27 Crazy and Unusual Wallpaper Ideas for Your Walls

Wallpaper can really help you transform a room, especially if you choose a design that's unusual and eye-catching. If you're brave enough, you can go all crazy on an accent wall with wacky designs that will make your guests take notice.

Need some inspiration? We've got that in this post! We'll start with a fun review of the strangest wallpapers we could find on Instagram, then show you some examples you can actually buy for your own home.

Let the crazy wallpaper parade begin!

27 Crazy and Unusual Wallpaper Ideas for Your Walls

Modern interior design small living room and wooden dinning table
white furniture at the green kitchen
Cozy rustic design of spacious warm loft interior with wooden log wallpaper and natural tree stump
Grey armchair against flowers wallpaper in dark living room interior with sofa and plant.
Pink armchair and blue settee with blanket in bright living room with stool and white table against leaves wallpaper

1. Floral Wallpaper

Flowers can be used to create an exotic yet sophisticated dimension to any room. In this case, the mixture of warm tones and cool colors complements the interior. The thoughtful use of neutral colors adds more balance to the room. Sounds mundane? Ahh, wait, what about these apes? What really draws your attention are the gorillas, who serve no other purpose than to cause a stir.

2. Unusual Lemurs

Nobody expects to find lemurs in wallpaper, which makes this entry quite unusual. The wallpaper itself doesn’t share any design features with the room, but manages to breathe new life into the spaces by introducing the local flora and fauna into the room.

3. Ornate Design

If you want to add a more modern touch to your space, this cat-themed metallic wallpaper offers something stylish and subtle to revitalize your room. The elaborate embellishments shine under the lighting, adding charm to the room. While cat-themed wallpaper doesn't have to be strange, in this almost monochromatic setup, with dark leaves, it definitely unique.

4. Jellyfish in Your Bathroom

Jellyfish are some of the most resilient animals of the earth, having drifted from ocean to ocean for millions of years. They are beautiful and graceful to look at. Bringing these majestic creatures into a room isn’t a bad idea. The orange backdrop contrasts the white-grey silhouettes, which looks all the more charming yet brings a surprising contrast which many would consider being quite odd.

5. Flamingo Wallpaper

It’s not a bad idea to add the personality and charm of flamingos into your interiors - but will you dare to go to that extreme? So much pink with so many feathers - this wallpaper strangely captivating. Notice the use of white furniture and accessories to provide a strong contrast ratio to the room. This unusual choice manages to enhance the stylistic appeal of the walls and liven up the décor.

6. Accented Plant Themed Wallpaper

This attention-grabbing wallpaper simply is a work of art in its own right. While ordinary wallpaper is often neutral and serves as the backdrop for other room items, here it's unique enough to be the centerpiece. Such fully fleshed out artwork was not possible before the advent of high-quality prints. Imagine making your space feel this fresh and alive by imbuing the walls with realistic leaves that add a stylistic depth to your walls.

7. Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterflies embody both delicacy and femininity and are frequently cited in novels and movies to showcase beauty, uniqueness, patterns, colors, and symmetry. In the case of this unusual wallpaper, the shapes are presented in a pixelated form, making it look like a cross stitch pattern! The digitally printed butterfly murals incorporate different colors that are perfect if you want to add sophisticated details to your room.

8. Collage of Different Pictures

Would you dare try such a cool, urban look in the bathroom? This stunning collage mural is so rich and full of detail, no one will get bored while using the toilet here!

9. Vintage Pictures Wow

Another jaw-dropping collage wallpaper, this one is not only a collage of images but also red-themed. It manages to be original and unusual on all fronts: Color, layout, and theme. We love how each image is rich in detail and offers a small story in a famous little picture of its own.

10. Floral Entrance Drama

How far would you take a passion for roses? In this room, someone definitely went all the way! Floral wallpapers are common, but in this case, the color and size of the flowers can be overwhelming. Definitely makes for a memorable hallway.

11. Vibrantly Leopard Patterned Wallpaper

An enthralling, if not overbearing, design radiates from these walls. From the countless squares of animal motifs to the visually contrasting yellow hues and of course, the rose themed chairs towards the left, this room is designed by deliberation to captivate attention. Extremely artsy and not a likely choice for homeowners.

12. All-The-Way Rome

It’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but when everything came together, it became one of the most popular cities, and for good reason. Rome is known for popularizing new forms such as the dome, vault, and arch but how would you like to see them as a repetitive pattern on your bathroom walls? Unless we're talking about an Italian restaurant, this may just be too strange.

13. The Haunting Darkness

This wallpaper is donwright spooky. With images of picture frames of various shapes and sizes, all containing nothing but scary black nothingness - would you feel comfortable walking down this hallways?

14. Peacock Patterns

If you’re the kind of person who goes after eye-catching designs and murals, then peacocks should make a great choice. Although when you cover this large a section of the wall with a single peacock image - the effect can be a bit over the top, not to say strange!

Still looking for strange and unusual wallpaper for your home?

