25 Contemporary Vases That Will Take Any Room into the 21st Century

25 Contemporary Vases That Will Take Any Room into the 21st CenturyVases are a wonderful item to add to your home because they can brighten up an entire room with their contents. If you are looking for some contemporary decorative vases to put in your home, then take a look at the options below!

When it comes to contemporary style, we're talking about sleek designs using high-quality materials. While some use the word more in the architectural context, it has its place in 21st-century interior design as well, focusing on unique shapes, colors, and textures that befit the new "high-techy" age.

Whether you're going after an overall contemporary look or are just looking for unique accents, we think you'll find these vases interesting.

1. Cyl Home Vase

This translucent vase is made from soda-lime glass and is both handmade and mouth blown by skilled craftsmen. The glass is thick and heavy to ensure durability, and this vase can be used for both holding flowers and for holding electronic candles. You can find this beautiful vase here on Amazon.

2. Jomop White Ceramic Vase

This simple white ceramic vase by Jomop was handcrafted with white porcelain and is perfect for modern home decor. This vase is also perfect if you're feeling creative and want to decorate your vase, as the white color provides the perfect canvas. This vase can be found here.

3. Royal Imports Glass Vase

Made from a combination of fine mirror and clear glass, this vase from Royal Imports is perfect for anyone looking for a contemporary vase for their home. The glass walls of the vase are thick and the base of the vase is weighted to ensure durability. This innovative vase can be used for fresh flower arrangements, candle holding, and it can also be filled with gems and marbles and act as a centerpiece.

If this vase interests you, it can be found here on Amazon.

4. Rivet Angled Stoneware

This lovely vase comes in small and large sizes and is made from 100% stoneware. It comes in a neutral white color, is durable, and can blend with any room. Crafted with folds and angles, this vase can be found here.

5. D'vine Dev White Ceramic Vase

This white vase from D'vine Dev is handmade, designed with a beautiful waterfall texture, and amazingly detailed. The vase comes in 8in, 9in, and 11in, and is made from ceramic. You can find this product here on Amazon.

6. Sagebrook Decorative Ceramic Vase

This brilliant ceramic vase from Sagebrook is constructed from ceramic and is white with gold accents. This vase will truly give your home a contemporary look and would go great in a living room with lighter colors. If you're interested in this Sagebrook vase, you can find it here.

7. IMAX Handcrafted Ceramic Vases

As the name suggests, this 3 piece set of vases from IMAX is handcrafted from quality ceramic for durability; the ceramic provides high impact strength and prevents breakage. These three vases come in different colors and sizes: the orange one is vertically smaller than the others but makes up for this with width, the green vase is thinner and taller than the other vases, and the blue vase is somewhere between the other two vases.

These unique vases can be found here on Amazon.

8. Tapered Floor Vase

This interesting floor vase is made from pressed wood and is coated with a smooth lacquer. It comes in black with gold, red, or silver accents, and it also comes in solid white, silver, or gold. Since the vase is wooden, it's only meant for to hold branches or dried floral arrangements.

You can find this floor vase here.

9. Sunfire Glass Vase

This stunning glass vase features vibrant gold and red colors that is sure to add a burst of color to any room. It would look fantastic in a room with more of a red theme, and red roses would be the perfect flower to make it pop. This vase is truly gorgeous and can be found here on Amazon.

10. Torre & Tagus Slim Vase

If you're looking for a simple vase with a contemporary style, then this vase from Torre & Tiggs might be the one for you. Handcrafted from fine ceramic with a white finish, this vase has a shape that is both unique and ideal for showcasing beautiful flower arrangements. This vase measures 3.2in x 5.5in x 13.5in and can be found here.

11. Stoneware Flower Vase

This vase can hold flowers but can also stand alone as a decorative piece in a home with a more contemporary look. It's made from 100% stoneware and coated with a transparent glaze to give it a bit of shine. This vase is ideal because it can blend with any room, and it can be found here on Amazon.

12. Geometric Mirrored Vase

This chic vase is the epitome of modernity! It can be used for floral or decorative purposes on tables or shelves. It's a weighted vase with a mirrored design, so there are no worries about accidentally knocking it over. You can find this reflective vase here.

