

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3. Pink

a photorealistic room with dusty pink drapes, throw pillow, and ottoman, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere alongside deep burgundy accents.

Pink and burgundy can be a romantic color combination that can take your decor into the realm of perfectly dreamy.

Design experts caution against pinks that are too bright, but the dusty pink drapes, throw pillow, and ottoman featured in this example are all lovely shades that pick up the purple tones in the burgundy nicely.

If you decide to use a darker pink in your decorating scheme, that will also combine well with burgundy. The effect will likely be more of a daring look and less romantic.

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4. Black

The black wall and the presence of the burgundy chair, ottoman, and lamp are perfectly balanced, creating a chic and modern atmosphere1

Black and burgundy is a striking color scheme that can add an exotic flare if that's what you're looking to achieve, or it can even provide a minimalist atmosphere when paired up with the right accents.

In the photo, the black in the paintings and the burgundy chair, ottoman, and lamp aren't at all overpowering. The result is chic and modern, and the room looks stunning.

5. Purple

a photorealistic room with regal burgundy walls and a purple comforter for a dramatic and sophisticated look.

Since burgundy has purple tones, it only makes sense that purple and burgundy would make a striking color combination for any room. In the photo, the walls are painted entirely in burgundy, and the bed features a purple comforter that is a very similar shade to the walls.

The result is regal and dramatic but not overly severe because of the multi-colored pillows and accents featured throughout the room. The hint of color brought in from the pillows and drapes lightens things up and makes the room a bit whimsical.

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6.  Gold

A hyperrealistic bedroom with opulent gold and burgundy decor fit for royalty. The gold and burgundy pillows and comforter exude regal luxury, creating a bedroom that feels like it's from a palace

Gold is quite an opulent color, and for this reason, it makes a perfect partner with the luxurious burgundy. The bedroom in the photo is fit for a king or queen and for good reason.

The gold and burgundy pillows and bed frame look so regal together that the room appears as if it is straight out of a palace.

If you like the look but want something a little more toned down, you can always opt for less dramatic pieces of furniture and keep it simpler with a burgundy comforter and a few gold accents around the room.

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7. Beige

a photorealistic room with beige walls and tasteful burgundy curtains for a balanced and charming atmosphere.

Beige is always a good choice if you aren't looking to go too bold or make a statement with your interior. The quiet simplicity of beige and the daring burgundy complement each other well.

The beige walls and the burgundy curtains in the photo provide a lovely, balanced atmosphere in the room. Add a beige sofa with burgundy throw pillows and you'll have a charming space with just enough color.

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8. Green

A hyperrealistic room featuring bright and cheerful mint green walls that provide a stunning contrast to the rich burgundy sofa

The right shade of green can actually pair quite nicely with burgundy, as the two colors clash and complement each other all at the same time.

In this photo, the beautiful mint green walls are a bright and cheerful contrast to the rich color of the burgundy sofa. The result is an attractive space with a distinctly retro mood.

The accents in the room also coordinate masterfully with the two colors, and even the painting above the sofa contains shades of burgundy and green. Everything manages to come together stunningly without appearing too matchy.

 9. Blue

A hyperrealistic room with bright blue walls and burgundy furnishings that create a character-filled and elegant space bursting with charm

If you are looking to make a room really stand out, burgundy and blue are two options that can add a lot of character to a space. The room in the photo certainly takes things to the extreme with bright blue walls and burgundy furnishings, but the look is quite elegant and bursting with charm.

10. Teal

a photorealistic room featuring a bold teal chair with a striking burgundy throw pillow and flower accent, creating a daring and unique design.

Burgundy and teal are pretty much on opposite ends of the color spectrum, which is exactly what makes them such a fabulous combination.

If you enjoy being a bit daring in your design choices, why not go all out with these two colors? In the photo, the oversized teal chair features a burgundy throw pillow and a burgundy flower accent.

Although the burgundy in the room is used sparingly, it really stands out next to the teal chair. If you prefer something less subtle, simply add more burgundy to the room—a rug, or drapes, or you can even paint the walls a shade of burgundy for a unique vibe.

11. Orange

A hyperrealistic living room featuring a vibrant orange sofa and walls complemented by burgundy throw pillows and window coverings

When you think of color combinations, burgundy and orange might not immediately be the first that comes to mind. But at second glance, you'll realize just how fabulous these two vibrant shades look together. In the photo, the orange sofa and walls are enhanced by the burgundy throw pillows and window coverings.

If you aren't brave enough for orange walls, you can take a more understated approach and still achieve a beautiful harmony with these warm tones.

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In Closing

Burgundy is a beautiful and exciting color, and when you pair it with other colors that enhance its vibrance, you can't go wrong.

Whether you're looking to create a serene, romantic space, a room that's refined and regal, or if you'd like a minimalist, modern vibe in your home, burgundy can give you exactly what you want and more. Dare to be bold with burgundy, and the look you'll achieve is guaranteed to not disappoint.

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What color looks good with pink?

Colors that look good with pink include beige, white, grey, navy blue, green, mustard yellow, and black.

What color looks good with light pink?

Light blue, white, silver, and pale yellow all look great with light pink.

What colors go with blush pink?

Blush pink pairs nicely with neutral colors such as white, grey, and black as well as other pastel shades like mint green, pale yellow, and lavender.

What colors go well with rose pink?

Since rose can be a bit bright, balancing things out is essential. A dusty rose color pairs well with fabulous light gray and white shades. If you want a bolder look, rose also pairs well with soft greens, taupe, warm browns, and reddish brown tones.

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