If you're looking to wow your guests with unusual unique wallpaper designs, you can definitely do that too. It can even be as crazy as some of the examples we shared above.

We sifted through Amazon to find crazy and unusual wallpapers that can play such a role. Here are some exciting choices you might want to try out.

1. Non-Woven Library

If you’ve always wanted a bookshelf but never had the time (or the number of books) to undertake such a project, you can always count on wallpapers to help with the task. They are fun and colorful enough to liven up your space. Each ‘book’ on the shelf gives the artist plenty of excuses to explore their creativity. The funny thing is that some of your guests may end up thinking you’re a real bookworm!

Click here to buy this wallpaper on Amazon.

2. Leopard and Cheetah Wallpaper

Style your wall with leopard print inspired by apex predators of the wild. This mural takes on a leopard and cheetah print that offers a ton of the same style and fun but with more contemporary tones and style, making it the ideal choice for your living room, bedroom, and more. Installation is super easy and fast thanks to its standard size dimensions which is 27.5” wide.

Furthermore, the wallpaper is washable under water and soap. Make sure to use a sponge dipped in warm water and mild soap only.

Click here to learn more on Amazon.

3. Oak Tree

This wallpaper allows you to bring the tranquility of the oak tree and river into the comforts of your home. Thanks to modern digital prints, the colors are very realistic. The leaves are vivid green, the tree’s textures are fully fleshed out, and the serene backdrop of the river adds more clarity to the murals. The unusual drop body of water will shimmer in a brightly lit room, taking attention.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

4. Angry Flying Birds by Lionpapa_mural

Ever since the Android mobile game, Angry Birds, made its debut in early March of 2013, it kicked off a trend that is still making waves across the internet. People love the idea of cute, angry birds launching themselves into space only to come crashing down and cause havoc. If this is your idea of art, then this wallpaper might do the trick.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

5. Abstract Artistic Background by wall26

This wallpaper abstract has us going in circles wondering exactly what the artist intended. Confusion, as it turns out, is a great form of art that many people have a taste for. The attention to detail is very admirable and will make you want to reach out and touch to see if there’s life in there. This is a peel-and-stick wallpaper, which makes it easy to install and remove.

Click here to order on Amazon.

6. Faux Blackboard

If you have a taste for mathematics, geometry, numbers, or just want to relive the memory of your school days, then this is the mural for you. It is very realistic and manages to capture the look and feel of an authentic blackboard. The wallpaper is both removable and waterproof, making maintenance simple enough.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

7. Black and White Vintage Newspaper by Norwall

This statement piece will get your guests talking in hushed tones as to what you originally intended. After all, why recycle vintage newspapers when you can use them as wallpaper? Besides, very few people read the newspaper anymore. In terms of design and color, this wallpaper isn’t an underachievement by any means, it’s a great form of art in itself.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

8. Vintage Rose Flower Wallpaper by HAOKHOME

This rose themed wallpaper helps you create a vintage feature wall in any room of your home. There are vivid colors with bold details that can be used to uplift the local ambiance in your room. Ranging in color from pink and red to black and yellow, this will attract attention. The pitch black backdrop adds balance to all the colors.

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

If you like this design, you'll love our post about dark floral wallpapers right here.

9. Cats by artgeist

These cartoonish felines could turn your kid’s bedroom into a playful space - as long as they're not afraid of kitties! This is also perfect for the accent wall in the office of any crazy cat lady or gentleman. Each kitten has different colors on its body, ranging from pink and yellow to white and grey – the mural should inspire creativity in your kids.

Click here to order on Amazon.

10. Hexagon Geometric Wallpaper by Roostery

Brighten up your interior with this hexagonal wallpaper, featuring timeless wasps that are encapsulated in a hexagonal coffin. Random geometrical shapes tell a story that was inspired by outer space - definitely not a standard choice in wall design!

Click here to order on Amazon.

11. Gold Decals by SUMGAR

This wallpaper mural features an exclusive design by gifted artists at SUMGAR, capturing the elegance and beauty of gold in liquid form. The substance has the same luster and appearance of gold but has the mobility of water. A 3-D design that we promise your guests won't be able to ignore. Just be prepared to hear the words "crazy" and "whaaat?"

Click here to buy it on Amazon.

12. Modern Brick Design by Aret3D

Add faux 3D tiles to your room that will instantly transform your interior into something extraordinary. The tiles have a realistic design that we really like and would recommend to all fans of brickwork out there. Furthermore, the neutral white should look good in most rooms.

Click here to order on Amazon.

If you're looking for more natural-looking brick wallpaper, check out our guide with 15 Faux-brick wallpaper that can transform any room.

13. Glitter Wallpaper by Billion Wall Hoom

All that glitters is not gold, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, just like this wallpaper. The luster and flair of gold can be used as a stylistic statement, and in this case, glittered wallpaper literally adds shine to your room. If you're brave enough, this unusual wallpaper can be perfect for a girly accent room that really says "bling!"

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