11 Contemporary Living Room Chairs Ideas

If you're planning on adding an additional chair to your living room, selecting just the right one can be fun but also challenging. Should your living room be decorated and furnished in a contemporary style, getting just the right addition will sometimes be aided by drawing inspiration from the room of someone else. 

The contemporary style consists of furnishing that will keep the living room open and with colors that are more neutral. The senses should never feel overwhelmed in a room that is decorated and furnished in this fashion; rather, these things should gently insist on a sense of calm and order.

As with any design, what you will be happy with is always a matter of personal taste. Some people love the simplicity, openness, and neutrality of contemporary living rooms. Others will point out that this type of decor and furnishing doesn't have enough imagination or personality. But ultimately, your personal taste is what matters most.

So, what types of chairs should you consider for this endeavor? We've found 11 great chairs that go above and beyond to complete the contemporary look that you're going for in your living room. Continue reading to feel inspired!

Grey armchair in a Scandinavian living room with wooden wall panel decor, 11 Contemporary Living Room Chairs Ideas

1. Roomy, High Armed Chair

Living room with triangular coffee table, pendant lamps and white grey armchair, roomy high armchair

This gray chair with high arms and soft white cushion looks unassuming next to this triangular coffee table. This chair fits nicely against any wall and is easy to place in an area that keeps the design open and flowing. Note how the neutral colors blend with the wall and light fixtures.

2. Modern Scandinavian Look

Modern Scandinavian living room with grey and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

This modern room was inspired by the look of today's living rooms in northern Europe. The simple, half spool coffee tables are of varying heights, and they can be easily shifted to create a more open plan. The chair itself is a neutral light brown, which makes it a suitable accent piece to the sectional sofa. The chair's light wooden legs are unobtrusive, their height leaving a sizable gap that makes this living room seem uncrowded. 

3. Wicker and Metal Chair in Bohemian Setting

Bohemian living room interior 3d render with beige colored furniture and wooden elements, Wicker and Metal Chair in Bohemian Setting

This chair will stand out a little more than the others in this guide, but not so much that it disrupts the contemporary style the homeowners are trying to achieve.

This smaller chair has high, thin legs. A chair with this design makes it almost unnoticeable, save for the wicker seat. Its lightweight design allows for it to be placed in just about any corner of the contemporary living room without disrupting the room's flow.

4. The Comfortable Contemporary Chair

Grey and navy blue living room interior with comfortable sofa and armchairs, The Comfortable Contemporary Chair

The chair at the forefront of this living room photo is a high-backed armchair. While the design itself is a little larger than many of the other contemporary chairs mentioned here, the neutral color keeps it from overwhelming the senses. The lush cushion and lightly slanted back make this chair a comfortable one to relax in at the end of a long day.

5. White Fabric Arm Chair

Modern living room interior with White Fabric Arm Chair, large window, white floor, grey walls

The color of fabric matches across all of the furnishings in this living room. The homeowners chose a white sofa and chair which doesn't contrast with the light gray shade of the wall. Note that the higher legs of the chair match those of the two coffee tables that have been placed in front of the sofa. 

Consider selecting this model chair to complete this living room design. The color matches that of the rest of the furnishings, and the slightly different design accents the room well.

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6. High Arm, Wooden Frame Chair

High Arm, Wooden Frame Chair in a white room with open bookshelves and floor lamp

In the corner of this contemporary living room, there is a sturdy chair constructed of hardwood. The white cushions make the chair blend in with the neutral color of the wall while at the same time giving proper contrast to the black bookcase. This style of chair will pair perfectly with a sofa of similar color, and it would also serve as a good accent piece. 

This chair would be a good consideration for you, should you decide to add a second armchair to the room.

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7. High Armed, Deep Seated Living Room Chair

Bookshelves, armchair and sofa in living room. High Armed, Deep Seated Living Room Chair

The style and color of this model chair make it a great match for a contemporary living room with neutral-colored sofas with plush cushions. The deep seat of the chair gives it an almost boxy appearance, which would make it look great next to a wall or in a corner. However, in this particular living room design, the homeowners have chosen to set it near the window, allowing the smaller piece to be illuminated with light during the day. 

Also, note how much distance is between the sofa and the chair itself and how the coffee tables are closest to the chair. This opens the room up tremendously.

8. Dark Gray Chair With Wood Frame

Dark Gray Living Rolled Top Club Chair. Dark Gray Chair With Wood Frame

Gray is a great neutral shade that will go nicely with living room furniture that is black, white, or another shade of gray. Although the design of this chair is simple, it is quite comfortable. The mid-sized back and arms pair well with the firm cushions, making it a great place to relax in your contemporary living room. 

9. Contemporary Chair As A Companion Piece To A Side Table

Contemporary Chair As A Companion Piece To A Side Table, armchair with throw pillow, flower arrangement

Sometimes, you'll find the perfect chair to accompany an often overlooked piece of furniture. This chair in this living room pairs great with the side table the homeowners have chosen to complement the room. The darker wood frame and upholstery would also make this chair suited for any darker-colored sofas you would use in your contemporary living room design. 

10. Tan Upholstered Chair With Wooden Legs

Modern Scandinavian living room interior with beige armchair, lamp and coffee table over white wall on the wooden floor, Tan Upholstered Chair With Wooden Legs

If you are wanting to add a chair that is lighter in color than the grays or blacks but want to avoid a pure white, consider this look. This chair is the perfect tan, making it complement any browns you might have furnished your living room with. The design of the chair makes it suitable for placing near a wall or arranging around a coffee table opposite a sofa.

11. Contemporary Dark Brown Leather Chair

Dark brown leather chair, Contemporary Dark Brown Leather Chair

Finally, a comfortable chair that is totally upholstered in rich leather. The dark brown hue will make this chair fit into a contemporary living room with walls painted shades of brown, tan, or gray. Of course, this chair is one of the heavier and sturdier ones in this guide and is best placed adjacent to a sofa that has a complementing color and type of upholstery. 

In Closing

The great thing about contemporary style is that it is often overlapping with elements of modern style and minimalism. However, mixing and matching furniture from any of these design types can be a lot of fun. It will definitely add a sense of flavor to your home's most used room too. 

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