27 Creative Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Modern decor and home design have been on the rise in new and renovated homes for the past decade and show no signs of slowing down. Trends come and go, but the idea of modern and simple design is proving to be timeless. Just because your home is contemporary does not mean it has to feel sterile or missing a personalized touch. We are here to show you the best ideas for how to create a modern space as well as a living room you will love to live in. 

The idea of contemporary living has become standard and intertwined with the luxury market, so why not get in on the action? We have done our research and have created a list of the top 27 contemporary living room ideas to show you. We will also share some awesome decor and furniture pieces to get your living room looking beautiful in no time! Let's get started.

Luxurious modern interior of a contemporary living room with wooden paneled walls, decorative wooden tile flooring, and a white sectional sofa, 27 Creative Contemporary Living Room Ideas

1. A Splash Of Color

Interior of a large contemporary living room, an abstract canvas painting, and a long pink colored sectional sofa

Coming in first on the list is this open concept industrial living room that we simply adore. You can see how the massive artwork features a wall of color behind the raspberry-colored sofa. This is a great living room idea for those with a more industrial home or living in an urban environment. 

2. Oceanside Neutral

Interior of an ultra modern contemporary living room with white painted walls, curved relaxing chairs, and a gray square armed sofa

This next room follows a more neutral and soft color palette and feels very modern and clean. You can see how the designer chose to go with ergonomic chairs and a cream-colored sofa to keep the contemporary aesthetic going. We also would like to note the double matching lamps that work as a frame for this living room space.

3. Rounded Windows  

This next living room is a simple and warm neutral palette with unique arched windows. The sofa and modern extra seating areas make this room feel very welcoming and high fashion. Try choosing off-white colors for your space to achieve a similar look. 

Amazon Brand - Rivet Coen Modern Accent Chair 

Here is a contemporary accent chair; its cream color will look great in a room like this, and it has modern curves. Click here to see it on Amazon.

4. Ultra Sleek Patterns 

Contemporary living room with a long black sectional sofa, spherical gray dangling lamps, and an abstract themed TV area

Fourth on the list, we have this super modern and sleek living room that uses patterned furniture and decor. We want to note how the designer chose to find a very similar patterned wall shelf and a coffee table to match the light fixtures in this room. It's the little things that can make a room look so much better than anticipated. 

5. Gold And Stylized 

Interior of a boho themed living room with a long blue colored sofa, gold framed floor lamp, light gray colored wall, and patterned black and white accent chair

Next, we have this simple contemporary living room that incorporates gold artwork and detailing and a beautifully patterned accent chair. Choosing a color or pattern to incorporate throughout your living room will give it this elegant final look. Even some simple artwork can make a wall space feel fuller and well thought out.

6. Monochromatic Grey 

Sixth on the list, we have this fantastic contemporary monochromatic color scheme idea to share. You can see how well grey and grey-toned wood look together and how even though they are darker colors, they do not make the room feel small. We want to point out the stunning chandelier that is the focal point in this living space. 

7. Big City Oppulance 

Interior of a large and luxurious contemporary living room, stripe flooring comfortable white and yellow sofas with different colored throw pillows

The next living room idea we have is a more opulent and high-class option for those who want that look. You can see how this room incorporates mirrored walls and gold detailing throughout. The two different color sofas also make this an exciting idea because of their similar shades that do not clash when placed together. 

Reaketon Hanging Light Fixture Modern Chandelier  

Here is a lavish-looking light fixture that will give your living room that luxurious finishing touch. This chandelier has a very contemporary feel to it and is easy to install. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here. 

8. Statement Art 

A black and white inspired contemporary living room with a long black sectional sofa, gray coffee table, and a huge window

At eight on our list, this modern and artistic living room space uses beautiful artwork to frame it. You can see how the design is relatively simple and contemporary when furnished in black and white, with the massive portrait to work as the centerpiece. We love to see large artwork in living spaces because it gives off a very lavish look and is a great way to support local artists. 

9. Letting The Outdoors In 

Modern contemporary living room with a beige

Another great living room idea that follows a contemporary style is one like this that lets the view speak for itself. If your living room has a wall of windows, let it work as a piece of art and stick with complimentary, soft-colored decor. The real tree planted inside is also a small detail that makes this room stand out. 

Nearly Natural 6ft Artificial Indoor Potted Tree 

Here is an indoor potted tree that looks real enough to need watering from the Nearly Natural store. This will add some greenery to your space and does not require any maintenance. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

10. Leather And Wood 

The next living room idea is a leather and wood design with a livable yet contemporary look. The leather sofa compliments the wooden structure and looks soft enough to take a nap on. You can still achieve a modern-looking living room while also incorporating those classic materials that we all have come to love. 

11. Exposed Brick Loft 

Interior of a luxurious open space kitchen and living room with decorative rock columns and a modern kitchen area

At number 11, we have this exposed brick modern living room with a loft feeling. This design has a very urban vibe and ties together quite nicely with similar color furnishings and decor. Grey is very in right now and can be paired with almost any color or pattern, which is probably the reason for its popularity. 

12. Warm Wood 

Luxurious modern interior of a contemporary living room with wooden paneled walls, decorative wooden tile flooring, and a white sectional sofa

The next contemporary living room idea we have to share is a warmer wood palette that looks very welcoming and homey. You can see how the wood almost has a bamboo color and feels very tropical and easy to maintain and clean. Wood is a classic floor and wall option for modern and nonmodern spaces, so it should be considered during your design process. 

13. Dual Couches 

A dark brown colored wall living room with white sofas, and a white wall center fireplace

Another modern living room look we want you to see is this dual sofa design that looks super futuristic. Having two of the same sofas across from each other gives the room a fuller look and allows even more guests. The fireplace in this living room is also lovely and works as the center of the design. 

