13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas

With rustic undertones and warm nature-inspired accents, country kitchens are a popular trend. Consisting of muted colors, natural wood, and country-themed decor, this style has gained popularity for its minimalist components.

With so many color and design options to inspire your country kitchen, picking a particular color or design scheme for your home can be overwhelming. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a concise collection of cozy country kitchen ideas to bring out your inner country decorator. 

Warm and inviting color palettes are characteristic of country homes, and country kitchens should be no exception. While your home's inside should be representative of your tastes and personal style, there are some common trends among country kitchens. While subdued colors are more characteristic of country homes, all-white kitchens are hugely popular and fit into this design scheme. Bright colors can be used to accent this look if that is more your style. 

pale yellow kitchen with pale yellow kitchen bar, wall mounted storage. 13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas

1. Blue country kitchen

beautiful farmhouse kitchen in a fully restored and rebuilt farm. Old, weathered oak beams support the roof and ceiling

A rustic country blue tone inspired by the beautiful blue sky can be the perfect shade for your cozy country kitchen. Combined with the warm rustic wooden beams, light country blue provides the perfect cool country contrast to this space. Deep black countertops allow the sky blue cabinets to be the kitchen's focal point in the example below. The unique barrel cabinet and cutting board combo is the perfect touch to complete this country look.

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2. Whitewashed country kitchen

vintage style kitchen. Whitewashed country kitchen

Whitewashing has been a popular paint method for centuries. Old farm barns were once whitewashed for a fresh-faced easy paint method using a slaked lime or calcimine-based paint to paint over the surface for a subdued transparent white look.

The whitewashed cabinets and furniture combine with the warm rust and blue-toned cabinets for a mixed wood cabinet look. This eclectic look is further accented with the warm natural wood colors and the blue and green hues of the throw pillows.  

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3. Warm natural wood country kitchen

country kitchen with a beautiful wooden butcher table. Warm natural wood country kitchen

As mentioned earlier, a defining characteristic of country kitchens' design schemes is a nature-inspired decorative approach. Warm brown tones in wood cabinets can make the perfect backdrop to your country kitchen. Toasty orange undertones add a colorful warmth to the kitchen in the example below. Cool splashes of greens and browns inspired by water and grass add vivid contrasting colors to this country cottage-inspired kitchen.

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4. Vintage wood country kitchen

Vintage wood country kitchen with bold copper drawer handle

Vintage wood offers a unique unmatchable look in any space, but it can accentuate the look and feel of a cozy country kitchen. Full of character and texture, vintage wood is the perfect addition to this design scheme. The light-colored vintage wood cabinets in the kitchen pictured below are accessorized with bold copper hardware for a bright spin on this classic look. Light unassuming tiles and walls allow this room's focal point to be the distinctive cabinetry.

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5. Blue floral print country kitchen

Beautiful custom kitchen with Blue floral print, blue brown pattern backsplash

Another classic element of country kitchen decor is a delicate nature-inspired floral print. Nothing compares to a classic blue floral country print to accent the look of your cozy country kitchen. In the example below, blue floral print ceramic dishes add a traditional look to this country kitchen. A unique blue and brown backsplash and countertop pattern add some warmth, contrast, and texture to the space. 

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6. Grey, beige country kitchen

modern Grey, beige country kitchen with table and utensils

Grey is the perfect mixture of black and white tones and is widely popular for home decor use. Mixing different greys is a great way to add some color range to your grey room. A light beige-grey, or greige, used on the kitchen walls in the example below, is combined with a blue-grey shade of cabinets for a bright, fun grey color scheme. A unique iridescent color tile is used to accent bright white tile for a splash of metallic color in this fun grey cozy country kitchen. 

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7. Distressed white French country kitchen

Newly remodeled Kitchen with a french farmhouse theme. Distressed white French country kitchen

Painted wood furniture is a classic element of French country style. The French country style kitchen in the example below combines painted wood in shades of distressed white and green as a finish to the cabinets and shutters for a bright spin on the country style. The brick wall accents the room with a warm deep orangey-red paired with the warm chocolate brown floors and island bar. The multi-colored stone countertops complete the look of this quaint French cottage-inspired space. 

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8. Spanish style country kitchen

Spanish style country kitchen. Cottage kitchen made up of ceramic tiles

Spanish decor is known for its use of clay-colored earth tones combined with vivid, bold, bright colors. Rustic adobe-inspired tile in the example below coordinates with the warm clay-colored walls for a warm southwestern ambiance. Stunning shades of blue and white tile accent the room for a cool crisp contrast. Bold geometric tiles line the walls and counter to complete the Spanish hacienda-inspired look.

9. Pale yellow country kitchen

Pale yellow country kitchen. kitchen interior in modern country house

Warm and bright shades of yellow create an energetic and positive mood in your space. Pale shades of yellow can add a muted optimistic color to any room in your house, energizing your home and adding vibrant color to your room.

The pale yellow color used for the cabinets in the country kitchen in the example below is accented with natural warm brown tones and some floral print accents, characteristic of country decor. The brightly patterned floor adds liveliness and depth to this kitchen. 

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10. Beige floral country kitchen

Beige floral country kitchen. Classic style kitchen and dining room

For a rich, warm shade of white, beige is a creamy, classy hue that perfectly complements the country decorating style. Beige, much like white, is extremely versatile and complementary to multiple colors and design schemes. Detailed cabinetry and hardware are complemented by ornate warm-colored chandelier lighting for this elegant version of a cozy country kitchen. Delicate floral print dining chairs complete this dainty cozy country kitchen look.

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11. Brick red country kitchen

country house in a wooden design, spacious living room with kitchen area and large windows, bedroom on the second floor. Brick red country kitchen

Vibrant and energetic, shades of red can add brightness and warmth to any space. Red tones create an energetic and confident mood in your home and stimulate the appetite when used in kitchens.

The vivid orange-red shades used in the kitchen pictured below are similar shades to those found in the natural brick wall and carried throughout the room from the refrigerator down to the small accent pieces. Natural greenery, floral arrangements, and fruit decorations add a natural element to the kitchen's decor. 

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12. Black and white country kitchen

All-white kitchens have recently become a huge trend in home decor. Classic and clean, the color white can add vivid bright confidence to your space. In the kitchen pictured below, black hardware accents complement the white palette for a contrasting look with warmth and detail. Warm shades of brown brick coordinate with natural wood accents to add dimension to this look.

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13. Tuscan country kitchen

Rich, warm shades of gold pair with cool shades of muted blue for this Tuscan country kitchen look. Dark hardware adds detail to the ornate white and light distressed blue cabinets throughout the room. The warm brown countertop deepens the color scheme. Deep chocolate brown floors and a fun cow statue complete this Tuscan country kitchen's warm cozy look.

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Final thoughts

Regardless of what kind of country kitchen is appealing to you and your family, cozy country kitchens can contribute a warm and comforting mood to your home. From all-white country kitchens to those with bright color palettes, country kitchens can vary widely, and there's a style for everyone. We hope that the collection of cozy country kitchens that we have selected has inspired your inner country kitchen designer. 

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