28 Covered Front Porch Designs [Inc. Colonial, Rustic, and Modern]

Covered front porches are a highly sought-after feature for both home builders and buyers. They offer a shaded, welcoming spot to relax and greet neighbors.

These versatile spaces not only enhance curb appeal but also serve practical purposes, such as providing shelter for package deliveries and a cozy nook for potted plants.

Covered porch with light blue accents, featuring comfortable seating, decorative pillows, and lush greenery, creating a serene and inviting outdoor space

When designing your porch, consider the size, climate impact, and functionality—like the need for railings or enough space for seating.

Join us as we explore some stunning examples of covered front porch designs that bring these considerations to life!

Craftsman And Raised Ranch Covered Front Porches

Craftsman-style bungalows are super popular in many areas of the country. One of their most attractive features is their rocking chair front porches.

Usually deep enough for chairs and often skirted by a railing, these front porches give any home a real neighborhood feel.

1. Raised Ranch Tall Covered Front Porch

This raised ranch home utilizes the deck of an upper-story balcony to create a covered front porch for the first-floor entrance. Broad stairs step up to a full double front door for a neat and welcoming look.

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Front porch with white double door and pebble patterned flooring

2. Bungalow Porch With Wood Ceiling

This classic bungalow style home transforms its front porch into an extra living space, complete with an elegantly varnished wood ceiling and recessed lighting that emits a welcoming glow at dusk.

Coordinating rocking chairs and lush hanging baskets complete this charming setup.

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Front porch of a house with huge windows and with white colored framing and garden in front

3. Simple And Clean Bungalow Covered Front Porch

This classic bungalow porch provides an excellent spot for being outside during the rain or mid-day sun.

A couple of rocking chairs and crisp paint give the front of this home super curb appeal, and its depth, though shallow by comparison to some others, provides a perfect spot for packages and visitors to be out of the elements. 

Blue walled front porch with gray colored front door

4. Wide Covered Bungalow Porch

This covered porch acts like an extra room, with its deep, uniquely shaped layout and solid low wall railing that adds enclosure and definition.

It accommodates a small dining table, lounging chairs, and even an outdoor spa. If your climate favors indoor/outdoor living, a covered porch like this is a cost-effective way to expand your usable living space.

Rustic themed front porch with glass walled living room

5. Classic Bungalow Covered Porch With Rock Columns

Stone columns anchor this home to the earth, supporting a smartly designed two-sided covered porch that enhances indoor/outdoor living.

Old fashioned house with columns made out of rock

6. Poolside Covered Porch

This tall poolside covered porch shouldn't sacrifice any light coming into your home. Its lofty height allows sunlight and breezes while still providing a comfortable spot for outdoor dining.

Luxurious front porch with white walls and glass doors and huge windows

Colonial Front Porch Designs

Colonial homes are a standard in many parts of the country. They are typically two stories, and the lower story often includes a covered front porch.

1. Covered Front Porch With Ornate Wooden Columns

This covered porch uses columns and cornices as design elements. The ornate carving plays well off of the stolid red brick and the matching porch screen and storm door.

Beautiful front porch with arched designed header and brick walls

2. Classic Colonial With Gazebo

This classic colonial has a twist, with the one-story gazebo added to the end of the covered front porch.

Another entrance door can be seen at that end of the porch, no doubt an entrance from the kitchen or dining room out to the porch to access an outdoor eating area.

Colonial front porch of a luxurious house

3. Classic Colonial Covered Front Porch

This classic front porch spans the entire front of this colonial home.

The peaked roof in the center beautifully mirrors the peak of the three gabled attic windows at the top of the house, giving the entire facade a pleasing and balanced look.

Luxurious colonial house with many windows and beautiful front porch

4. Raised Creole Cottage

This porch on this beautiful raised Creole cottage is a porch made for sipping sweet tea and watching the fireflies. It's a perfect depth for clusters of porch seating and maybe even a cozy porch swing at one end or the other.

Luxurious house with beautiful front porch and grassy front lawn

Modern Covered Porch Designs

Modern homes are known for their square shapes and often flat roofs. Covered front porches add visual interest to a front elevation by creating varying heights and depths in roof levels.

1. Zen Garden Walkway To Covered Porch

This zen garden and natural teak walkway create a sense of calm and a direct path to the front door of this elegant modern home.