14. Super Dark Walls 

Next on the list is this modern and dark living space with black walls and dark wood floors. It is said that darker walls and floors make a space look smaller, but that does not seem to be the case in this living room. The white fireplace and mantle area work alongside the windows to give this space a very open and bachelor pad look and feel. 

15. Olive Green Perfection 

A large spacious and creative living room with a green sectional sofa, beige curtains covering the huge window, and a long overhead floor lamp

Our next idea is a more quirky olive green palette that is a ton of fun to look at. Using an olive green piece of furniture is another stylish way to decorate your living room and adds some personality to your space. The colors used in this room have a very royal tone and work well with the simple sheer curtains behind them. 

Glory Season Olive Green Velvet Pillow Covers 

If an olive green sofa is too dramatic for your style, we found these beautiful velvet pillow covers that will do the trick to incorporate jewel tones onto any sofa. View them on Amazon by following this link. 

16. Ambient White Light 

Next up, we have this stunning contemporary living room that is ultra-modern and simplistic. The rounded sofa and chairs give this a very sleek design and go together perfectly. We also appreciate the white lighting in this room that allows it to feel very open and welcoming. 

17. Very Organized 

Interior of a modern contemporary living room with a light dark-white colored sectional sofa, office supplies on the bookshelves, and a fireplace with a firewood design

Here, we have a modern living room with a lot of character and organization. We like the firewood storage and fireplace coordinating like an accent wall and the trinkets and books placed neatly on the hanging shelves. Going with floating shelves is a sure way to get your room looking modern and is a great way to add extra storage and display space within your home. 

Amazon Brand - Rivet Modern Honeycomb Floating Shelves 

Here are some modern and honeycomb-style floating shelves that will look great on your living room wall. This design has a contemporary and spacious look and offers five shelves to display all of your favorite decors. Click this link to see them on Amazon.

18. Navy Blue Hues 

Modern contemporary living room with white paneled kitchen cabinets, dark blue colored sectional sofas and ottoman, and a cool abstract chandelier

Next, we have this modern blue and wood-accented living room that catches the eye. The navy blue sofa and ottoman work to create a theme for space and tie it all together. Another detail to note would be the matching dark blue area rug and runner that add a little extra color to the room and prevent the occasional slip. 

19. Scarlet Red 

Huge and spacious interior of a red colored inspired living room

For those who love the color red, this may be the living room for you! Here we have a super simple and modern living room that uses a scarlet red wall color with a greyish brown trim and accent wall. The use of the two very different colors works well here, and we would even suggest a white coffee table to be added to this space. 

20. Delicate and Detailed

Coming in next, we have this stunning and delicate detailed living room idea that we are obsessed with. The ceiling is a work of crown molding art and, paired with the chandelier, looks magnificent. This is a living room fit for the royal family and is just a great design idea for anyone wanting to create their palace. 

21. Earth Tone Ambience 

This next living room idea is a warmer and earthier design that uses ambient lighting. We appreciate the comfortability this room has and like the many colors spread across its space. This is a modern design meets vintage, and it looks terrific. 

22. Marble 

Faux walled living room with a small white loveseat sofa, gray colored throw pillows, and two thin end tables with flowers on top

Here, we have this marble wall living room with a clean and modern feel. Marble is not just for your counters and can be used as an accent wall or statement area within your living room space, too. This room also uses fun decorative pillows that follow similar colors to the marble on the wall.

23. Brick And Stone Accents 

Interior of a mansard living room with a decorative stone wall, a center fireplace with gray mantel, and a white long sectional sofa

Another contemporary living room idea is using both brick and stone to create a loft-like living room space. You can see how the room's natural elements bring it together and give it a warm and comfortable feeling. We recommend sticking with lighter furniture in a space like this to avoid having it turn into a dungeon.

24. Roman Influence 

The next modern living room we found takes a page from Roman culture and influence and gives it a contemporary twist. You can see both the artwork on the wall of a Roman athlete and the sculpture near the windows create a theme. This room still has that opulent charm while being ready to relax and live in. 

25. Dark And Den-Like 

Huge interior of a modern living room with white accent wall, brown decorative panels stretching to the ceiling and red velvet colored sectional sofas

This modern den-inspired living room catches our attention. Choosing to go with maroon furniture makes this space feel dim and intimate, which may be the exact style you have been looking for. The stairs leading down into the room also work as a structural aesthetic that makes this room pop. 

26. Tufted Accent Wall 

Interior of a mix Japanese and American architecture inspired living room with wooden flooring, white sectional sofas, and brown painted walls

Here we have another modern and minimalistic living room with a great tufted accent wall behind the TV. Using some texture on your walls can create depth in a space and give it a very modern look. We suggest going with a leather or neutral cloth sofa and accent chairs to look best in this room style. 

VICTONE Futon Sofa Faux Leather Modern Couch 

Here is a sleek and modern faux leather sofa bed that will go great in this space. Grey is a neutral tone and won't compete with any wall art or design you may decide to add to your living room. Check it out on Amazon here. 

27. Warm Yellow 

Last but not least on our list is this warm yellow tone living room that is very inviting and stylish. Using yellow to decorate your space might seem unconventional; still, this color has gained plenty of popularity in recent years and has been popping up more and more in new homes. Give yellow a shot! 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are a minimalist or looking to create a contemporary space for your living room, you've got so many options to choose from. The best part about contemporary design is that you can incorporate other styles into it while keeping that modern feel. From wood and stone to opulent crown molding and golden chandeliers, the idea of contemporary design is merely the beginning. Your living room should be a place to unwind and enjoy family and friends, so keep your design-friendly. Now get to decorating!

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