13. Carved Ceramic Vase

This elongated vase is made from gray stoneware and features intricate carvings. It can fit in any contemporary themed setting and would go really well in a setting with darker colors. This interesting vase can be found here on Amazon.

14. IMAX Kepla Glass Vases

These colorful vases from IMAX come in a set of 5 with the colors green, red, yellow, blue, and orange. The Green, yellow, and orange vases measure 16.25in x 2.7, and the red and blue vases measure 11.5in x 2in. If you're looking for vases to hold long stemmed floral arrangements, then these are the perfect vases for you.

This 5 piece set of vases can be found here.

15. Tianna Gold Vases

These beautiful gold vases from Tianna are crafted from ceramic and come in a set of three. The vases are coated in a reflective gold coating, and each vase comes with its own unique design. These lovely vases would look great as decorative pieces and can be found here on Amazon.

16. IMAX Metallic Vase

This innovative vase is handcrafted from ceramic and coated with a modern metallic finish. The vase comes in both small and large sizes; the small size measures 18.24in x 5.25in x 16.25in, and the larger size measures 24in x 5.75in x 14in. The vases are small and serve as ideal decorations in a contemporary themed setting.

You can find this particular vase here.

17. Alessi Crevasse Flower Vase

This twisted vase from Alessi is perfect for a contemporary themed setting with darker color schemes. It has a reflective finish and is the perfect size for long-stemmed flower arrangements. This Alessi vase would look amazing as a centerpiece and can be found here on Amazon.

18. Torre & Tagus Open Vase

Crafted from fine ceramic with a metallic chrome-like finish, this contemporary design is sure to be the perfect centerpiece. This vase can both hold flower arrangements and can serve a decorative purpose, and measures 9in x 3in 15.75in. This unique vase can be found here.

19. CYS EXCEL Rectangle Vase

This rectangular vase from CYS EXCEL is made from hand blown glass and is a simple and contemporary design. The vase measures 4in x 8in x 4in, and is strong and durable. The vase can hold small flowers, such as succulents, but might better serve a decorative purpose with shells and marbles.

If you're interested in a simple decorative vase, you can find this CYS EXCEL vase here on Amazon.

20. Torre & Tagus Turquoise Vases

This 3 piece set of vases from Torre & Tagus is a vibrant shade of turquoise, and each vase is a different shape and size. The vases are handcrafted from glass, and they can either act as centerpieces for decorative purposes or hold floral arrangements. You can find these dynamic vases here.

21. Bamboo Floor Vase

With the option of two different sizes and ten different colors to choose from, this bamboo floor vase is truly customizable. The vase comes with a kit of branches and natural botanicals, with easy instructions. This bamboo vase is not meant to hold water and can be used for decorative purposes.

You can find this beautifully handcrafted vase here on Amazon.

22. Ceramic Jug Vase

This lovely dark vase is designed to accentuate single flowers and can blend with any area of your home. The jug vase is made of ceramic and can be paired with a white jug vase. You can find this simple and optically pleasing vase here.

23. Eire Vases

This contemporary set of vases is cylinder-shaped, and each vase is a different height. They're gray with a subtle shade of green, are made from glazed ceramic. If you're looking for vases to add chic vibes to your space, then these are the vases for you, and they can be found here on Amazon.

24. Tear Drop Vase

This beautifully designed vase is perfect for small succulents or simple decorative purposes. The teardrop vase is made from ceramic and is coated in a white unglazed finish. The vase measures 4in x 6in x 2.5in and can be found here.

25. White and Silver Ceramic Vase

This vase is geometrically shaped and comes in six different sizes. The stoneware and ceramic piece is colored white, silver, and gray, and is topped off with a white and gray finish. The height of the vase is ideal for long stemmed flowers, though the vase can be used as a stand-alone stylish accent.

You can find this white and silver vase here on Amazon.

We hope you find these contemporary vases inspirational. For even more home decor ideas, check out our post about contemporary coastal living rooms (plenty of pictures there too!)

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