21 Beautiful Concrete Driveway Ideas

Virtually every house has a driveway. And most people think of this feature as simply serving a utilitarian function. But in reality, this couldn't be further from the truth. When implemented with aesthetics in mind, a driveway and its surroundings can really make a house stand out.

However, making your driveway a functional part of your home's aesthetic scheme is much easier said than done. After all, it's just a plain chunk of concrete, so thinking of how to dress it up can be challenging.

But don't worry, because that's where we come in. To help you out, we created a list of 21 beautiful concrete driveway ideas to give you some creative inspiration. Without further ado, let's get into it!

New Construction Generic Brick House with concrete driveway, 21 Beautiful Concrete Driveway Ideas

1. Simple Landscaping And Neat Concrete Joints

This driveway features some nice landscaping, from the clean-cut grass that flanks it to the picturesque white picket fence that partitions the long section of the driveway from the section nearest the house. 

Another thing that makes this concrete look so clean is the pristine finishing job. The color is a nice soft gray, and the joints in the concrete are geometrically pleasing.

Newly constructed tour home with beautiful light colors for the roof and facade

2. Gravel And Concrete

Open Garage With Concrete Driveway

For some added visual interest, consider making your driveway a gravel-concrete hybrid. The driveway in this example features concrete squares where a car's tires would go, and the rest is covered in gravel. The contrast between these two materials is undoubtedly satisfying. 

3. Textured Concrete

Lovely red brick upscale home with concrete driveway

The concrete in this driveway is red, and it has been finished to have a stone-like appearance. Both the driveway and house are similar in color which makes for a cohesive look.

In addition, the driveway extends into a walkway that leads up to the front door. This approach gives the entire front of the house a uniform appearance. What's more, the vibrant green grass that surrounds the driveway adds some nice color contrast.

4. Expanse Of Concrete

Exterior of modern two-car garage

If you're going for a unique modern vibe, consider mimicking this approach. This house features a driveway that essentially extends, enveloping the external garage and forming the retaining wall that runs along the front of the house. 

The lighter wood tones of the garage doors and front entry gate contrast nicely with the slate-gray concrete. 

5. Patterned Concrete

California Suburb House

We've already seen how the joints in concrete can make a significant aesthetic difference, but this example takes it to a whole new level. 

The portion of the driveway nearest the road features a unique diamond pattern that is sure to catch the eye of anyone who drives or walks past. And the portion of the driveway nearest the house features a neat square-themed pattern that simply looks satisfying. 

As if that weren't enough to make this driveway the envy of the neighborhood, the grass surrounding it is pristine. 

6. Aggregate Concrete Driveway

House with two car garage

If you want your driveway to really stand out, consider using aggregate concrete for your project. Aggregate concrete contains all sorts of small rocks and pebbles, giving it a unique look. 

This is a great concrete choice for this house, as it complements the house's exterior color. In addition, this concrete color pairs perfectly with the surrounding landscaping.

7. Geometric Slate-Gray Driveway

front view of white three car garage door with a long driveway, partly cloudy sky. the house is a mid-century modern style house

We've already seen the visual impact of incorporating some geometric elements into the driveway, but this driveway takes it to a whole new level. The entire driveway features a geometric grid pattern that looks crisp and clean. 

What's more, the slate-gray color of the concrete makes the white of the house exterior pop.

8. Two-Toned Driveway

Several Garages Of A Large Luxury Home With Long Wide Driveway

This driveway features a unique two-toned aesthetic. The incorporation of geometric elements and different colors and surfaces creates an alluring look.

The colors chosen for this driveway complement the exterior colors of the house. This example perfectly demonstrates how a driveway can be so much more than a mere utilitarian feature.

9. Colored And Patterned Concrete

Paving the yard with colored paving tiles in the shape of a diamond

Who says concrete has to look like typical concrete? This driveway goes to a whole new level with the combination of various colors and patterns that create an intricate design. The driveway doesn't have to be an afterthought in home design. Allow it to stand out by doing something similar to this. 

