14 Rustic Living Room Ideas That Will Inspire You

The country design aesthetic has long been a favorite decorating motif. Its use of bright rooms filled with light, comfortable furniture, warm wood accents and touches of decor that evoke a country living aesthetic bring life to a room. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the living room. Below are examples of some beautiful living rooms to inspire you on your decorating journey.

1. Modern Chalet Interior Design

Modern Chalet Interior Design

Chalets take inspiration from country-themed designs but this one takes it to the next level by creating an atmosphere that's both warm and modern. The furniture in this living room creates a contrast with the woody canopy on top. And, as most interior designers would tell you, contrasts when pulled off well are worth dying for.

You can achieve this modern chalet interior design within your home by incorporating white furniture with gray walls along with classic wooden floors and beam ceilings.

2. Living Room Interior with Mid-Century Furniture

Living Room Interior with Mid-Century Furniture

There is something about eclectic country-themed living rooms that mix antique furniture with mid-century items like this coffee table. This wonderful living room interior design gives just the kind of vibes that you would expect from your country-themed living room thanks to the gorgeous plaid couch. The multitude of throw pillows in various patterns helps as well.

The ceiling fan is the feather on the cap, as it exudes the brilliant radiance of antique interior design through its presence.

3. Country Style Residential Home

Country Style Residential Home

A perfect example of how smaller living rooms with kitchen combinations should be designed, there is a lot to learn from this picture. The visuals remain vibrant for the most part with white being dominant throughout. Wooden cabinets add balance to the white and transform the room into a cozy country abode.

The large chandelier reduces the height of the room down to size. A rug with ornate geometric patterns is spread out below the table to provide the perfect settings for guests to sit and converse over. The rattan chairs strategically contrast the white backdrop with their rustic brown color. White throw rugs are draped over the sofa for extra elegance.

4. Elegant Country House Living Room

Elegant Country House Living Room

Straight and sharp lines with minimal decorations adorn the room. There are very few bright colors, perhaps to stay true to the Scandinavian philosophy of minimalist design. The dominant colors are entirely neutral, ranging from off-white to pitch dark to light grey. The floor is adorned with wood paneling, adding an aesthetic touch to the room.

Adding more luster into the room are the two light pendants that hang over the dining table to provide direct, downward lighting on the eating space. The homeowner added a couple of extra throw pillows to create a more welcoming space. Granted the room is spacious, but you can achieve the same look in smaller spaces too.

5. Antique Country Style Living Room

Antique Country Style Living Room

A striking feature of this living room is its sheer size in terms of height and open space. The wooden panels wrap around the perimeter of the space for a rustic, cozy feel. The high ceilings are lit by recessed light fixtures that fill the room with narrow bands of light. Matching the ambiance is the sofa which is draped in red upholstery and decorated with several throw pillows to snuggle into.

Faux brick patterns decorate the far end of the living room, complementing the room’s brown walls with white colors. There is minimal wall art to attract attention, and the only other noticeable feature is the large telescope in the middle.

6. Large Luxury Living Room

Large Luxury Living Room

This large country themed room welcomes your guests into a cozy space dominated by wooden textures throughout. Every element in the living room, from the floor panels to the ceiling and the walls features a wooden theme. A surprising color missing from the living room is white, which usually dominates country-themed decors.

Three decorative rugs are placed underneath different areas of the room to divide your audience’s attention evenly. The sofas oddly enough, do not have lots of throw pillows, not that they’re needed here. Both ceiling and recessed light fixtures are used to illuminate the room. A mini dining table and 3 chairs fit nicely opposite the sofa, which provides additional seating for meals or games.

7. Living Room in a Cabin

Living Room in a Cabin

This large country room opens to the outside world through the spacious windows, which allow a lot of natural light indoors. The color scheme of the living room remains largely rustic brown while a relatively small white panel takes up space on the far left of the room. One of the windows is covered with a plaid curtain to offset the dominant browns of the room.

Strangely enough, a bearskin rug is decorated on the walls instead of the floor, which is draped with a decorative rug instead. The bright tribal-inspired chair cushions and the large stretched drum that is being used as a coffee table adds a Native American touch to the decor.

8. Cowboy Horse Ranch Living Room

Cowboy Horse Ranch Living Room

This cowboy living room is all about comfort and relaxation. To turn away from the pretentious way of life, the owner uses classic items that have always been in use for hundreds of years. From the decorative bullhead in the center of the wall to the traditional jacket towards the left, the room is designed to represent an age gone by.

It is a visually appealing interpretation of country style and is easy to mimic at your own home too. All you really need are the decorative items mentioned above and voila. Bonus points if you can buy leather sofas for some real comfort and style. It also helps to add a textured rug draped in the room’s center to complete the overall design.

9. Elegant Country Style Living Room

Elegant Country Style Living Room

This country living room was put together in a hurry, judging from the numerous sofas, chairs, and cabinets spread around. The tiled floor gives off a lustrous gray appearance that is complemented by white walls. Notice the use of distressed paint for a more authentic country-themed look. Keeping in tradition with country themed living rooms, the homeowner decided to place a decorative rug underneath the table to complete the décor.

Ceiling lights and lamps are used to provide artificial lighting into the room, casting shadows across the spaces.

10. Warm Rustic Furnished Living Room

Warm Rustic Furnished Living Room

The above half of the walls are painted in off-white while the bottom half is studded with wooden panels. The floors utilize white marble to reflect the light around, which is provided by recessed light fixtures that stream light in narrow beams across the room. A sofa with soft grey upholstery provides a seating arrangement in the corner for up to 3 people.

Adding balance to the white walls as well as a sporty vibe, are three rackets that are hung at an angle, drawing attention.

11.  Bright Living Room with Country –Themed Design

Bright Living Room with Country –Themed Design

This room is a great example of a merger between contemporary and country themed styles. The floor is decorated with brown wood paneling. Adding contrast to the floor is the white ceiling with recessed light fixtures that add just the right amount of light. A large LED TV hangs in the middle, pulling its own weight in terms of adding a decorative touch.

12. Country Living Room with Walkout Deck

Country Living Room with Walkout Deck

This living room takes advantage of a simplistic design. The three couches maximize the room’s functionality while visually uplifting the décor. The tufted upholstery of the recliner adds real value to the living room. To stand out from other living rooms, the color palette is a mix of white and yellow.

A brick fireplace adds warmth to the room. A large red area rug centers the room and provides contrast to all of the yellow.

13. Modern Chalet Interior Design Concept

Modern Chalet Interior Design Concept

This room embodies the chalet style while benefitting from modern architectural technologies to create a spacious living room. Note the contrast between the white, black, and wooden that look homely. Five ceiling fixtures illuminate the room with artificial lighting, a useful feature if you want to block the sun out.

Massive beams of unpainted, raw wood beams decorate the ceiling to add a soft and cozy atmosphere.

14. High Ceiling Living Room with Kitchen Combination

High Ceiling Living Room with Kitchen Combination

The architectural style of this living room uses a darker colored wooden trim that covers the perimeter while the large windows provide a view into the outside world. In such arrangements, it is natural to have lots of sunlight. This is because the windows and doors are decorated with wooden brackets and beams.

A combination of antique furniture with leather upholstery looks artificially aged. Even the upholstery has a monotonous color with leather inserts and wood carvings. Completing the rustic country look is a shaggy rug with a simple and homey feel.

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