11 Cool Door Cover Ideas

Privacy, function, and aesthetics are three necessities we aim to provide in the home. Door covers may seem trivial, but they do a lot to satisfy these three essentials. You will need to choose door covers that complement your personal style--a rustic door covering may look lost in a pastel-dominated interior. 

Not all door or window coverings are created equal. Some offer more insulation and privacy, while some elevate our interior better. You will need to figure out which purposes to prioritize since some may accommodate your needs better than others. 

A timeless interior design should start the moment you enter your space--and it begins at your door. If you want a classic interior, avoid tacky prints and colors that can clash with your space.

Since the front door cover is the first thing a viewer sees, it is best to stick to more tasteful--or neutral--designs to make it blend with your home seamlessly. 

We will be showing you 11 door cover ideas that can add beauty, privacy, and function to your home. 

Empty room and blinds interior, 11 Cool Door Cover Ideas

11 Door Cover Ideas You Can Try

Covering your doors does not only provide privacy and beauty, but also retains the value of your home by protecting your fixtures from sun damage and fading. As much as we crave natural light, too much exposure can damage our skin and our furniture and fixtures.

Protecting your investment can mean something as trivial as installing shades on your doors and windows--a small price for great benefits.

Getting window treatments that allow for excellent light control can give you the best of both worlds, but you can still consider getting draperies or window films. 

Here are 11 door cover ideas that can improve your daily life.

1. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades provide excellent privacy on your doors. They complement neutral or light color palettes, rustic, and most cosmopolitan interiors. Make sure to select opaque fabrics if you want to effectively block out the sun.

What cellular shades lack in light control, they make up for light filtering. Sheer options let in more light, so it can be beneficial if the lighting is your priority. 

You can have them customized to your liking if you can't find one that suits your home. Pick out filtering options that fit your lifestyle best, and you're good to go. 

2. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are a classic window treatment that gives off an elegant and structured style that isn't often found in other treatments. If your interior has a specific design, Venetian blinds will not overpower it.

These blinds can easily blend into your home if you want to turn the attention to your home's aesthetic instead of the windows alone. You even have the option to make them seem "invisible" by choosing a color that matches your walls perfectly.

How do you adjust Venetian Blinds?

The slats of Venetian blinds also make light control more convenient. Simply adjust the string that comes with the blinds to block out or allow light to come in.

3. Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic blinds are an easy and fashionable window treatment option that you can apply to all types of doors. They have a sleek style that provides excellent privacy and remains a neutral fixture that can blend with your interior.

Magnetic blinds have concealed magnets on their folds which you can simply mount on the metal sides of your door. 

These blinds are not difficult to install, unlike other window treatments. They do not require drilling since the magnets can reliably stick to metal surfaces.

Are Magnetic Blinds Cordless?

If you have pets or children, these blinds are a safer option because they do not come with cords that can potentially loop on their necks. Instead of cords, they have a handle at the bottom seam that you can adjust.

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4. Sheer Curtains

Curtain window interior decoration in living room

If your space doesn't have enough windows and you don't want to sacrifice what little amount of light goes into your home, sheer curtains are perfect for you.  

Sheer curtains provide adequate privacy while still allowing light to filter inside. Simply layer sheer fabrics together to blind outside viewers and intruders. Sheer curtains give off an airy and light appeal that can be perfect with light-colored color palettes and minimalist interior designs. 

5. Thick Draperies

white French doors with an elegant set of bronze coloured silk curtains and light caramel coloured walls

Thick draperies such as blackout curtains are an energy-efficient window treatment that can be highly functional during unpredictable weather conditions. 

They complement most cosmopolitan-designed spaces and can come in neutral shades while still providing that blackout effect.

If you don't want to fully commit to blackout shades and still want adequate light control, you can layer the curtain with sheers.

Blackout curtains can block out the harsh sunlight during mornings you need to sleep in and keep the heat inside during colder months. 

These curtains may be on the more expensive side. If you can compromise on settling for thick draperies, you can layer them together to have a blackout effect.

6. Roman Shades

Empty home office with bookshelves

Roman shades are a go-to window or door treatment because of their practical and no-nonsense panel. They complement any interior design, and you won't have to worry about it being too visually overwhelming.

Aside from light control, they also provide a certain level of heat control. The fabric of some roman shades can be used for added insulation during the winter and to keep the heat out during the summer. 

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Can you use roman shades in bathrooms or kitchen doors?

Make sure to keep Roman shades away from humid areas since they can collect moisture easily. If you have to, invest in a dehumidifier to prevent mold from growing on the panels. 

7. Window Film

Colors from behind an etched glass doo

Window films are the least obstructive window or door treatment since they fully adhere to your door windows. However, a downside is it may look too plain, or it can look tacky if you choose a design that does not suit the interior design.

You can go for window films if you are more concerned about function than aesthetics. Window films can save you 40% on electric bills since the film can reduce or slow heat transfer.

8. Tapestries

Tapestries have a lot of unique imagery that can reflect more of your personality. If you gravitate towards iconographies of religion, you can get tapestries with such design. 

These coverings add uniqueness to your space, and you can implement your own system on how they are opened or closed--or if you want, you can have them closed indefinitely. 

Cover your door with a tapestry if your main priority is aesthetics, and do not worry much about light filtering or insulation.

9. Door Window Shutters

Rest place with pillow and plant on floor agaist wooden shutters door in sunlight

Shutters are another great way to add value to your home, especially if your shutters are made of wood. They can blend easily with your walls if you stain them a similar color, and they provide added insulation.

However, if you would like to have the option to completely open the shades for a better view or lighting, shutters may not be for you.

This window treatment cannot be completely removed from view as it will be a permanent fixture on your door.

Shutters also have a higher price point compared to blinds and shades, so they are essentially considered an investment. 

10. Cafe Curtain Treatment

Though you often find cafe curtains on kitchen windows, you can apply this treatment to your doors as well. This is ideal if the top of your door window is arched or frosted.

Cafe curtains can look chic against your interior, and they can let natural light in. One downside is they don't provide adequate insulation, and they don't allow complete control over lighting.

If you don't mind the downsides, go for a cafe curtain and make your interior look effortlessly whimsical. 

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11. Stained Glass

Stained glass art deco door

Get creative by applying stained glass to your doors. This will give off an artistic vibe and lets people know of your elevated taste.

Stained glass designs are intriguing and visually stimulating, and they provide excellent privacy while allowing light to filter in. While they don't completely block out light, you can have interesting colors in your home as light reflects through them.

A downside of stained glass treatments is they don't give you views from the outside, and there are no insulating benefits for them. They can also overpower your interior design. 

If you are looking to have an artistic flair and do not mind the downsides, stained glass designs may be for you.

Final Thoughts

Empty room and blinds interior

Covering your door has more benefits than disadvantages, so you are better off having them installed. Just make sure to choose one that suits your routine best. 


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