Does Costco Sell And Install Carpet?

 These days it seems like you can get almost anything at Costco. Should you be in the market for new carpeting and are wondering if this retail giant sells and installs this item, we can help you.

We did our homework on Costco and inquired about what they offer from multiple professional sources so that you'll know if this is a service they offer.

Costco has partnered with Shaw Premier Flooring for carpet sales and installation. The carpeting is purchased through them, and the installation is farmed out to contractors in your area.

Now that we know that you can purchase carpeting through Costco and that they'll help arrange the installation, we'll look at the multiple flooring options this company offers.

You might also wonder if it's cheaper to have carpeting or laminate installed or if laminate will increase your home's value. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead!

Costco Warehouse store provides warehouse prices on name brands for membership based customers, Does Costco Sell And Install Carpet?

Costco And Shaw Premier Flooring Offer More Than Just Carpeting

Costco's partnership with Shaw Premier Flooring gives consumers a wide variety of carpeting. But that isn't the only option these companies offer.

You'll soon see that you can get almost any flooring from this arrangement.

You Can Get Hardwood Flooring From Costco

Engineered hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types for homeowners who are remodeling. The durability and longevity of hardwood are storied.

A properly laid hardwood floor will last for generations and give your home a more classic look.

These floors are easy to maintain. Though they do tend to cost more for materials and labor, you'll find out later in this post why these floors tend to be the best investment.

Costco Also Sells Laminate Flooring Through Shaw

Costco wholesale storefront in Drummondville

Laminate flooring has been growing in popularity over the last 20 years. Less expensive than hardwood materials, they are lighter weight and much faster to install.

Whether you are considering floating laminate floors or planks secured in place, the labor for their installation will be a bit easier on your bank account compared to hardwood.

These floors are durable and long-lasting, though not nearly as long as natural wood. They are easy to clean, but some varieties cannot have prolonged exposure to moisture, or they will warp.

Laminate floors are a great option for those who want the look of real hardwood but are more price conscientious.

Vinyl Planking Is Another Popular Flooring They Offer

Vinyl flooring is another option that has seen real demand jumps over the last decade. This flooring option is an absolute breeze to clean and has about the same durability as laminate.

Costco's agreement with Shaw gives consumers an almost overwhelming variety of vinyl planking to choose from. There will surely be a style and color that will match your home's desired aesthetic.

Is It Cheaper To Get Laminate Or Carpeting Installed?

New carpeting will cost between .65 and 12.00 per square foot. Installation of this material will run you additional, however.

You can expect to pay between 3.00 and 10.00 per square foot to get it professionally laid. Altogether, it will run between 3.65 and 22.00 a square foot.

Let's compare those costs to laminate flooring. The material cost will be an average range of 1.00 to 4.00. The labor range for laminate averages between 2.00 and 14.00 per square foot.

This will make laminate have a total price range of 3.00 and 18.00 per square foot.

Though the high end of the price range for carpeting is more expensive than laminate flooring, that doesn't mean that carpeting will cost you more overall.

Which one will cost you the most will depend on what brand you select from either material and who you contract to install it.

Man installing wood flooring in home

Does Replacing Carpeting With Laminate Increase Your Home's Value?

Though carpeting is an investment that will add some value to your home, the overall value will decrease as the carpet ages. Replacing this old carpet with a new carpet will add value.

But so will replacing your worn flooring with any other type.

The average return on investment for new carpeting will range between 25 percent and 40 percent.

So while you don't get to add the total value of the new carpet to your home's appraisal price, you can expect at least 25 percent of what you paid to be tacked on when the home's value is calculated.

But what if you replace that carpeting with laminate flooring? This option is trendy and will have a much higher return on investment.

Good quality laminate flooring is durable, easy to maintain, and typically outlast carpeting.

Carpet fitting

What Is The Most Popular Flooring In Homes Today?

There are numerous options for consumers to choose from when putting in new floors.

Whether it's vinyl, laminate, or plain old carpeting, you'll find a wide variety in different homes in your neighborhood.

Natural hardwood floors have been the most popular flooring for years now. But other types have been surging in popularity over the last several years.

One favorite among consumers is imitation hardwood. Though not as durable as the real thing, it is a bit less to install and considerably less for the materials.

Wall-to-wall carpeting is also dominating the market once again. Even though it does not have the demand for hardwood, it's still highly sought after due to its level of comfort and its lower cost.

Seller showing wooden texture laminate material samples to customer

What Flooring Adds The Most Value To A Home?

When we remodel our homes, a big consideration for what we choose is how much it will add to the value of a home.

You are probably aware that adding amenities like decks and sunrooms will increase your home's value.

Likewise, you're probably not shocked to learn that finishing a basement or adding a full bathroom will bring more money when the home is eventually sold.

But you might be surprised to learn that new flooring can go a long way with prospective home buyers.

With so many flooring options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on what one is right for your home. But if you want to add the most value to your dwelling, there is but one type for your consideration.

Hardwood floors are the way to go if you want to raise the appraisal price of your home the most.

Though they are more expensive to install, they are easy to maintain and much more durable than laminate or tile. And they will take a heck of a lot more of a beating than carpeting.

The ROI (return on investment) for hardwood floors is as much as 80 percent. Compare that to carpeting, which has an ROI as low as 25 percent.

New bedroom with hardwood floors

Final Thoughts

Costco's partnership with Shaw Premier Flooring will get you access to carpeting and all flooring at a reasonable expense.

They will find local contractors that will take on the task of installing your new carpeting for you, too. New flooring will increase the value of your home, but for the most added value, you should consider natural hardwood.

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