10 Cowhide Accent Chairs That Will Look Awesome in Your Living Room

One of the hottest and timeless trends in home decor is anything cowhide. Inspired by the great American West, cowhide is a durable and attractive material. Cowhide home decor ranges from throw rugs, blankets, ottomans, stools, and various styles of chairs. Many people find cowhide desirable, not only because it is easy to clean and has longevity, but each pattern is unique unto itself. A comfy cowhide lounge chair is the perfect place to relax with a book in a nook. Oversize accent chairs featuring cowhide make excellent conversation pieces over cocktails or a meal shared with friends and family.

Saddle up, take a seat in a cowhide accent chair, and you'll soon understand the difference that natural hide makes regarding comfort and malleability. Cowhide furniture taps into primitive energy, retains the character of the animal from which it was harvested and offers texture and visual interest.

Surprisingly, cowhide accent chairs do complement most rooms in a home, whether you decorate with an eclectic bohemian style, enjoy an industrial or minimalist approach, or like classic style. A cowhide chair might not be the right touch for everyone's taste, but it is worth exploring.

10 Cowhide Accent Chairs That Will Look Awesome in Your Living Room

People love their cowhide chair because it ages well over time, requires minimum maintenance, and offers supreme comfort. You should be prepared to spend more money on an accent chair made using natural cowhide with hairs, versus a more inexpensive faux cowhide chair. Faux cowhide is no substitute for natural cowhide. Still, anyone who desires to stick to a modest budget, or has lifestyle concerns like Ahimsa or veganism may be happier with a faux option. Faux cowhide may require a slightly different maintenance approach when cleaning, but it is best to follow the suggested care instructions based on the material.


A Touch of the Untamed American West

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word cowhide? Do you think of solely leather handbags, gloves, boots, or cowboys roaming uncharted territory? Cowhide is a prized material for its versatility, softness, resistance to stains, and makes a bold statement. Explore how a cowhide accent chair may best complement your home decor, improve the look and feel of your home, and become a treasured piece of furniture in your collection.

Be mesmerized by these leather accent chairs!

Nellie Brown Natural Hide Stool by East At Main

Grab a seat, or start up a conversation over this adorable and rustic stool covered in natural cowhide with the hair. Whether you enjoy a touch of mountain living or love the softness of cowhide and hair, this stool is ready. The standing height is 18 inches, the legs are made from durable natural wood, and the company prides itself on using sustainable materials.

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Butterfly Chair Lord in Black & White Cowhide by Foreign Affairs Home Decor

Make this laidback butterfly chair the life of the party. Lounge with a book or beverage in this cowhide-covered chair with a collapsible metal stand. Each chair is comfy and offers a unique cowhide pattern, as no two are exactly alike! Place this chair anywhere; it pairs nicely on patio decks, in eat-in-kitchens, living rooms, and dorm rooms.

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Metal Real Leather Hair Chair by Deco 79

Make a bold statement with this metal chair that is upholstered with cowhide leather and natural hair included, and is produced in India. Accent furniture like this piece provides a pleasurable seating experience, complements of the naturally soft hairs, and overall feel of the leather.

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Unbelievably Faux Real Seating

The demand for cowhide accent furniture is not limited to solely natural leather and hair. There are many attractive chairs made using faux cowhide that is visually appealing and comfortable.

Arabella Velvet Club Chair, Dark Brown by Christopher Knight Home

Have a seat in this plush and eye-catching chair, featuring a curved back, birch milk cow pattern, and a low seat you'll want to sink into with abandon. The cowhide is faux and 100% polyester. Place this bold beauty in a reading nook by a window, cradling a coffee table for tea, or in a bedroom.

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Black & White Faux Cow Hide Fabric Accent Chair by Inspire Q

Give your home a taste of the untamed and wild west with this whimsical accent chair featuring a black-and-white cowhide pattern. An emphasis on comfort and traditional style were at the forefront of this chair, which is made using brushed microfiber.

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Bristol Task Chair, Udder Madness by Ave Six

Transform your home office, den, or living room with this cowhide pattern chair made using 100% polyester. Quickly move about in this fun and durable chair, which features a swivel base, subtle arms, and rolling casters.

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Simon Chair, Udder Madness by Linon

Enjoy the beauty of cowhide with this accent chair featuring a dark walnut finish, and a printed cowhide pattern on microfiber. Upgrade any space in a flash with this sturdy and attractive piece of furniture.

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Penelope Armless Slipper Chair, Cowhide Brown by Foxhill Trading

Find the ideal place to curl up in your living room, bedroom, or creative workspace in this accent chair built for comfort. Enjoy a chair with a contemporary style, durable wooden legs, and a polyester blend fabric featuring a cowhide pattern. The seat is padded for comfort, so you'll never want to stray from this chair for too long.

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Udder Madness Corey Counter Stool, Manhattan Stain by Linon

The allure of cowhide is best presented in this stylish accent chair featuring antique bronze nailheads accenting the edges, microfiber, and a plush seat and back. Ideally, this accent chair would be a good fit for impromptu dinners, placed next to a bookcase for some reading, or in a bedroom corner.

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Animal Print Fabric-Covered Ottoman-Cream/Brown Cow Hide by The Lakeside Collection

Pull up a seat on this charming, rustic-looking ottoman and accent furniture featuring a touchably soft fabric upholstery with a cowhide pattern. Guests up to 220 pounds can comfortably sit on this attractive seat at their leisure when you need extra seating for that upcoming get-together.

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Home Decor Gone Wild and Rustic

Something is compelling and intriguing about hides and animal patterns. When used for the production of furniture, you get something magical that really makes a space pop, readily grabs your attention, and is truly special. Natural cowhide is unique to itself as no pattern ever repeats itself, which increases the value.

The beauty of cowhide is not only in its visual appeal but its natural resistance to stains, ease of cleaning, how well it ages, and the amount of versatility offered. There is nothing that can compare to the softness, flexibility, and energy of a piece of furniture designed using cowhide leather. The tiny details, natural hairs, the smell, and the feel of cowhide immediately elevates a space.

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