14 Colors That Go With Plum Walls For Your Home Decor (With Pictures)!

Nothing can beat a visually cohesive design, and mixing the correct colors is one of the secrets behind it. Do you wonder how to brighten and highlight your plum walls? To help you decide, we researched the complementary and contrasting shades to pair with this interior color.

To elevate the mood in a room with plum walls, integrate home decorations with the following colors:

  1. Green
  2. Teal
  3. Orange
  4. Yellow
  5. Gold
  6. Blush pink
  7. Red
  8. Dark blue
  9. White
  10. Cream 
  11. Tan
  12. Brown
  13. Black
  14. Slate gray

These are the most suitable shades to pair with your plum walls. In this post, we have a detailed discussion exploring plum's color symbolism, related colors, and more questions. So please keep reading as you plan for your interior design project.

dark plum purple room with furnitures, 14 Colors That Go With Plum Walls For Your Home Decor (With Pictures)!

Which Colors Go Well With Plum Walls?

Not all colors go well with plum walls. If you want inspiration, here is a color selection guide for your home decor with pictures and sample decor for each hue.

1. Green

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 a hyperrealistic image of a pale plum living room with teal glassware as a stunning accent.

Although green is an unusual option, you can still pair it with your plum walls. A pastel or forest shade of green will help you feel at peace and relax. Green will bring an earthy or natural feel to your surroundings.

Green curtain

Curtains are an example of cheap yet durable decor. Mounting green blackout curtains in your bedroom is aesthetic and functional. 

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To gain more insight about this combination, check out this article: 11 Green And Purple Color Scheme Ideas.

2. Teal

a captivating living room with a plum-colored wall and teal furniture, creating a stunning harmony due to their shared blue undertones

Plum and teal look amazing together because of their blue undertones. This striking blue-green pigment is a gorgeous accent. Likewise, you can play with different textures and patterns to boost layers, making the space more enticing.

For a fancy style, display your collection of teal glassware in your pale plum living room. Glassware comes in different shapes and finishes. It is an ideal ornament if you don't have toddlers or small children, 

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3. Orange

Are you aiming for a whimsical layout? Opt for a bright orange color scheme. You can enjoy a cozy aesthetic when playful orange meets with royal plum. However, use it in small portions to avoid an overpowering effect, especially in bedrooms.

a hyperrealistic shot of a cozy bedroom with hints of playful orange against royal plum walls.

In this room, there is a balance of bold and neutral pigments. Aside from the velvety surface, an orange duvet and pillowcase offer a tropical-themed interior.

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4. Yellow

a photorealistic living room with a yellow oval coffee table that complements the calming plum walls.

Yellow is opposite to plum in the color wheel. Hence, it has a prominent contrast and works well with plum.

You can set your coffee table at the center of your living area. Your kitchen and hallways are also perfect locations to match the calmness of plum walls.

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5. Gold

deep plum dining area with a simple yet luxurious gold pendant light

It may be similar to yellow, but gold emits a metallic shine. Thus, a bit of gold in your deep plum-colored room can add a special glow. Illuminate your plum dining area with a gold pendant light.

Even though it has a simple cone shape, this fixture will appear luxurious. The high discrepancy in light reflectance will make your plum walls look much darker. 

Have a look at this gold barn pendant light on Amazon.

6. Blush Pink

Blush pink sofa and throw pillows act as neutrals, balancing lush plum's vibrancy

In this picture, the blush pink sofa and throw pillows act as neutral colors. Notice the stark contrast between the color transitions. Its softness provides balance to the vibrancy of lush plum. Thus, the area remains airy, despite the dark partition. 

You can also combine a subtle pink couch with other neutral furnishings and trimmings, such as gold and white. This color palette is captivating and pristine.

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7. Red

a photorealistic living space with muted red flowers on a side table, blending harmoniously with the dark plum walls.

Red paired with plum adds a feminine touch to a room. Although these colors can sometimes clash, the right intensity can bring a reimagined vibe. Start small to make the scheme less overwhelming.

For instance, adding muted red flowers to your side table blends well with the dark plum. Unleash the plant parent and creativity in you with a red flowering houseplant. Aside from improving your environmental wellness, the red blossoms evoke strong feelings.

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8. Dark Blue

a reading nook with a violet wall and a dark blue chair

Apart from being an excellent choice for a wedding color palette, you can apply this shadowy mix to achieve a modern look. It fosters a mysterious and elegant appeal.

