11 Crazy Upside Down Houses You Won’t Believe Are Real!

If you're looking to design a house that everyone in town talks about, you might think about using a flashy and bright exterior paint color or incorporating some unique architectural elements. Or maybe you'll include some elaborate landscape features or wild and wacky yard art. But if you want your house to turn heads, have you thought about, well, turning it on its head? These homebuilders did. Literally!

You can't get much more unique and attention-grabbing than an upside-down house. It's an impressive architectural marvel that seems to defy both gravity and logic. You might think the idea is so out-there no one would attempt it, and certainly not more than once. But we've found pictures of 11 upside-down houses!

These homes are so crazy you won't believe they're real. But don't panic; nothing's wrong with your screen. These topsy-turvy houses exist. Check them out to be amazed and for some fun inspiration. Maybe they'll motivate you to develop your own quirky ideas for making your house turn the neighborhood on its head. 

An awesome looking upside down house, 11 Crazy Upside Down Houses You Won't Believe Are Real!

1. Quaint and Cozy

Upside down house sitting on a hill and serves as a tourist attraction

This cute yellow house with its red-shingle roof looks like it would make a cozy home in any neighborhood. With gorgeous flower boxes in every window and an impeccably maintained yard, who wouldn't love to have this simply charming house on their block?

2. Balancing Act  

Brown country side upside down house

Balance is essential in architecture. Equal numbers and symmetrical placement of windows? Check. Perfectly aligned roof tiles and bricks? Yep. A house that can perch perfectly on the narrow ridge of its roof? In this case, yes! No one will accuse your brown brick house of being boring when you build it upside down.

3. Sunny Yellow Sensation

Yellow upside down house museum

This yellow wood-plank house might be a little crooked, but that only adds to its charm. It's built to mimic a traditional Swedish style, except that it's not only upside down but also inclined by 7 degrees on two axes. The extra incline makes walking through this house even more of an adventure. If you ever make it to Estonia, you can check out this dizzying wonder for yourself.

4. Floral Beauty

Garden-inspired upside down house

You might think building your house upside down would already create enough of a spectacle, but why stop there when you can take the creativity to another level? Covering the walls with greenery and blooming flowers does just that. This beautiful blooming beauty is surrounded by lush gardens, too.

Fortunately, if you love the look, you don't have to upend your whole house to recreate it. Choose a wall or just a section and cover it with your own panel of green plants, flowers, or succulents.

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5. Friendly Funhouse Attraction Upside Down House

Here's another seemingly ordinary house that's anything but. It has everything you'd expect in standard house-brown wood walls, simple white windows, red shingle roof. With just those basics, it's pleasant and inviting. That must've been a little too simple for these builders, though, so they decided to flip it upside down.

6. Perched in Pink

upside down house with upsidedown garage

If you're going to build a non-traditional house, you should choose a unique color that fits its style. Rosy pink is the perfect choice for this little cottage. It's fun but not too flashy because the fact that it's sitting on its roof is already peculiar enough.

And when you're building an upside-down house, don't be afraid to go all in. This house includes an upside-down carport and car, too!

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 7. Leaning Log Cabin

wooden upside down house

Exploring this tilted upside-down house will have you feeling like the world was turned upside down. Like many of these upside-down homes, you can visit it yourself if you want on your next vacation. This one's located in Poland. Maybe you can plan a trip around the world to see them all?

8. Ready and Steady

Red Upside down house

Could this big red house be any more upside down? Probably not! It's balanced perfectly in the center of its black-tiled roof. No tilting here. And every accessory is perfectly upside-down, too, from the bistro table and chairs to the bikes and the broom. It looks like it's just ready and waiting for an upside-down family to walk through that upper door.

9. Bright Side Up

seafront upside down house

This bright blue house looks like someone just picked it right up and dropped it on its head. You'd never guess that it was intentionally built this way. You're probably wondering if the inside of this house is designed upside down, too. If you want to find out, you can take a trip to Brighton, England, and explore the whole thing for yourself!

10. Blue Over

Blue upside down house

Visitors will be blown away when they see this adorable upside-down house. When building an upside-down house, make sure you pay attention to all the details. This pretty blue house doesn't forget a thing. The bicycle and flowerpots are upside down, and they even remembered to make a little upside-down house for the dog!

11. Rockin' Red Brick Brick upside down house

Red brick with a black tile roof is a traditional choice. But choosing to build it upside down is as far from traditional as you can get. Or maybe someone came along and just rocked it right over on its side. Once you've seen an upside-down house, you can probably believe anything is possible!

In Closing

An awesome looking upside down house, 11 Crazy Upside Down Houses You Won't Believe Are Real!

Though these houses were built more for fun rather than function [many of them were created for museums or as tourist sites], that doesn't mean you can't take some of the whimsy they inspire and incorporate it into your own home. Try to think of unique and interesting ways to add a twist to your house.

Bring a bit of the bizarre to your neighborhood or simply your own backyard by putting a new spin on a classic concept. Crazy color combinations. Wacky window shapes. Goofy garden gates. No matter what outlandish ideas you come up with, at least you'll know they're not as wild as an upside-down house, so why not go for it?

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