14 Country-Themed Shower Curtains That Can Take Your Bathroom Out West!

Are you a country gal or guy? You don’t have to be living in Montana or Wyoming for that (though it does help *wink*). You can bring the Great American West right into your home, and even bathroom with interior design. And a country-themed shower curtain can do just that!

14 Country-Themed Shower Curtains That Can Take Your Bathroom out West!

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Shower curtains tend to wear out and need to be replaced anyway – so why not turn that into a small decor project? And being so huge, they’re a prominent canvass in the bathroom, that you can make the most of. For this guide, we wanted shower curtains that would easily spruce up a bathroom. This means focusing on over-the-top designs that instantly grab attention.

Saddle up and let’s start inspecting some country-themed shower curtains!

1. Traditional Rodeo Cowboy Hat and Cowgirl Boots by ArtSocket

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The visually striking cowgirl boots are complemented by wood and hay. This pattern jumps out at you the moment you step into the bathroom.

This shower curtain is bound to look chic irrespective of your choice of interior décor due to the neutral colors. The fabric is made with 100 percent polyester fabric, which allows the shower curtain to be machine washable without the pattern fading or the fabric getting damaged.

2. Wooden Rustic Floor Planks by QCWN

Nothing screams ‘country’ more than a bunch of planks stacked up together. The great feature about this print is the clever use of different tonal variations throughout. So you have dark brown on one end of the print, and a bright blue plank on the other side. This prevents the shower curtain from looking bland. Since most colors are neutral in nature, it allows the design scheme to blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior décor.

This shower curtain is available in three different sizes, so make sure you do your research before ordering it. The product is very feature rich, has a colorful design, is completely waterproof, and the color palette does not fade. So you won’t go wrong with this shower curtain.

3. Western Shower Curtain by Ambesonne

Here’s another western themed curtain that made our list because it is almost guaranteed to look good on most bathrooms. It allows you to dress up your bathroom without worrying about incompatibility due to the neutral color pattern. This model makes use of heavy polyester fabric to make it extremely durable, which is why it stands out among other curtains we tested.

Furthermore, this particular model is available in three different sizes, so do check out compatibility with your particular shower before buying.

This curtain may not be for you if you’re looking for more striking patterns, we recommend scrolling through our list to see more country-themed design palettes.

4. White Lace Barnwood Theme by Home Designs

The unique print on this shower does justice to the authentic country theme you’re looking for. The brown tone is perfectly complemented by a strongly contrasting white lace at the top. This design should instantly hit a home run with fans who love everything “country.”

Furthermore, this shower curtain is made with 100% polyester, all 60 by 72 inches of it! The fabric is firm and smooth and is designed such that it prevents the curtain from soaking all the water. In fact, we were surprised to learn that water coalesces on the texture to form beads that gently run down. It’s truly a marvel to look at after you’re done bathing.

5. Music Acoustic Guitar by Ambesonne

We stumbled upon this shower curtain by pure luck and were instantly sold on the idea of a giant guitar for a shower curtain. The American flag completes the old western look with its signature pattern. This shower curtain is probably the easiest way to spruce up your bathroom’s décor, without having to break the bank!

So if you’re running out of ideas but want to give your bathroom an instant makeover with an elegant pattern, then this chic shower curtain is for you.

6. Rust Star by Ambesonne

The bold rusty red and contrasting browns will give your bathroom a more vintage look. The best part about this shower curtain is that it gives you those ‘country’ vibes without bringing up ridiculous silhouettes and design patterns.

The reusable polyester does a good job at not attracting soap film the way plastic fabrics do. This shower curtain is 100 percent machine washable and will work with just about any interior décor, particularly in bathrooms where minimalism is the order of the day!

7. Cowgirl and Cowboy Silhouette in Woods by ZXMBF

For those of you who want to go overboard with the country theme, this shower curtain is for you. The authentic design contains several traditional elements of the Texan countryside, including the woods, the gold yellow warm light from the sun, and of course, cowboys.

The powerful ink does a good job at remaining on the shower curtain. It is made with a healthy polyester fabric that is highly resistant against mildew, mold, and water. This shower curtain was created with durability and longevity in mind. Furthermore, the design should look good with most bathrooms.

It makes for the perfect gift if you have friends and family members who love the countryside.

8. Cowboy Boots by VeiVian

The dominating pops of brown make for a visually captivating experience that is unlike any other shower curtain on our list. This shower curtain does a good job of bringing the countryside into your bathroom. It is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable shower curtain that just looks good. The fabric is extremely durable, and the reinforced metal grommets make installation incredibly easy.

A lot of people are concerned about rusting grommets that fray and snag as the moisture cracks away at their structure. We saw no signs of such a problem, and we strongly believe that this shower curtain is built to last.

9. Pink Floral Shower Curtain by LB

This shower curtain perfectly captures the beauty of the Mid West, with its beautiful pops of pink complemented by the rustic brown-gray tone. If you want to instantly overhaul your bathroom’s design, then this shower curtain won’t disappoint.

Furthermore, this shower curtain is highly resistant against mold, mildew, moisture – the whole nine yards. The fabric does not wrinkle and drapes nicely. It is extremely durable and the metal grommets are easier to install than most shower curtains.

Whether you want to bring in a vintage theme or something related to the countryside, this shower curtain is your go-to product.

10. Country Pig Silhouette by MISC

They truly wanted to capture the country theme and found that a grazing pig would more than deliver. This shower curtain allows you to accessorize your bathroom with a splash of brown and a caption that reads, “Pigfeed”.

If you want a more all-in-one option but don’t want a bland design, this shower curtain would make an excellent choice.

11. Super Tractor by Wlioohhgs

If you love the good old days when tractors were still the preferred choice of farmers, then this shower curtain would help you capture that look and feel. The powerful retro look may not be for everyone though. Unless you really want that countryside look, don’t go for it.

We found this shower curtain to be relatively easy to install, the metal grommets do not rust and are durable indeed. The fabric itself is made with polyester material, so it would last for many years to come. The ink does not fade and is resistant against water, taking advantage of advanced printing technologies. In short, this shower curtain is the whole package, allowing you to elegantly upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank.

12. Wooden Textured Shower Curtain

Make your bathroom a statement piece with this wooden textured curtain that is durable and easy to wash. The wooden texture low-key brings in a country theme. The material is made with polyester that does not absorb water.

The metal grommets make installation as easy as plug and play. Just buy and install.

13. Vintage Rustic Wood by Riyidecor

This is another pattern that might seem overkill, but it should help you spruce up the bathroom with a country theme. The antique gate is held together with just one latch, a telltale sign that the artist wanted to go old school with this particular design.

The clever use of wooden textures should look elegant in most bathrooms. The metal grommets are made with strong material, ensuring that this bathtub curtain won’t be slipping away any time soon.

14. Waterproof Forest by Accnicc

Emvency has become a prominent name in the textile industry, and for good reason. They make good use of advanced ink technology and merge it with durable anti-bacterial fabrics for long-term use. As such, this bathroom curtain is no different, and it is made with polyester and is resistant to moisture.

It comes in several sizes, so make sure you do your research before buying it.

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