10. Polished Concrete

newly constructed single storey modern home showing a concrete driveway, triple garage doors, front entrance and large windows

Who says a relatively plain-looking driveway has to lack aesthetic appeal? This driveway features a sleek polished finish. This style complements that of the home, acting as an extension of the aesthetic.  If you're going for a sleek, minimalist, contemporary look, consider opting for this approach. 

11. Cohesive Concrete Design

Long concrete driveway lead to three attached garage spaces

Everything about this home and landscaping is cohesive. The dark gray driveway complements the stone at the front of the house while the light gray concrete driveway border complements the light-colored features of the home. The color palette of the whole design is intentional. 

12. Striped Concrete

Detached house with wide garage for two cars, concrete driveway and landscaped terrace in front on blue sky

This home showcases all kinds of rectangular features. The driveway is no exception either. Instead of using only a single color of concrete, the designer opted for a nice striped look, alternating darker and lighter rectangular slabs of concrete.

13. Diamond Pattern

Family house with landscaping on the front and blue sky

Driveway patterns add a fun element that is certainly eye catching. As made obvious in this example, four diamonds stand out in this driveway design. The border of the driveway is the same color as the diamonds, giving it a very put together look. 

14. Stained Concrete

Big custom made luxury house with nicely landscaped front yard and driveway to garage in the suburbs of Vancouver

If gray concrete isn't your thing, don't worry. You have options. One of the simplest ways you can revive your driveway and make it look more interesting is by staining it. There are all kinds of colors available on the market, so you're sure to find the right color for your home. 

15. Concrete Driveway With Curbs

Fragment of brand new farmer's house with three garage doors and concrete driveway in front and blue sky

Consider incorporating curbs into your driveway when it is poured and finished. This driveway is quite large, and the presence of curbs makes it look and feel closed off—in a good way! And from a functional standpoint, if the kids enjoy shooting hoops, a curb can keep the ball from rolling away!

16. Aggregate Concrete Flanked By Stone

Double doors garage with wide and long driveway with nicely trimmed and landscaped front yard

We've seen how good an aggregate concrete driveway can look, but this example highlights how much better it can look when stones are incorporated along the perimeter. This approach adds depth both in terms of color and texture.

17. Simple Concrete Segments

Beautiful new home with big front porch and entry

You don't have to go for complex designs or expensive accents to make a driveway look appealing. Sometimes simple is best, as made evident in this example. 

18. Dark Polished Concrete

Luxury house at sunny day in Calgary, Canada

Even the driveway in this example contributes to the gorgeous aesthetic of this home. The dark polished concrete oozes luxury and sets the mood for the house before guests even walk through the front door.

19. Faux Stone Concrete Driveway

Fragment of a luxury house with a garage door

Enjoy the look of a stone driveway without having to deal with the upkeep or typical rough texture of one. Concrete stamps are used to create this beautiful stone appearance. 

Additionally, the warm tone of the driveway contrasts nicely with the surrounding landscaping, namely the vibrant green grass.

20. Stained Concrete With Flagstone Border

Decorated concrete on driveway of new home

To get even more out of your stained concrete driveway, consider adding a flagstone border to it. The dark stain of the driveway matches the house trim, roof, and garage doors while the flagstone border complements the stone of the house.

This is a well-executed design that ensures that every single component of the design works together. 

21. Grass And Concrete Pattern

Grass and Stone Pattern Drive Way in a Luxury Home

Grass doesn't have to stay confined to the yard. This driveway design is a perfect example of how you can integrate grass into your driveway without it looking out of place or like an overgrown mess. The grass and concrete pairing looks luxurious and intentional. 

In Closing

New Construction Generic Brick House with concrete driveway

We hope this guide has given you some creative inspiration to make your concrete driveway the best-looking one in the neighborhood. Remember, your driveway can be so much more than merely a surface on which you park your cars. Good luck!

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