19 Colors That Go With Cream For Your Home Decor [With Pictures]

Cream colors are light warm neutral tones that add an inviting, cozy ambiance to your home. One benefit of this neutral tone is the versatility of cream colors. Finding the right color to pair with cream shades can seem overwhelming. We have done some digging to bring you an inclusive listing of colors that go with cream for your home decor. 

Several shades are suggested as being good color pairings with cream. Some experts recommend warm, complementary colors, whites, and grays.

However, these aren't the only colors that work with this stylish neutral cream shade. Here are some others that work well with cream:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Light gray
  4. Charcoal gray 
  5. Brown
  6. Light natural wood
  7. Tan
  8. Navy blue
  9. Light country blue
  10. Teal
  11. Sage green
  12. Forest green
  13. Purple
  14. Magenta
  15. Pink
  16. Burnt orange
  17. Orange-red
  18. Gold
  19. Silver

Finding colors to pair with cream shades is only one decision that will need to be made during your home decor project. You may wonder what the color differences are between white, cream, and ivory. You may also be asking if cream is warm or cool or if beige and cream are the same colors. We will answer all of these questions plus explore some other closely related topics. Just keep reading!

Living Room, Messy, House, Office, Waiting Room, 19 Colors That Go With Cream For Your Home Decor [With Pictures]

1. White


While white and cream may seem close in color, when compared side by side, the slight differences are evident. This creates a beautiful subtle contrasted look. 

White brings a crispness to this color palette. Warm shades of cream bring out the crisp cool undertones in shades of white. 

2. Black

Black - Close-up of cream furniture in luxury interior

Modern and sleek, black is a great color companion for cream tones. Black adds some dramatic flair and bold neutral color to your space.

Using black to accent your cream room brings out warm welcoming undertones in shades of cream. Wooden furniture is a great way to bring shades of black into your home. 

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3. Light Gray

Light Gray - Air Purifier In Living Room For Fresh Air, Healthy Life, Cleaning And Removing Dust

A mixture of black and white and different shades of gray are the perfect color pairings for cream. Light shades of cool gray are soft and welcoming and combine with warm neutral cream colors for a balanced, inviting look. 

Natural wood adds tranquility to your space when combined with light shades of gray and cream. Using natural greenery adds a bold splash of color to this neutral color palette. 

4. Charcoal Gray

For a more dramatic look, consider deeper shades of gray to pair with your cream colors. Rich charcoal grays combine with cream for a modern country ambiance. 

Rustic accents, such as furniture and light fixtures, add to this effect. 

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5. Brown

Brown - Bright modern living room with kitchen in the background

Toasty shades of brown pair beautifully with cream tones for a warm welcoming look. Deep chocolatey shades of brown add some bold color to your space. 

Stone, tile, and wood are great materials to bring this shade into your cream room. 

6. Light Natural Wood

Light Natural Wood - Empty living room with a fireplace, hardwood floor and sliding glass door exit to the deck

For a more subtle shade of brown, consider using a light natural shade of wood to pair with your neutral cream paint. This light shade of wood is sure to bring out the warm undertones of cream. A warm-colored stone fireplace is a perfect way to bring these colors together for a cozy cohesive look. 

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7. Tan

[PIN id="414049759503965364" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Another option in brown tones is a warm orangy tan. Vibrant tan leather is a perfect way to introduce this color into your palette. Black accents, such as rugs and throw pillows, add some deep dramatic color to this room. 

8. Navy Blue

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Shades of blue are classy and sophisticated, bringing cool tranquility into your space. Navy blue and cream combine for a soft nautical look. Accent this palette with strong patterns and gold hardware for a bold ambiance.

9. Light Country Blue

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Soft shades of blue are inviting and peaceful. Adding this shade to your cream space creates a soft sophisticated country feel to your home. Accent this look with darker taupes and tans to add some warmth and dimension to your space. 

