Deciding what colors you want to use in your home can sometimes feel impossible. Do you have a maroon piece of furniture or maroon-colored walls you need to accessorize but have no idea where to start? Well, we have done extensive research into this and have some options to share. Let's discuss.

For those decorating around maroon, there are plenty of colors to try. A few great options include:

  • Green/Teal
  • Rose/Pink
  • Nude/Tan
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Grey

Generally, jewel tones will work well with maroon, regardless of their shade, so that's another thing to consider while decorating.

As we begin, we will cover all things maroon furnishings, decor, and wall paint and discuss what other colors you can incorporate into your space. Whether you're moving into a new place or want to freshen up your current house, we're here to offer some guidance. With that said, let's get right into this post!

Trendy living room interior with wicker peacock chair and handmade pastel pink and burgundy chest of drawers

How Do You Decorate Maroon?

There are many ways to decorate for anyone with maroon furniture, decor, or walls. Most importantly, you want to find colors with similar undertones.

Generally, maroon has a deeper, cooler undertone, especially if it's on the more purple side. You can use this to choose other decors, art, and even furniture to finish your room.

Ideally, we recommend sticking with jewel tones, although you can have some fun here. Again, it's your space, so whatever aesthetic you choose to go with needs to reflect your taste.

You can also have various colors and patterns together in a space, so you aren't limited to a single design.

Colors That Go With Maroon

Close-up of a plant in sitting room interior with red armchair, retro cupboard, round mirror and dark red wall


Gold table between green armchair and bed in sophisticated red bedroom interior with mirror

First, we have a green/teal and maroon idea. Here you can see how gorgeous the deeper tones work in a space without fighting for attention.

In general, teal and maroon will give a sultry, dark design, so this could be the perfect pairing for you if you're decorating a den or living room space.

Furthermore, you could also go with lighter shades of both colors if this is too dark for your style, so that's good to know.


Trendy living room interior with wicker peacock chair and handmade pastel pink and burgundy chest of drawers

Next, we have a stunning pink and maroon pairing that is a match made in heaven. Besides sharing similar undertones, rose and maroon looks elegant when put together in one space.

The use of light and dark pink paint helps draw out the cool tones from the maroon chairs and gives this space an upscale final design.

The lighter grey carpet is a nice break from color here, so we recommend doing something similar at home.


King size bed with pastel pink bedding between two white industrial nightstand tables with flowers in vases

Third, we have a nude/tan and maroon pairing that is very subtle yet classy. Although nude color schemes can sometimes feel dull, using it with maroon is a great way to spice things up.

The soft wall color works as a clean slate, allowing brighter furnishings and decor. You could also try to do this with warmer white wall color if you want something more modern.

Again, it's nice to have one aspect of a room be calm, regardless of the color palette you're working with.


 An antique chinese wooden chair and side table with lucky orange plants in a pot as a tradition new year decoration in a zen style living room.

Another idea for maroon decorating is pairing it with brown. Considering that brown and maroon share a deeper tone, this is a great way to pull warmth from maroon-colored pieces.

Here, you can see how the wooden accent chairs and table add a natural warmth to the space without making it feel dingy. You don't have to do much to accomplish this aesthetic, hence why many people try it.

Moreover, the bright white walls with the deeper furniture/decor help keep the room modern, so don't be afraid to choose a lighter paint.


The luxurious velvet curtains, an openwork tulle, a carved pelmet

Next, we have a gold and maroon pairing that is fit for royalty. Since maroon has an expensive, almost royal vibe, throwing in a few gold accents can't hurt.

In this room, you can see how the subtle touches of gold and jewel tones make the space feel classy without being too over the top. Less is more with deeper hues, so keep that in mind.


Living room with dark walls and authentic fireplace

Lastly, we have a modern grey and maroon idea that incorporates some gold. As mentioned above, maroon has a royal element, which invites bolder hues like gold/silver into the picture.

Here, you can see how nice the grey-dominant aesthetic works with the hints of maroon throughout this bedroom, giving it an almost picture-perfect final look.

