How Much Does it Cost to Decorate a Bedroom?

You can't stop daydreaming about the perfect bedroom and it's not the one you have. But doesn't redoing a room cost money? How much does it cost to redecorate a bedroom?

Like any home renovation project, how much you spend is entirely up to you. From a shoestring budget to the sky's the limit, we'll look at some ways, and for what price, you can get the bedroom you've been dreaming of.How much does it cost to decorate a bedroom?

We're going to give you ideas for budgets ranging from one hundred dollars on up. What you can do, where you should start, and how you can go from drab to designer. If you've crunched your numbers and know your dollar amount, we've categorized our ideas into easy to find sections, from the simplest to the most ambitious. Read on to envision your sweet new space!

Redecorating a Bedroom on a Budget


Okay, so the bank account is not overflowing, but your room is wretched and you've pieced together some pennies to create a new look. To you, $50 is a huge amount to have saved and you want to stretch it as far as you can. One easy and inexpensive way to redo that bedroom is to replace your comforter set. There are great inexpensive options online like this great set we found on Amazon. At less than thirty dollars, it leaves you money left over to buy a cute succulent for your bedside table, new curtains, and maybe even a couple of bright throw pillows. Pick two or three of your favorite colors and work from there. Your room will bloom before your eyes.


You really want to up your design game and you've decided to put a few Benjamins into the deal. You're not looking for a quick change-up but for something more permanent. With a budget of a few hundred dollars, think about painting. For about one-hundred dollars, you can buy a great gallon of paint, a quart of trim paint, and the tools you need to DIY the heck out of this job. There's nothing like a new wall color to reinvigorate your space. Pinterest is a great place to check out your favorite color. Simply type in the name of the color and you'll see examples painted on the walls of rooms.


With a couple of hundred left over, you can invest in new bedding, maybe a great throw rug like this pale pink cutie below that we found on Amazon, and a new lamp or two, if you shop wisely. There's a lot that can be done in this budget which won't leave you feeling like you've broken the bank.


With five-hundred dollars, your options expand for redoing that bedroom. You might choose to pay for a painter. In some areas, you could have a small bedroom painted for as low as three-hundred dollars by a professional. Or maybe you want to still throw in your own labor, and have more money to play with. Your headboard is tired and your chipboard dresser has been with you since the dorm room. With a few more dollars, you can expand your search from linens to furniture.

For half of your budget you could upgrade the bed you inherited from your grandma, and get this modern stunner we found on Amazon. You'll still have money left over for the details, like bedside lamps, a new overhead light fixture, or a great plant for the corner near the window.

$1000 and up

You're committed to a design project and though you are mindful of your spending, you want what you want. You can easily redo a bedroom from top to bottom if you have a few thousand to spend. Think of the works, new wall color, new bedding and curtains, fun new art for the wall, bedside tables and floor lamps. It's up to you how high you take it, how much of it you'll keep DIY and how much of it you'll spend on hiring professionals.  Options for each component can be found in every budget, it's a matter of setting one, then sticking it to it as you search for the perfect design elements for your perfect bedroom.

With a budget like this, you might have further questions. Like what is the real cost of fully furnishing a bedroom? Or maybe you want to hire a professional, but don't know if it's even a financial reality. We've got the answers to those questions below.

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How Much Does It Cost to Furnish a Bedroom?

Paint and a new comforter set aren't going to do it for you. You want the whole deal. New bed, new bedside tables, even a new dresser. What can you reasonably expect when you shop for furnishings for your bedroom. It's the same story as before - there's a solution for almost every budget.

If you're going in for a whole new furniture set, plan on spending at least $500 for the low side, and that's without any of the accessories or a mattress. Sites like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock have great deals on multi-piece bedroom sets and will deliver to your door. You'll pay extra if you want your furniture delivered completely assembled. If you're willing to mix and match components, you might be able to find things in open box sales or on clearance and still put together a cohesive look for a steal.

New mattresses, depending on the type and if you're including a box spring, can range from a couple of hundred dollars for a foam mattress up to the thousands for coil type mattresses. What size bed will also make a difference in price, with twin mattresses being significantly cheaper than a California king. Local mattress companies will often remove your old mattresses for free (you often have to pay for mattress disposal if doing it on your own as mattress donations are no longer accepted in many places), but online mattress companies often offer easy returns if you're not satisfied.

At the very low side, for an entirely new set of furniture, a new foam mattress like this one on Amazon, and all the accessories like bedside tables, curtains, and lamps, you can expect to spend in the range of $900-$1200.

For an average priced furniture set like this one on Amazon, mattress, and accessories, plan to spend in the $1500-$4000 range.

For higher-end furnishings and mattresses, your cost could soar into the five-figures depending on your choices.

How Much Does it Cost to Professionally Decorate a Bedroom?

This is all great, you're saying, but what happens if you don't trust your own sense of design, or simply don't have the time to deal with renovations? You don't want a DIY project, you want to hire a professional. No problem, but be prepared to make an investment. Depending upon the area of the country you live in, an interior decorator or designer can cost anywhere from $30/hour up to $500/hour. This is for a full-service remodel, with as many changes as you like, because, well, you're paying hourly. This is a great option if you want to get precise about the details and see all kinds of visions for your new space.

These decorators will often have connections to find the perfect furnishings and put everything in place for you, from your new headboard down to the tiniest picture frame on your nightstand. They'll come in when you're at work and do their magic, including waiting for furniture deliveries if you're not available.

Expect about thirty hours of work which will include measuring, space planning, concept design, sourcing of materials, and the purchase and installation of all the elements.

Cost of Design only

If you're willing to do your own shopping and sourcing and installation, many design companies will often offer a concept design package for a flat fee. These packages range in price but expect to spend about a thousand dollars or more, depending on your area. With this approach, you'll be given a floor plan, a design board to help you visualize, and a list of items to purchase to bring the concept to reality.

You will often be given one revision, but if you start wanting to change things beyond that, you'll be charged at the hourly rate. If you're willing to leave it in the professional's hands and do a little of the elbow grease of shopping and installation, don't be scared to ask your favorite designer if they'll work this way.

The Bottom Line on the Cost of Decorating Your Bedroom

Like so many things, the cost of your renovation is in your hands. For as little as fifty dollars you can freshen things up, but save up a bit more and you can redo your room from top to bottom. Now that you have some figures in mind and the approach you want to take, you can start putting the dollars away for your decor. Whether you're buying a whole new set of furniture, hiring professionals, or taking it all on yourself, you've now got the knowledge to go forward and bring in that fresh breeze you've been dreaming of.

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