18 Country Quilted Cotton Throws for That Perfect Rustic Look

18 Country Quilted Cotton Throws for That Perfect Rustic LookCountry design is a sweet offshoot of the rustic style. Vintage pieces, natural fibers, and handmade items are all staples for this design family. So if you're looking for a throw blanket for your home, you definitely want to find something quilted with a country twang to it.

A lot of the quilted throws that fall under the 'country' banner have images that make you think lodges, hunting, or fishing. Natural colors and patterns like plaid or buffalo check can also play a big part in the overall design of a country quilted throw.

We've found several awesome quilted throws that carry the country theme proudly. Keep reading to check them out!

1. Black Check Star

This quilt shows off a classic country pattern. Stars feature heavily in this theme and can either be crafted from a single piece of fabric, like above, or created from a patchwork of different fabrics. This quilt is 100% cotton and hand-crafted. The dark, natural colors are classic for country design, and the checked patterns used in the quilt are favorites for this style, too. If you'd rather use this for strictly decor rather than tossing it on the couch, there is also a rod pocket added to this quilt so you can hang it.

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2. Oversized Quilted Throw

Something about hearing 'oversized quilt' just makes you feel cozy. This quilted throw will do just that while also adding a perfect country vibe to your home. The hodge-podge of fabrics and patterns are hand-quilted together. Add in that all these fabrics display beautiful natural tones of blue, grey, green, cream, and brown and you can't help but love it. This quilt is truly oversized at 55" x 70" and is made from 100% cotton front, back, and fill.

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3. Antique Rose Throw

Florals are another favorite for country lovers. This quilt does a beautiful job displaying antique roses. Even the stripped backing shows off the same red roses against a creamy background as the front of the quilt. Warm, natural colors plus the soft, 100% cotton fabric are sure to be cozy and inviting in your home. This quilt is 60" x 50", so plenty big enough to cover up with on cooler days.

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4. Blooming Patchwork Throw

While florals are definitely favorites in country designs, patchwork florals are even better. The combination of many different flowers, patterns, and colors make this quilt eye-catching as well as vintage looking. And with this quilt being made from 100% cotton fabric for the front and back as well as the filling, this quilt is going to be super soft and keep you comfortable no matter the season. This quilt is 50" x 60" and is prewashed and preshrunk so you can be sure it's going to stay the same size no matter how many times you wash it.

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5. Patch Magic Throw

This diamond patterned quilt has a ton of country charm. Not only does it have those warm, natural colors we love, it also has the beautiful plaid patterns that are such a favorite. The checks and plaids used to create this blanket are homespun, a great addition for a country quilt. You can machine wash this quilt on a gentle cycle, but stick to line or flat dry to keep it from bunching up.

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6. Gingham Checks Quilt

This quilt features beautiful blue in gingham checks, ticking stripes, and grain sack fabric. The backing of the quilt keeps to the cream and blue color scheme but with a floral design. The gingham checks quilt is hand-quilted and machine pieced, so you can wash and dry in your laundry machines. However, keep the wash gentle and tumble dry low so it doesn't get roughed up.

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7. Kettle Grove Patchwork

Crows and stars are showcased in the four corners of this quilt. Both are classic country and bring to mind clear nights for stargazing and those pesky birds that run from scarecrows. Mixed patch blocks add more charm, and the dark natural coloring of this quilt makes it look warm and cozy. This quilt is 100% cotton through and through as well as being hand-quilted, which is a good quality for a country quilt. If you love this too much to let it sit on your couch, though, there's a rod pocket for display on the back.

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8. Cumberland Quilted Throw

Warm red mixed with black and other neutral colors make this quilt easy to remember. Classic patchwork designs made from mixed fabric give this quilt a rustic lodge vibe that's perfect for a country theme. This quilt is hand-quilted and stretches to a generous 70" x 55". The soft 100% cotton fabric can withstand a gentle cycle in the washing machine, but skip the dryer and lay it flat to dry instead.