Similar to this picture, placing a dark blue chair with a velvet texture will make your reading time more calming and inviting. While it offers comfort, it can serve as accent furniture in your nook. Bright blue details also have this effect for pastel plums.

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9. White

a serene bathroom with white furnishings to make plum walls pop, creating a balanced and elegant space.

When simplicity is your goal, white can never go wrong. Plum walls in the bathroom will pop. The room won't be dull or plain because of the richness of the plum-colored walls.

To use this pairing, switch to all-white bathroom furnishings, such as a soap dispenser and sink. 

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For more pro design tips for this combo, check this comprehensive guide: 37 Purple and White Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures!).

10. Cream

a hyperrealistic living area with warm white or cream fixtures to soften the contrast with plum walls.

Instead of flawless white, consider warmer white or cream fixtures to lessen the glaring contrast to the plum walls. Try laying an off-white rug or hanging an art piece on your wall to attain this combination. 

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11. Tan

a cozy dining space with tan furniture that complements the plum-colored hall, and include a ceramic wall sculpture as an ornament.

Tan is a middle-ground alternative for cream and wood. The dining table set in tan fits the plum-colored hall. The ceramic wall sculpture is also a good ornament. 

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12. Brown 

a realistic living area with quality brown furniture that complements your plum room, such as a wooden wine bar cabinet.

Like tan and cream, brown decor can complete your plum room because of the red undertones. Invest in quality furniture to benefit from the minimalist appeal of faded or whitewashed wood or the vintage charm of dark-colored ones.

For instance, a wooden wine bar cabinet is perfect for frequent wine or liquor drinkers. Apart from offering a rustic style, a wooden cupboard secures your wine collection. 

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13. Black

a modern living room with a black fireplace surround and plum interior for a chic and sophisticated atmosphere.

Don't be intimidated by this pair. A black fireplace surround and plum interior can work without being too dark. It mirrors the modern industrial technique.

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14. Slate Gray

a balanced bedroom with a slate gray headboard against plum walls, softening the boldness and adding a touch of coolness.

Similar to white, this option also complements any color. The slate gray coolness softens the boldness and warmth. Try placing a gray headboard in your plum bedroom for balance. 

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Is Plum A Warm Or Cool Color?

According to the ISCC–NBS System of Color Designation, plum is a light reddish brown. It has purple, red, blue, and brown hints. Artists classify it as a warm and cool color. It's considered a trendy shade for winter and spring because of its vividness and floral touch. 

This pigment is comparable to sweet, juicy plums. Plum-colored decor is prevalent during Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has an indulgent yet sophisticated vibe that adds character to any linen, fixture, or room.

Dining room design with purple wall,orange chairs,table,lamp and wooden floor

Shades Of Plum

You can see several shades of plum paint from nature to home interior. Depending on the levels of brown, purple, and gray traces, you can form different plum shades. For this reason, no two plums are the same. Here are a few of them:

  • Black plum
  • Deep plum
  • Dusty plum
  • Frosted plum
  • Orchid
  • Pale plum
  • Persian plum or prune
  • Plum suede
  • Plumette
  • Ume
  • Umeboshi

What Color Is Closest To Plum?

Modern living room with leather sofa and armchair

Since plum is in the purple color family, it is closest to marsala, magenta, lilac, periwinkle, lavender, violet, and grape.

You can incorporate these hues with your plum walls to create a monochromatic scheme. While it is an easy technique, the room will exude harmony and a soothing effect.

Is Plum The Same As Burgundy?

People usually confuse plum and burgundy. They both have purple tinges. However, these colors are different because they have a distinct base color. Stylists say the former is primarily violet, whereas the latter is red.

Similarly, maroon is not the same as plum. You can make this chestnut-like shade by mixing brown and red.

What Does The Color Plum Symbolize?

The typical symbolism for plum color is royalty, romance, luxury, formality, and drama. Similar to purple, people associate it with femininity, power, and Easter celebrations.

Moreover, it evokes strong feelings of excitement, ease, serenity, sadness, and deepness. Incorporating it shows creativity and mystery.

Final Thoughts

dark plum purple room with furnitures

The brief selection of the best home decor colors to match your plum walls above shows that plum is a very versatile color. It can make transforming your interior a little less challenging. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with what fits your liking and overall design for deep or light plum-colored walls.

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