11 Super Cool Bedroom Decor Ideas

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep. It’s a person’s inner sanctum and it’s the one room in the house where you get to just be you. Knowing that, it makes sense to decorate it in a super stylish, relaxing way. Of course, getting a beautiful bedroom put together is never just enough. You might want to add a little cool factor to it. Or, maybe, you want to just get a new twist to your home’s layout. 

We get it. Putting together a bedroom isn’t easy. That’s why we did a little searching to find the most beautiful, cool bedroom decorating ideas out there. Check out these 11 amazing ideas!

Stylish room interior with comfortable bed and decor, 11 Super Cool Bedroom Decor Ideas

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1. Marine Theme

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Bedroom interior, marine room with sea decor and furniture

A little bit of oceanic flair never ceases to impress, especially in a bedroom setting. Blues offer a natural contrast to light hardwood floors while nautical accessories add a touch of fun to the scene. As one of the most popular choices for surfside homes and vacation homes, it’s hard to hate on a nautical bedroom. Sleep, ahoy!

Putting together a nautical theme is a cinch in most situations. As long as you have a blue and white color scheme, you are already halfway there. What particular shade of blue, though, can change from time to time. We suggest getting a tropical turquoise for this look.

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2. Modern Tan

Patterned pouf and basket in bright bedroom interior with lamps, plants and poster next to bed

One of the newest trends to take root in interior design is the use of succulents, wood accents, and faux furs to add a modern touch to your home. This is an easy way to use natural elements to add an outdoorsy touch to your home. What makes this look work so well is the use of crisp, clean lines. That’s what makes it modern, and what prevents it from looking too messy.

3. Cozy And Warm

Teen bedroom nicely arranged, cozy and warm idea

Take a look at this photograph and tell us that you don’t want to snuggle up in this bed! It can’t be done. This bedroom look is highlighted by warm lighting from string lights, multiple throw blankets, and the cozy cream-colored rug. While it may be a little youthful compared to other choices on here, we’re pretty sure that people of all ages can appreciate the warmth of this room’s look. 

The two elements that really make this room look so appealing are the lighting and the soft surroundings. Soft colors, soft textures, and simple snuggliness are easy to channel. 

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4. Industrial Chic

Loft room with cozy industrial chic design

If you’re looking for a cool way to outfit a bedroom in a cityscape, then look no further than the city stylings of this gorgeous warehouse bedroom. This room uses concrete, a black bed, and modern furniture to create a gorgeous yet masculine ambiance in the room. The real piece de la resistance here is the bike rack above the bed. It’s just metallic enough to give that perfect factory-rugged look.

People who want to channel this urban yet sophisticated look should take a look at decorations that incorporate metal, rust, and concrete accents. Those materials are what helped made this bedroom look so cool, and it’ll make yours look just as good. 

5. Asian Sensation

Comfortable bed with yellow and red bedding, industrial lamp on bedside table

Oriental design accents are perennially stylish, especially when it comes to modern Japanese decor. Here, we see an amazing blend between East and West. Clean lines, Japanese room dividers, a modern lamp, and a bold red bedding layout combine to make an elegant yet balanced look. It’s gender-neutral and works beautifully in small apartments. After all, minimalism maximizes the use of your space.

If you love the idea of a more traditional Asian home, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to add a taste of Asian style to your home. Even a divider can pack a powerful aesthetic punch. 

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6. Geometric Bliss

Bright bedroom with double bed, brick wall and rug, geometric bliss bedroom decor

Lately, geometric accents have been getting serious love too. We’re with it! In this bedroom design, we see geometric paintings and home decor accents give your home a more structured look. While the accents here might look a little techy, the warm lighting balances it out. So, the end result is a sleek yet bohemian look. Your inner artist will thank you for this layout.

Geometric decoration ideas are most frequently seen with heavy accents of pastel pink, blue, turquoise, and rust. However, you shouldn’t let the norm stop you. This decoration idea looks phenomenal with darker color palettes, too.

7. An Artist’s Heart

Cozy house with room in boho style interior

Bohemian style is even more popular than modern decor these days, and it’s easy to see why. A gorgeous layout like this one features tons of warm, inviting colors. Moreover, the eclectic style that this design offers means that you can find accessories and new decorating options pretty easily. What works here is the wide range of different textures and patterns, bolstered up by the bold colors.

Ideal for artists that are trying to find a way to make their artwork feel “at home” in their bedroom, you really can’t go wrong with a bohemian style. 

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8. Victorian Charm

Hotel room with panoramic view of the mountains

While it’s always important to think about things like wall art and decorative accents, many people forget that you should work with your architecture too. This house is a great example of this concept. What makes this room so unique is the series of large, mountain-view windows. So, why not highlight it?

This designer used dramatic draperies and a small Victorian side table to give this room a classic vibe. Fans of old school decor and country stylings will love it.

9. Panel Up

Modern and elegant bedroom with wooden panels and yellow details

Wooden panels are typically seen as retro, but here, they offer a fresh modern take. Here, wooden panels offer up a nice layer of extra texture and color. They divide the room, making it easy to hide things like laundry baskets and give people a chance to get a little privacy. To give the room an extra burst of color, designers added yellow accents to bedding and pillows. 

Honestly, the yellow looks great. It’s a rare color to see in a bedroom, but this is proof that it can work.

10. Wild Wild West

Wild west style bedroom with succulents and cacti on display

In recent years, people have started to learn to love cultivating succulents and cacti. If you ask us, that’s great news. Cacti are some of the easiest plants to care for and can add a Southwestern touch to any room in your home. This designer took a subtle cue from the cactus craze and added a bunch of sleek Southwestern accents throughout their home.

Southwestern style is oh, so easy to work with. As long as you have tans, golds, and maybe a little blue or green, you can’t go wrong. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing some relaxing, desert goodness in their room?

11. Woodn’t You Love This?

Cottage bedroom floor and walls are old wood with black metal bed

Sometimes, the best way to decorate a bedroom doesn’t have much to do with the decor you add. Rather, it’s about the decor you don’t add. In this awesome layout, the wood paneling in the room makes up almost the entire decorative vibe. What makes this work is the serious focus on the texture of the paneling, combined with the elegant lighting. 

To help balance out the wood, subtle accents like a metal bed and flannel sheets are added. The overall look is masculine and chic…almost futuristic!

In Closing

Did you find a bedroom decor theme that you absolutely love? Let us know in the comment section below! With these 11 ideas, you’re well on your way to designing a cool, perfect bedroom. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other posts:

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