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9. Prescott Brown Quilt

This brown quilt features a 'trip around the world' design that's created from multiple square scraps of plaid in various shades of brown. You can easily add a warm vibe to any room with the tones in this quilt. This is a hand-quilted piece that comes in sizes from twin to luxury king. Since this quilt is handmade, stick to the gentle cycle in the wash and lay flat to dry. You also likely want to skip harsh cleaners to preserve the fabric.

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10. Ozark Red Quilt

This quilt is a different take on the country look, but it's a good one. A pinwheel pattern in red-based plaid and ticking fabrics pops nicely against a neutral background. This 100% cotton throw is handmade and requires a gentle touch when cleaning, so opt for line drying. The quilt comes in many sizes, from twin to king, so you can choose what you need.

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11. American Flag Throw

Patriotic images and colors factor largely into country looks and designs. This American flag throw would settle nicely into any home that focuses on a country theme. The traditional stripes are paired with a Native American style star, giving a nod to the United States' history. This 50" x 60" quilt is machine stitched, but it would still be a good idea to use a gentle wash cycle and avoid the dryer.

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12. Provencial Rooster Throw

You can't have a country quilt throw list and not include a rooster quilt. You just can't, y'all. This particular quilt is 100% cotton and features that elegant French Country look that's catching everyone's eye these days. Golds, creams, and blues are the main colors, with the red on the rooster popping hard against the calmer tones. This 50" x 60" hand-stitched throw is machine washable for easy maintenance and it's already been prewashed and shrunk to take that worry away.

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13. Gone Fishing Throw

Fishing is a popular past time in the country and using a quilt that features it is a great way to add to your design theme. Not only does this quilt have fish worked into the design, but it also sticks to the natural colors that are favorites in country themes. You can add this to your home in the suburbs for a more relaxed vibe or keep it in the living space at a lake house to set the overall mood. This quilt is also handmade and 100% cotton, two major bonuses for rustic country items.

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14. Black Bear Throw

Lodge looks are another fun country twist. This quilt features elk and big black bears as well as the natural colors favored by rustic design themes. It also has a native design on the reverse of the quilt for an added element of country style. The face of the quilt is 100% cotton while the backing is soft microfiber, making this a seriously cozy throw.

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15. Multicolor Oxford Throw

This throw features classic country vibes in plaid squares, cotton fabric, and natural colors. The cream border around the Oxford squares, as well as the solid blocks, keep the quilt calm and relaxing. The plaid blocks, on the other hand, give this throw a cozy, country vibe. This quilt is pre-washed and pre-shrunk as well as being treated to make it pilling resistant. The cotton material will ensure this quilted throw is light yet comfortable year-round.

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16. Wedding Ring Quilt

This wedding ring quilt is such a beautiful vintage pattern that when added to the handmade quality makes this an instant heirloom. The multiple fabrics that create the entwined rings are all florals made from natural colors. The front of the quilt is 100% cotton while the back is made from microfiber to create a soft and cozy cover for year-round weather. This quilt comes as part of a bedding set with two shams, but you can use the quilt as a throw as well. Choose from sizes that range from twin to king to find just the right fit for you.

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17. Lodge Quilt

This quilt combines black bears with a vintage quilt pattern called 'flying geese'. The triangles on the quilt mimic geese flying in their v-shape, which is where the pattern gets its name. Dark browns and light beiges keep the warm cozy vibe, while the cotton fabric makes sure that you'll stay comfortable. This quilt comes in both full/queen and king sizes. Though the picture shows an entire bedding set, you can order just the quilt if you like.

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18.Bear's Paw Quilt

This quilt is another that features black bears, but this is in combination with a great vintage pattern known as bear's paw. The spiky colored sections in the blocks represent the shape of a bear's paw as well as adding plenty of color and pattern to this quilt. This is a king-sized quilt handmade with 100% cotton that's perfect for any country themed design.

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Country Quilted Throws

Every quilt on this list has a perfectly charming country vibe that you're sure to love. Whether you choose something on this list or pick something different, though, keep the country staples in mind. Stick with natural colors, vintage patterns, and handmade items and you'll have a gorgeous addition to your home decor.

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