10. Teal

Teal - Contemporary lounge living room with sofa, curtains, table and vases

Cool shades of teal pair with cream shades for a lively color palette. Using accents in gold and other rich colors adds to the elegance and intrigue of your space.

Using ornate patterns for items such as throw pillows can add a lively ambiance to your space. Simple wood furniture combined with wood floors balances this look.

11. Sage Green

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Shades of green bring a cool sense of tranquility to any space. Adding this peaceful color to your cream-colored space will add a cool splash of color to your neutral cream room. 

Adding natural greenery to your room or home can coordinate with sage green, adding depth and dimension to the area. 

12. Forest Green

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Deep jewel tones bring a dramatic intriguing look to any space. Deep shades of forest green are elegant and chic, adding some moody cool color to your cream room. Furniture, such as accent chairs or couches, look stunning in this shade of green. 

13. Purple

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A more mysterious jewel tone, purple is a sensational color pairing for a cream space. Purple is a moody dramatic mixture of red and blue. This balance of warm and cool creates a unique color that has historically been used to signify royalty. 

14. Magenta

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A purplish pink hue, magenta is an enchanting color pairing for a cream space. Shades of magenta bring out the soft warm undertones of cream colors. 

Magenta is vibrant and alluring and creates an eye-catching look for your room. Use fun geometric patterned pillows with this color scheme to add a fun element to this look. 

15. Pink

Pink - Pink and white peonies in glass and ceramic vases on oak wooden table against neutral wall -

Shades of pink will add softness to your room when combined with shades of cream. Pink highlights the warm undertones in neutral shades of cream.

Floral arrangements are a great way to bring natural shades of pink into your space.

16. Burnt Orange

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Shades of orange add striking color to any space in your home. Burnt orange is a dusty shade of orange with slight brown undertones. 

Pairing burnt orange and cream shades give your space an eye-catching and inviting look. 

17. Orange-Red

Orange-Red a visitor's waiting area in the hallway of a luxury new home.

For a fiery look, consider the use of a vibrant orange-red shade as a color companion to cream. This brilliant warm shade adds an exotic touch to your space. 

Orangy shades of red take your neutral space to another level. Black accents further contribute to this modern dramatic color palette. 

18. Gold

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Pair gold tones with cream colors for a rich yet soft metallic look. Warm shades of gold create an unmatched look in any space. This look is fun and carefree with some sparkle and pizzaz. 

19. Silver

[PIN id="474989091957468338" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Silver is a cool metallic shade that coordinates fantastically with cream shades. This icy metallic color adds a crisp sparkle to any space. 

Combining silver and cream creates a well-balanced color scheme with a dynamic touch. 

What Is The Difference In Cream And Ivory?

Although these colors may seem close at first glance, there are actually big differences between the colors cream and ivory. Experts in the field state that cream is a lighter shade than ivory.

Ivory is also a bit cooler than cream, which has a bit of a yellow undertone. Some suggest pairing ivory with bright warm colors and cream with cooler tones. 

Is Ivory The Same As White?

Ivory and white may look similar until they are compared side by side. White is a crisp pure shade while ivory is an off-white with slight gray undertones. 

Because they are similar, shades of ivory and white do tend to coordinate with the same colors.

Are Beige And Cream The Same Color?

Beige and cream may be close in color, but they are not the same. Shades of beige are light browns or tans while cream is an off-white color.

Some shades of cream have a slight brown undertone, but beige tones lean further toward toasty shades of brown. 

Is Cream A Cool Or Warm Color?

Cream is a light neutral shade, which is what makes it so versatile to many color companions. While cream is a light neutral, it contains warm undertones that make it a warm color. Some accent colors and certain lighting can make cream shades appear cooler. 

Final Thoughts

As with all aspects of home decor, there are no real rules when it comes to colors to go with cream in your space. Cream shades are so versatile that this is the perfect shade to show your unique personality within your home.

We hope that the above listing of colors that go with cream has been helpful along your home decor journey. 

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