15 Captivating Contemporary Decorating Ideas

Contemporary decor has become increasingly popular and for good reason. There's no denying that spaces with a contemporary theme look sleek, classy, and aesthetically-pleasing. One of the best things about this style is that it can work in any part of the house, whether it's the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, or living room.

And the best part is that there are no hard rules for contemporary decor. A wide range of colors and pieces can be incorporated while still maintaining a strong contemporary undertone. It's remarkably easy to give any room a contemporary ambiance with the integration of just a few elements.

However, figuring out just how to give your space a contemporary twist can be challenging. As mentioned, the realm of contemporary decor is vast, so there are so many options to choose from.

But don't worry, because we created a list of 15 contemporary decorating ideas to give you the inspiration needed to bring this stunning aesthetic into your home. Without further ado, let's get into it!

scandinavian living room with light feel, tan and gray themed. 15 Captivating Contemporary Decorating Ideas

1. Modern Lighting With Tan And Brown Color Scheme

Modern Lighting With Tan And Brown Color Scheme

This contemporary living room boasts a gorgeous tan and brown color scheme that pairs well with the contemporary decorative pieces. The soft overhead light fixtures give this space a modern yet cozy atmosphere. The small houseplants on the coffee table add just a splash of vibrance to the neutral color scheme.

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2. Kitchen With Cherry-Colored Cabinets

Luxury modern cherry kitchen. Kitchen With Cherry-Colored Cabinets

Who says contemporary spaces need to have a basic color palette? This contemporary kitchen features gorgeous cherry-colored cabinets that give the room a unique aesthetic twist. The black countertops provide the perfect visual contrast to the cabinets, supporting the contemporary look.

3. Scandinavian-Inspired Contemporary Living Room

Modern interior design of Scandinavian apartment, living room with yellow sofa, sideboard and black armchair

Much of the Scandinavian-inspired decor is also considered contemporary. In this room, the lighter color choice is a hallmark of contemporary styling, and the mustard-yellow couch provides the perfect pop of color. There are also a few houseplants placed around the room, another notable trademark of contemporary design.

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4. Contemporary Space With Neutral Colors And Natural Light

Contemporary Space With Neutral Colors And Natural Light

One of the defining characteristics of contemporary design is an abundance of natural light. The natural light flooding in through these windows is amplified by the choice of light flooring and the lighter color scheme in general. The choice of gray for the sofa and chairs adds just a hint of contrast and visual interest.

This contemporary end table will suit any space.

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5. Gray Color Scheme With A Hint Of Vibrant Green

Gray Color Scheme With A Hint Of Vibrant Green

The decor in this contemporary bedroom is minimal, and this is by design. The concrete floor is perhaps the boldest contemporary element of this room, followed by the unique headboard and modern hanging lamps. Infuse carefully selected texture into a space like this one. 

6. Charcoal-Gray Luxury Living Room

Living room interior in loft, industrial style. Charcoal-Gray Luxury Living Room

Contemporary decor can also have strong luxurious elements. Take this couch, for instance; the gorgeous leather stands in stark contrast to the charcoal color scheme, making it the decorative focal point of this room. The modern lounge chairs that sit across from the sofa top off this contemporary space. 

7. Black And White Living Room With Red Accents

Black And White Living Room With Red Accents

This contemporary living room features a large white leather couch adorned with luxurious charcoal-gray throw pillows. The black and silver nesting coffee tables perfectly balance the other dark tones. The red flowers and table ornaments add a touch of boldness.

Throw pillows make a great elegant yet contemporary addition.

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8. Soft Contemporary Lighting And Warm Tones

brown themed bedroom, gray wall, brown carpet, warm light. Soft Contemporary Lighting And Warm Tones

Consider using warm-colored decor to achieve an incredible contemporary look. Perhaps the most notable decorative choice in this bedroom is the dark wood wall paneling behind the bed. This bold element is perfectly balanced by the dark lounge chair in the corner of the room. And last but certainly not least, the choice of soft lighting completes the modern aesthetic. 

9. Dainty White Bedroom With Houseplants

Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed. Dainty White Bedroom With Houseplants

This dainty white bedroom demonstrates that incorporating houseplants is a phenomenal way to boost the aesthetic of a room with contemporary styling. It's no mystery that lush, vibrant green complements white perfectly. The other pieces in this room—the ottoman, side tables, bookshelf, and basket—support the contemporary look.

A simple houseplant goes a long way toward achieving a contemporary look.

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10. Kitchen With Contemporary White Accent Pieces

Kitchen With Contemporary White Accent Pieces

This is another example of a contemporary space that features a slightly atypical color scheme. The focal point of this space is the cherry-colored wood cabinets in the kitchen area. The table carries the wood theme into the dining area, and this color choice is complemented perfectly by the white chairs and white cabinets. 

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11. Living Room With Subtle Contemporary Decor

Living Room With Subtle Contemporary Decor. Small cozy living room

This cozy living room boasts a few features that give it a contemporary look; the sleek floor lamp that sits behind the couch is one of the most notable. The minimalist coffee table, end table, and sofa also contribute to the contemporary theme. The many shades of browns, creams, and whites in this room form the perfect neutral color palette.

12. Dark-Themed Luxury Dining Room

Dark-Themed Luxury Dining Room. sleek table, neutral-colored chairs, and the modern floor lamp

As mentioned, a variety of color choices can create a contemporary aesthetic. This dining room boasts a luxurious dark theme comprised of a number of contemporary pieces like the sleek table, neutral-colored chairs, and the modern floor lamp. Floor to ceiling windows look out into a gorgeous view of the greenery-filled courtyard. 

This sleek floor lamp will make both a functional and decorative addition to a contemporary space.

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13. Sleek Kitchen With Warm Colors

Sleek Kitchen With Warm Colors. globe lights hanging above the dining table

It's no mystery that light fixtures are one of a room's most notable components. And the choice of lighting can certainly give a room a strong contemporary vibe. The globe lights hanging over the table have a notably strong visual presence. When paired with the relatively minimalist table, the impact is significant. 

14. Modern Bedroom With Pallet Bed 

Modern Bedroom With Pallet Bed 

Pallet beds have become a growing trend in the world of contemporary design and for good reason. These beds are incredibly simple in design, but they provide unparalleled visual appeal when it comes to creating a contemporary atmosphere. 

15. Busy Living Space With Neutral-Colored Undertones

 beautiful and modern living room for young family. Concrete and wood desing with yellow color furniture to enrich the room

An assortment of decor with different colors, patterns, and textures is another great way to achieve a contemporary look. This room is comprised of a medley of pieces that each contribute something to the overall look. For instance, the area rug adds visual depth and contrast, and the yellow chair and throw pillow add a pop of vibrant color. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has inspired you to incorporate some unique contemporary decor into your home's decorative scheme. If you draw some inspiration from these incredible spaces, you'll be well on your way to creating an amazing contemporary aesthetic. 

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