12 Colors To Go With An Exposed Brick Wall For Your Home Decor!

Urban and rustic, exposed brick can bring an unmatched look into your home. Along with warm shades of earth tones, brick has a texture that cannot be replicated. 

Brick is a versatile material that can be combined with many different colors that are sure to suit your space. We have researched this subject extensively to bring you a comprehensive selection of colors to go with an exposed brick wall. 

The neutral tones that exist in most natural exposed brick can be paired with most colors. Although brick is extremely versatile, some colors coordinate with this unique wall material better than others.

Shades of green, tan, and white are some of the most recommended shades to pair with exposed brick. Here are some more colors to consider pairing with exposed brick:

  1. Black with red brick
  2. White with red brick
  3. Gray with red brick
  4. Navy blue with red brick
  5. Teal with red brick
  6. Light blue with faded red brick
  7. Sage green with white brick
  8. Tan with black brick
  9. Gray with black brick
  10. Gray with gray brick
  11. White and cream with whitewashed brick
  12. Beige with beige brick

Finding the right color to pair with your exposed brick walls is only one decision that will need to be made during your home decor project. You may find yourself questioning complementary colors to red brick or how to make it look modern. You may wonder if red brick is out of style or whether painting your brick lowers your home’s value. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics. Just keep reading!

Modern contemporary living room with empty red brick wall, 12 Colors To Go With An Exposed Brick Wall For Your Home Decor!

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1. Black With Red Brick

Exposed brick combined with the color black creates a sleek urban look in your space. Black adds a modern touch to the rustic look of brick. 

Black accents are bold and help tone down the red brick’s look. Using bits of natural wood colors evens out this color scheme and adds some subtle warmth. 

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Bakery Shop Interior With Various Breads And Buns On The Shelves

2. White With Red Brick

Kitchen interior design with brick wall in it

The ultimate in light neutrals, white is the perfect color pairing for a red brick wall. Brilliant clean shades of white accentuate the warm brightness of red brick.

Shades of white bring out the light grout lines that give brick its unique texture and geometric appearance. Light shades of natural wood combined with greenery complete this simple country look. 

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3. Gray With Red Brick

Exposed brick wall and concrete floor in industrial living room

A modern mixture of black and white, gray is a popular choice in home decor and can be the perfect color choice to pair with your exposed brick wall. Gray and natural red brick create a contemporary urban feel in your space. 

Using different shades of gray to accent your brick wall helps to create some depth in your room. Add some natural warmth and stability to this look with the use of light shades of natural wood. 

4. Navy Blue With Red Brick

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There is no other color with the sophistication and intrigue of navy blue. This rich dramatic shade of blue is a beautiful color pairing with your exposed red brick. 

This fire and ice color scheme is almost as classic and timeless as black and white. Red and blue complement each other perfectly for a bold contemporary style. 

5. Teal With Red Brick

An exposed brick and wood, timber and brick, condo with furniture sitting across a large stone fireplace o

Teal is a vibrant combination of blue and green shades. Vivid shades of teal are sure to create a show-stopping look when combined with red brick. 

The cool bluish-green tone of teal complements the bright warm colors that comprise the red brick. This contrasting color scheme creates a fun stylish look in any space of your home. 

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6. Light Blue With Faded Red Brick

Home apartment interior, living room with large sofa, lots of decor and elements, plant, vase, coffee

To add a cool splash of light color to your home, consider using light shades of blue. Sky blue brings an unmatched sense of relaxation and tranquility into your space. 

The warm colors in natural exposed brick contrast beautifully with the cool shade of light blue. Accent furniture is a great way to add this color to your room. 

7. Sage Green With White Brick

Interior with Armchair and Books with light green chair

Painting your exposed brick white is a great way to give your space a new look. While natural red brick is warm and beautiful, white brick can add an expansive look to your room. 

Combining the crisp color of white brick with tranquil and cool green shades gives your home a clean airy feel. Deep shades of dusty sage green create a subdued look that feels homey and welcoming. 

8. Tan With Black Brick

Cozy interior with armchair fronting the french window

Another way to add a unique effect to your room is a black-painted brick wall. Black is a sleek dark neutral color that is sure to make a statement in any home. 

Tan furniture is combined with a black brick wall for a powerful look. White accents ground this palette and add some bright crisp color.

9. Gray With Black Brick

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Combining gray shades with black brick can add a deep, subtle, contrasted look to your space. This particular black brick has shades of gray blended in for a dimensional look. 

Cream colors add some muted warmth to this bold palette. Black furniture adds to the dramatic feel of this color scheme. 

10. Gray With Gray Brick

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With so many different shades and intensities of the color gray, it can be tricky to pair two grays. Combining gray furniture with exposed gray brick may seem like a mundane look, but with the right accessories, it can be anything but boring. 

Pairing this cool neutral shade with bright metallic colors creates a look that is out of this world. Bold coppers and gold will pop against this gray backdrop. 

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11. White And Cream With Whitewashed Brick

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The look of whitewashed brick may not be for everyone, but it can add a stylish element to your space. The subtle contrast of cream and white is perfectly paired with the imperfect look of a whitewashed wall. 

Using the contrast of cream and white can add a dimensional look to your space. Small gold accents paired with delicate greenery complete this look. 

12. Beige With Beige Brick

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Painting your brick the same color as your surrounding walls can create an interesting look. This decorative approach causes your brick wall to sort of melt into the background while adding a geometric texture to your space. 

Different shades of brown add a detailed element to this room. Deep gold accents add some vibrant warmth to this color scheme. 

Complementary colors are those colors that are located across from each other on the standard color wheel. Brick red is more of an orange-red than a traditional primary red. 

The complementary color to orange and orange-red is shades of blue. Cool shades of blue accentuate the warm red tones of your red brick surface. 

Red brick is conventional and classic, but it can sometimes look old fashioned and dated. Experts suggest cleaning your brick up with a good scrub to give it a more up-to-date appearance. 

Painting your red brick is another great way to make red brick look modern. A new coat of grout can also do wonders in updating the overall appearance of your red brick exterior. 

Is Red Brick Out Of Style?

Red brick has been around for ages as a popular exterior material. Although red brick is a traditional look, it is classic and will probably never go out of style. 

Red brick is versatile and can be modernized with certain colors and accents. Red brick can be compared to a little black dress in that it will always be one of the most popular exterior materials available. 

Does Painting Brick Lower Home Value?

Painting brick is a bold move and can be a daunting task. Once you paint brick, there is no going back to the original look. 

If you do it right, painting your brick can increase curb appeal and, in turn, the value of your home. Painting brick can give it an updated and clean look that is unmatched. 

Final Thoughts

Modern contemporary living room with empty red brick wall

Unique architecture within your home can add an amazing look to any interior space. Brick walls are a fabulous decorative element in any home.

Decorating around brick walls can be challenging with all of the available color pairing options. We hope that this article has provided some inspiration to help you decorate your brick-walled space. 

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