11 Captivating Couch Color Ideas For Living Room

The sofa is usually the central piece in a living room. Choosing the perfect sofa sets the stage for the entire room and sometimes even the entire house. The right color can make or break your living room design. However, choosing the best sofa doesn't have to be an overwhelming process. While there are a lot of options, we've found 11 great sofa styles in lots of different colors to help you decide. 

You'll want to choose a sofa color that fits in with the rest of your house and appeals to your personal taste. Some people prefer warm, energizing colors while others will want cool, relaxing colors. Most sofa companies offer the same style in a variety of colors, so if you find a style you love in a color you don't, check with the manufacturer. 

A light and elegant white colored living room incorporated with yellow loveseat sofa, indoor plants and a tripod floor lamp, 11 Captivating Couch Color Ideas For Living Room

1. Shabby Chic White

A white colored sofa with white throw pillows incorporating the themed of the living room and furnitures

White slipcovered sofas have been around forever and with good reason. White matches everything. It also lightens up your space. It provides the perfect airy canvas for all of your favorite colorful accessories. While white might seem to be an impractical choice for families with small children, slipcovers are washable, and more importantly, bleachable, so you can let your kids play on them without worry. 

The main drawback to slipcovered sofas is that you might yourself frequently fixing an out-of-place slipcover. This is a bigger concern if you have kids who will be climbing all over the sofa frequently. Slipcovers are notorious for looking perfect until someone sits on them. If you go this route, you'll want to make sure your slipcovers are securely attached and custom-fitted. 

2. Energizing Orange

An 80's themed living room with an energizing theme of an orange velvet sofa, picture frames on the wall, and a round brass coffee table

While it's not for everyone, orange is a great color for those who want to make a statement. An orange sofa is bold and energizing. It demands attention, and you may have to pay more attention to styling details than you would with a more neutral sofa. However, orange is very trendy and stylish right now and may be a perfect fit for you.

If you like the idea of an orange sofa but you're worried it will be too overwhelming for your room, burnt orange can be a great color. It's more subdued than bright orange but just as stylish. 

Blue accent pillows and throws look great on an orange sofa. Blue is a complementary color to orange, so it makes it pop. Complementary colors, which are found opposite each other on the color wheel help to bring a room together and provide a designer touch. 

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3. Serene Blue

Elegant interior of a living room with a blue loveseat sofa, white throw pillows, and a black and white patterned carpet

Cool colors like blue are calming and can help you design a room that is a restorative oasis. This works particularly well if the rest of your decor is cool or neutral as well. Of course, you'll want to add some pops of color for interest, but a blue sofa goes with almost everything. 

You can choose a light, soothing blue if you have a small room or you want to open up your living room. If you want more drama, you can go with a deep blue. With a deeper blue, you can glam it up by bringing in metallic accent pieces. 

4. Charcoal Gray

An elegant gray themed living room with gray walls, dark gray sofas, a small beige color carpet with a round end table on the center

Gray is another great neutral that can fit in with any style. From rustic farmhouse to funky bohemian, there's a gray sofa that will fit right in. You might want to choose gray as the centerpiece for a Scandanavian-inspired neutral room. It is also a good choice as a neutral backdrop if the rest of your furnishings are eclectic and colorful.

While gray is mainly thought of as a safe, rather plain choice, a gray sofa can also be full of drama and personality. Some bright throw pillows or accessories can really accentuate a neutral sofa. 

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5. Sunny Yellow

A light and elegant white colored living room incorporated with yellow loveseat sofa, indoor plants and a tripod floor lamp

No color brightens up a room as much as yellow. If you're looking to bring some cheer to your living room, a yellow sofa can be just the thing. For a polished look, pair a yellow sofa with light wood accessories and a large plant. For accent pieces, you can choose other warm colors such as red or orange if you want them to coordinate.

If you want more contrast, you can choose an accent color that is complementary to yellow, such as purple. Gray is one of the best neutrals to pair with yellow for a designer look. 

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6. Dramatic Green

A green color themed living room with a green long sofa, golden figurines and furnitures, and a small indoor plant on the side

Green is one of the cool, calming colors. It represents nature, life, and energy. A green sofa can turn your living room into a soothing oasis of calm. However, green can also be a dramatic color. Choose a bold green if you want to have a statement piece in your living room. Metallic accent pieces will help bring out the drama of your green sofa. Sleek gold side tables or lamps are perfect with an emerald green sofa. 

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7. Blushing Pink

An eclectic living room with a pink sofa with green throw pillows, green wall with a brass stand fan, and a small green ottoman on the side of the sofa

While pink is not a traditional color for a sofa, it can look amazing in the right space. Pink is not just for little girls. Paired with the right furniture and accessories, a pink sofa can be a gorgeous centerpiece for your living room. For extra oomph, try mixing your pink sofa with a green wall and a metallic coffee table. Add a few plants and a dramatic light fixture for a living room that looks like it belongs in a design magazine. 

8. Moody Brown

A warm and cozy living room with a brown sofa with throw pillows, two small wooden coffee tables, and a tripod styled floor lamp

If you're looking for more masculine energy, a brown sofa may be just what you're looking for. Some bold throw pillows in vivid colors such as green or orange will pair perfectly with a brown sofa.

Brown is a neutral color that will go with almost any other color, though, so let your individual taste be your guide. A deep brown sofa looks great when it's in a room that has a lot of texture on the walls, such as brick or paneling. 

9. Royal Purple

There's a reason purple is the traditional color of royalty. A purple sofa demands attention, but it can look fantastic in a daring room. Pair it with gold accents to play up the luxurious nature of the sofa. If you're feeling really daring, you can add two statement pendant lights for a boho maximalist feel. 

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10. Peaceful Aqua

A light blue colored sofa, blue accent wall with a decorative brown wall, and an indoor plant on the side

Aqua is another cool color that provides serenity and calmness, much like its close relative, blue. With a hint of green, aqua adds a bright splash of color to any room. Try including some natural bamboo elements in your living room with an aqua sofa. Any other natural elements, such as plants, will help accentuate the aqua-nature connection. 

11. Sophisticated Black

A dark color inspired living room with a long dark sofa, three black dangling lamps, and a dark painted wall

Much like in your wardrobe, black can add elegance to your living room. Putting a large black sofa in your living room, especially when paired with simple, minimalist accessories can result in a sophisticated, designer look for the whole room. Black can stand on its own and doesn't need a lot of accessories. However, if you want to add some colorful pillows, black is the perfect match for any other color. 

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In Closing

No matter what your favorite color, you can find a sofa to match. From simple and stylish to over-the-top extravagant, there's a sofa that's perfect for your living space. 

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