What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Alpaca? [14 Great Ideas!]

The alpaca shade of interior/exterior Sherwin Williams paint can best be described as a warm neutral greige. Combining gray and beige can coordinate with many shades for a clean, modern look.

Finding the perfect shade to go with your alpaca paint can be an overwhelming task. We have searched many sources to bring you a wide selection of colors that go with Sherwin Williams alpaca paint.

Shades of greige are hugely popular in home decor due to their versatility in combining with other colors.

Although shades of greige are adaptable, you should beware of the undertones in this color.

Coordinating colors to alpaca are alabaster, moonlit orchid, and simple white, but different colors bring out distinct undertones in this color.

We will discuss the following colors to go with alpaca:

  1. White
  2. Cream
  3. Black
  4. Gray
  5. Brown
  6. Wood
  7. Orange
  8. Gold
  9. Copper
  10. Blue
  11. Turquoise
  12. Green
  13. Purple
  14. Multi-Colored

Choosing a color companion for your alpaca paint is likely only one of many questions during your project. You may find yourself questioning the undertones of alpaca or the differences between alpaca and other shades.

You may wonder if this shade is warm or cool and whether it is a neutral color. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related questions; keep reading!

Mid-century modern living room interior design with monstera tree,What Colors Go With Sherwin Williams Alpaca? [14 Great Ideas!]

1. White

Crisp shades of white will bring out the soft contrasted look of grey when placed alongside alpaca.

Detailed trim is a great way to bring this clean, simple accent color into the color scheme and add an overall detailed look to your space.

Use a deeper shade of taupe for furniture and curtains for a layered dimensional look. Deep shades of espresso used for wood accents add a sense of depth and some dramatic color to your room.

Detailed trim white wood tray ceiling with a ceiling fan in a beige greige gray new construction house

2. Cream

Creams and other light neutral colors are a great option in color companion choices for your alpaca walls. Warmer than a stark shade of white, neutral cream colors create a beautifully soft, welcoming look when combined with alpaca.

Coupling your alpaca walls with cream-colored furniture and bedding in slightly different shades adds a subtle deep look to your room.

Use plenty of accent pillows in different shades of light natural tones to add to this cozy look.

3. Black

Modern and stylish, black can be the perfect accent color for your alpaca space. Black accents contrast light shades beautifully, giving your alpaca walls a sleek, edgy look that will turn heads.

Using black as a color companion to neutral alpaca walls makes the alpaca greige shade appear more neutral.

Use deep shades of brown, black, and neutrals in your decorations and wall art to add a coordinated look to your space.

4. Gray

Modern Living Room And Dining Room With Television Set And Parquet Floor

Using cool gray tones to accompany your alpaca walls will accentuate the brown and taupe undertones of your wall color.

This color combination will also give your room a subtle sense of dimension and contrast.

Deep brown wood shades add detail and color to this living room scheme. Brighten the area by using natural greenery to add cool, tranquil color.

5. Brown

Minimal living room interior design with leaf shadow on a wall

Chocolatey shades of toasty brown make a dramatic and beautiful color companion to your alpaca walls.

Use deep shades of brown for furniture and room decor to bring out the taupe/brown undertones of alpaca paint.

Lighter wood tones and soft cream colors add depth to this color scheme. Throw around some brightly colored accent pillows to invigorate the overall look of your space.

6. Wood

Lovely craftsman style living room with coffered cealing over light beige walls with board and batten wood paneling

Combining alpaca with light natural wood tones helps to accentuate the toasty taupe undertones of this shade. Using various wood tones adds some personality and depth to this color scheme.

Wood flooring works exceptionally well with this particular look. Using natural greenery adds a sense of peace and a crisp cool shade to this warm palette.

7. Orange

Retro style in beautiful living room interior with grey empty wall

A warm mixture of red and yellow and accents in the shade of orange can liven up your space.

Orange tones are an unconventional color choice but can make an amazing color companion to your alpaca walls.