Furthermore, mixing other grey patterns into a space like this can work wonders, so don't be afraid to have fun with traditionally "boring" colors.

Is Maroon A Good Color To Use For Decorating?

Yes! Using maroon in your house can be an eye-catching, on-trend option. Besides this hue being popular among homeowners, both young and old, maroon is the perfect mix of red/purple.

As we showed you above, maroon doesn't need to be used the same way. Whether you prefer something more modern or a classic, den-like design, you can use maroon to accomplish this.

In general, any jewel tone will work nicely with maroon. Furthermore, you can try neutrals with this hue if you prefer a more calm aesthetic.

Colors like gold and silver will also complement maroon well, so your options are truly endless. With that said, less is more with deeper, richer colors, so decorate with a light hand.

Should I Use Maroon Furniture In The Living Room?

We think maroon is perfect for the living room if you don't mind your furniture grabbing guests' attention. We've seen how nicely decorated your home can look with maroon-colored furniture throughout this post, as long as you keep the other elements cohesive.

For example, we think having a maroon sofa or accent chair will work great in the living room. However, you don't want everything to be the same color in a single space.

Try breaking up your maroon pieces with wood or gold/silver furniture so your design doesn't turn out confusing. You can also use light, plainer tone accessories for maroon furniture, like white pillows, blankets, and rugs.

Grey is another good color to use with maroon furniture, as it complements it nicely. Grey is a good neutral to incorporate into a bolder space, hence why so many use it while decorating.

Can I Paint My Walls Maroon?

Blank empty very dark red or maroon coloured grungy or grunge textured vector wrinkled crinkled horizontal backgrounds like Christmas paper

Yes! You can certainly try using maroon paint for your walls. As we covered, maroon tends to have a regal feeling, making it perfect for the walls.

Furthermore, maroon walls will capture the warmth of your other furniture, which is perfect for a den/living room setting.

Again, how you decorate will affect the coolness/warmth of your maroon walls, so keep that in mind. It's also worth mentioning how maroon doesn't need to be super dark.

There are plenty of lighter maroon wall shades, which will look great with pink and purple decor.

Do Maroon Walls Make A Space Look Smaller?

Depending on the maroon paint you use, your space may appear smaller. As we said, deeper tones tend to make a room feel cozier, which can sometimes mean a smaller overall appearance.

However, if you incorporate brighter, lighter colors into the same space, you may be able to trick the eye. For example, if you have deep maroon walls, try using tan/white furniture to bring light to the room.

Doing this will open it up, ultimately making it appear as big as it is. You can also try finding a lighter shade of maroon for your paint and stick to deeper furniture, so there are a couple of ways to do this.

Is Maroon A Neutral Color?

Although opinions here vary, maroon is sometimes seen as a neutral tone. However, that can depend significantly on how you use maroon in your design.

For example, if you have a super vibrant space filled with color, a deep maroon accessory can work to neutralize everything. On the other hand, if you use maroon for your furniture or a statement piece of artwork, it won't be neutral.

So technically, any color can be neutral if you use it right.

Is Maroon In Style?

Overall, we wouldn't say maroon is super trendy or out of style. This shade floats between various decorating styles, giving it a timeless feel. That can come in handy for allowing you to use it whenever/wherever you want.

When it comes to current trends, lighter, more neutral color palettes are "in," although a splash of maroon is always seen as tasteful and elegant.

Again, it's not always the color you use; it's how you choose to use it.

To Wrap It All Up

Whether you want to fully renovate your house or need a new idea, figuring out the basics of maroon can be challenging. From what we found, maroon looks great with plenty of colors, including green, pink, tan, brown, gold, and grey.

Additionally, any jewel tone will work nicely with maroon. That can be decor, furniture, and even the color of your walls. However, remember to use a light hand when decorating.

Regardless, don't be afraid to incorporate maroon into your house, whether it be a statement piece or a soft, neutral accessory.

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