21 Cream and White Bedroom Ideas You Should Check Out

You've come home from the spa and you can't get the image out of your head. The neutral rooms, the soothing palette of whites, creams, ivory, and beige. It's time for that remodel you've been dreaming about, but where to begin? In this post, we're going to show you twenty-one different bedroom ideas in cream and white to make your dreams reality.

21 Cream and White Bedrooms Ideas You Should Check Out

With fixes as easy as paint, linens, and window treatments, you can transform your too bright or too tired interior into something as tranquil as a luxury hotel room. Have a gorgeous painting you want to showcase or an incredible light fixture? Neutral colors will make those designer elements pop. Maybe you have a small bedroom and you want to go from clutter to calm? Use the inspiration in the examples below and soon you'll be donning your fuzzy robe, sipping chamomile tea, and hoping you never have to leave your tranquil paradise.

Bedroom in neoclassicism style

Don't discount the greige (beige + gray) when you're shopping for colors and accents. Light grays and beiges are very much in style and pair well together. Here, darker pillows in pewter draw the eye in and up to the central painting.


Bedroom in soft beige colors with blue decoration

Symmetry compliments the soothing colors in beige, white, and aqua. The subtle color adds some interest, but the choice of minimal decor accentuates the neutral palette.

Bedroom in soft light colors. big comfortable double bed in elegant classic bedroom

A paneled wall adds visual interest that accentuates this all white room. Slightly different shades of linens, different textures, the addition of a plush rug, add up to a stunning setting for some shut eye. The addition of the simple iron lamp and mirror in black, along with the pop of color from plants, keep things interesting.

Bedroom with pillow on empty bed and books, plant and picture on floor

Have a brick wall that needs a new life? Consider painting it white and pairing it with whitewashed floors for a loft look that will bring out your inner artist.

Big white bed in light bed room

White doesn't always mean modern. This charming Cape Cod-style bedroom with wooden furniture in shades of ivory is brought to life with touches of subtle color in pinks and blues and greens.  They're the colors of a winter sunset on a snowy day.

Big white double bed in light bedroom

Want to recreate a glamorous hotel room? Consider an accent wall of luscious wallpaper in neutral golds or silvers. Pop it with a mirror to reflect all the calm and brighten it up with wall sconces.

Classic style luxury bedroom interior in blue colors with boudoir and window

With a chandelier like this, you need elegance. Here we see deeper beiges paired with silvery blue-grays, whitewashed floors, and gold accents. The curtains pool voluptuously on the floor and are held back with gold tassels. It's your very own Versailles.

Cozy classic bedroom interior

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint, a new linen set, with curtains to match, to spruce up a bedroom. In this example, we see a typical bedroom given new life in rose and cream.

Cozy modern interior

Want to take advantage of natural light and a stunning view? Keep things minimal. Here, modern furniture, simple bedding, and a pop of accent color bring the outside in.

Creamy yellow and white combination bedroom

Apartment living doesn't mean you have to shirk on luxury. Two-tone neutral walls elevate beige carpeting. Simple bedding in the right size for the space along with the perfect accent pieces makes coming home at the end of a work day exciting.

Detail of elegant cozy white bedroom with nightstand

This image is another example of the good use of texture and pattern in a limited palette. From the brocade bedspread to the shag rug to the mirrored lamp and frame, every element enhances the calm of this cream and white room.

Elegant fancy white bedroom with double bed

Vertical lines and simplistic accessories make this master bedroom the calm oasis you've been looking for. A reversible duvet cover allows for the room to change with your mood. Accent pillows are also an easy way to make quick changes when you're ready for a slightly new feel to your space.

Interior of modern light bedroom with soft bed and lamps

Sheer curtains in white allow the light to play beautifully across the monochromatic color scheme.  Choose just a few colors, in this case, ivory, white, gray, and brown-beige, to create serenity.

Interior of the comfortable bedroom

Or, use no window treatments at all and let the light flood in. This gorgeous white and cream room highlights the abstract painting above the headboard. The shine of the finished concrete floor pairs beautifully with the textured rug and bedspread.

Light openwork pillow on sofa interior decoration in bed room

Need a simple guest space that could also serve as a peaceful reading nook? Consider adding a mattress with neutral bedding in beiges to a small space. Keep things in a limited color range and allow the words in the story to fill your mind with color.

Luxury bedroom interior

Is your bedroom your world? Make it luxurious and calming. Creams and grays and beiges pair with a luxurious carpet and satin bedding.

Modern bedroom interior

The use of mirrors in a neutral space lightens things up even more. Take the silver-tone and let it flow through the design in your lamps and drawer pulls. Choose bedding that enhances the more creams and ivory to draw the eye in.

Modern bedroom in white

Natural woods and creams and whites are a perfect blend. Cream linens and accessories are used to highlight the natural beauty of wood flooring. Linen covered light fixtures are used to best advantage in this serene example.

Simple modern white bedroom with red pillows

Love a light-colored cream and white room but can't let go of all color? Find a bedspread in neutral that is shot through with a hint of color, then pair it with pillows to match. It's the best of both worlds.

Spacious and elegant new modern bedroom

Keeping things neutral will really open up your space. Here upholstered furniture in beige is matched with similarly colored cream carpet. The walls are just a shade away. This monochromatic scheme, blended with chrome accents and loads of natural light begs you to roll out the yoga mat for a good stretch in the morning.

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