Orangy wood tones are an easy and natural-looking way to bring this color into your room. Add in other bright retro shades to complete this brilliant retro look.

8. Gold

Gold is a rich, beautiful color that pairs well with an alpaca wall color. It is a warm, brilliant metallic shade that adds a modern liveliness to any color palette.

Alpaca can seem like a boring neutral greige but pairing it with rich gold tones brings out the deep gray undertones at the heart of alpaca.

Rich colors like deep reds and browns complete this intriguing sophisticated look.

9. Copper

Copper hardware and lighting fixtures are an excellent way to bring soft shades of metallic orange into your home. This warm-colored metal looks modern and unique and adds an unmatched toasty glow to your room.

Copper lighting fixtures give your space a bold contemporary touch while adding cozy, vibrant color to your room—shades of copper highlight the subtle taupe undertones in alpaca.

10. Blue

A cool option in color pairings for alpaca is traditional shades of blue. Blue accents are a great way to highlight the gray undertones in alpaca paint.

Brilliant royal and navy blue shades add a classic look to any room. Shades of white add a traditional nautical ambiance to your space.

11. Turquoise

Another cool color option to pair with alpaca is pale turquoise. This slightly greenish blue can add a fresh splash of cool color to any room in your home.

Like blue shades, pairing this color with alpaca will accentuate the cool gray undertones of alpaca. Light natural wood tones are a great way to add warmth to this palette.

12. Green

Inspired by nature, green is another excellent color option to pair with alpaca. Cool shades of green take center stage in this color combination but contrast beautifully with the greige shade of alpaca.

Pairing green and alpaca gives your space a tranquil ambiance that is unmatched. Add in natural greenery to highlight this color scheme.

13. Purple

Consider pairing purple with your alpaca walls for a dramatic moody accent in your home. Deep shades of eggplant add an unmatched theatrical ambiance to your alpaca room.

Because purple is a mixture of cool blue and warm red, this shade uniquely enhances the neutrality of alpaca paint. White furniture or trim around your room will accentuate the contrasting greige and white hues.

14. Multi-Colored

While this look isn't for everyone, the unique look of eclectic decor makes quite an impression on any home.

Vibrant color combinations, bold patterns, and textures are the hallmarks of eclectic decor.

Because alpaca is a neutral greige, it coordinates well with almost every color imaginable. This alpaca property makes it the perfect background color for your eclectic space.

What Is The Difference Between Sherwin Williams 'Agreeable Gray' And 'Alpaca'?

The Sherwin Williams colors of agreeable gray and alpaca can look very similar at first glance, but there are some differences. Agreeable gray is a slightly lighter color than alpaca.

Alpaca also has deeper brown undertones than the greige shade of agreeable gray. Because of their similarities, both alpaca and agreeable gray pair well with the abovementioned colors.

What Undertones Does Sherwin Williams Alpaca Have?

Alpaca has strong brown and taupe undertones combined with a stable, gray base. These properties can cause alpaca to look quite different when combined with varying colors of accent.

This greige shade has a greater gray appearance when compared to other browns and taupes. When placed alongside shades of gray, alpaca has a very warm taupe/brown appearance.

Is Sherwin Williams Alpaca Cool Or Warm?

One trait of greige shades is that they typically boast a combination of cool and warm undertones depending on a few factors. Alpaca is mostly warm but can sometimes look cool.

Different lighting can highlight the cool undertones. Use alpaca in a north-facing room to bring out the cooler undertones of this soft modern color.

Is Alpaca A Neutral Paint Color?

Alpaca is considered a neutral color but has strong undertones that distinguish this shade. Deep cool gray undertones will be accentuated in north-facing light.

Warm taupe or brown undertones can be seen in alpaca, especially in south-facing light. With either type of light, alpaca is a beautifully subtle shade of greige.

To Finish Up

Mid-century modern living room interior design with monstera tree

Alpaca is among Sherwin Williams greige shades' most popular and versatile colors. We hope the above listing of colors that go with Sherwin Williams alpaca has helped your search for the perfect accent color for your room.

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