House with modern design front porch and planters on the side

2. Architectural Accent With Covered Front Porch Columns

Less function and more form; this covered front porch creates some architectural interest for this contemporary home.

The double columns play off of the lines of the boxy white trim on the window and the white header piece to draw in the eye.

Modern house with dark colored brick walls with huge corner windows

3. Clearspan Covered Porch

This porch moves away from traditional materials and moves to a greenhouse-style clearspan covering to create a light-filled and large covered front porch.

Contemporary metal railings define the living space and the entrance.

Modern white walled house with railings and brown colored front door

4. Covered Outdoor Living Room

This contemporary home takes its outdoor porch to a whole new level. This is more of a living room than a porch, with large conversation style sofas and plenty of space for relaxing.

Open walled front porch with sofa and a rectangular submerged sitting area

5. Large Columns on a Large Covered Porch

The use of large round columns defines the parameters of this outdoor living space. The large window ensures that light will still flood the interior space, yet there's plenty of room on the porch for outdoor living.

Front porch with huge windows and couch at the entry way

Rustic Ranch Covered Porch Designs

Rustic homes are often found in mountain towns where the view is the focal point.

Though covered front porches may not be used every month of the year, in the pleasant months, they're the best place to take in the nature around you.

1. Lodge Style Covered Front Porch

This log cabin-style home boasts chunky log railings and a timber-framed ceiling. Accessed by wide steps, it's warm and appealing and provides symmetry for the front of the house.

Cool ranch house with rustic approach to its overall design

2. Just Enough Covered Front Porch

Sometimes, all your home needs is just enough front porch. This charming cabin has a perfectly framed front porch with enough room to get out of the weather and for a couple of chairs.

Farmhouse with wooden walling for a gorgeous front porch

3. Skylights On Your Covered Front Porch

If your rustic cabin is in an area of the country where short winter days are an issue, yet you still want a large covered porch for the summer months, consider adding skylights to keep your interior bright.

Front porch of a farmhouse

4. Log Cabin Symmetry

This double-storied A-frame log cabin boasts perfect symmetry in its double-storied covered front porches.

The upper balcony provides a gorgeous view, and the lower porch is a great spot to hop out of the weather on snowy days. 

House in the middle of the road with wooden walls

5. Mountain View Covered Porch

Like our colonials, this double-story home has a traditional front porch that runs the length of the home. Wooden railings and slats mirror the materials of the wood-sided home for a country and cozy feeling.

House in the middle of the woods made with wooden front porch up to the roof

6. Covered Porch Roof Extension

One way to achieve a large covered porch is to extend your roof beyond the exterior wall of your home. This walk-out porch is large and livable while still allowing light to flood in because there is no gable end below the peak.

House in the middle of the woods made with wooden front porch up to the roof

Small Covered Porch Designs

Small homes are more popular than ever, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the grand front porch. Whether it is for additional square footage or a miniaturized style element, a front porch always is a great hello.

1. Front Porch Landing

Sometimes all we need is a little landing. Here concrete steps twist up at an angle to create a unique design curve for the traditional front porch stoop.

Three storey house with beautiful front porch

2. A Porch In The Shade

If your small home sits among beautiful foliage, your covered porch can become an extension of your garden. Load it up with potted plants for a peaceful entryway.

Rustic house combined with leafy greens along the porch

3. Fixer-Upper Front Porch

If your home is a fixer-upper, why not start with the covered porch? Add some comfortable chairs and hanging plants to create instant curb appeal.

Old fashioned front porch with chairs on the front

4. Don't Forget The Front Door

This covered porch utilizes exceptional cross framing in the eave and a pop of color in the entry door for terrific curb appeal. 

Front porch with gorgeous front lawn and garden

5. Lattice Work and Kick Walls

This small bungalow uses a solid kick wall to create a sense of privacy from the street, rather than slats and rails. The garden lattice on the end serves as additional privacy when covered with vines.

Front porch of a rustic type house with the american flag hanged in front

6. Porch Rail Painting

With the right paint choices, your covered porch can serve as the face of your home. Here the natural wood color offsets the turquoise and grey beautifully.

Blue walled front porch with brown door and garden on the side of the pathwalk

7. Tile Flooring On Covered Front Porch

This small covered front porch has been upgraded from concrete flooring to ceramic tile. It's a simple way to dress up the front porch of an older home.

Beautiful front porch with hanging flowers and white fences at the balcony

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