11 Creative Ways To Cover Holes In Tiles

Seeing drill holes over ceramic or marble tiles is enough to frustrate anyone. While they ruin your tile's look, there are fortunately many ways you can hide them even after you patch them up. So, what are ingenious ways you can hide holes and other flaws in tiles? We have listed out solutions you can try.

How to fix holes in tiles depends on the tile material and where the tile is installed. If your tiles are natural stone, you only need to clean the hole and fill it with epoxy resin. For ceramic tiles, you will need to fill with an auto body filler and wait for it to harden. 

After that, you can cover tiles with:

  • Picture frames, tapestries, hanging plants, or lamps for small to medium sized wall holes
  • Carpet, mats, or potted plants for various sized floor holes
  • Bookcases, floating shelves, draperies, or pottery to cover larger holes

Having fixer-uppers in the house doesn't have to be stressful; this can be an outlet for your creativity. All you need is a little inspiration, time, and effort to make things work. If you'd like to learn more about turning flaws into art, keep reading below!

Floating shelves in a kitchen, 11 Creative Ways To Cover Holes In Tiles

11 Ways To Cover Holes in Tiles

There are many causes as to why there can be holes on our tiles--a removed switch plate, accidental drilling, a sign of deterioration--and we don't always have the energy to fully restore the surface even after it's been filled.

If the area has not yet been filled, or if the repair is halfway finished, you want to be able to look at your space and not be irritated by the mess. 

Here are ways you can remedy the situation and make your place visually pleasing again.

1. Hang a picture frame

Elegant bathroom with bathtub against stone wall

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If the hole is in your living room or kitchen wall, hanging a picture frame would perfectly hide the flaw. If the hole is in your bathroom wall, you can purchase a fun postcard or decorative signage with your favorite phrase. 

You can put up a personal photo or a painting that suits your style, so it doesn't look forced. You can also get a set of frames that can transform your wall into an accent wall if the position is awkward. If you've been looking into setting up a mini art gallery in your space, this can be a perfect time!

2. Attach a tapestry for a hip look

Another way you can hide a hole in your space is by going the hip route and attaching a tapestry. Textile art and vintage fabrics can introduce more vibrant energy into your room, and putting it up is an easier alternative than frames where you will still need to install hooks.

Tapestries can be attached simply by pushpins or nails. If you don't want to risk getting any more holes in your apartment, you can secure the tapestry using Velcro tape. 

Tapestries do not only have an aesthetic purpose: they can also improve how your home sounds. Soft fabrics are known to absorb sounds better, reducing the ear-ringing white noise in your home. 

Check out this tapestry on Amazon.

3. Hang a potted plant or vine over the wall 

Monobloc tap over beige vanity unit with black counter top

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A clever idea to hide flaws in any surface is to cover it with greenery. Plants or vines can give your space a more refreshing appeal, and they purify your indoor air as well. 

If you're worried about drilling too many holes in the wall, you can create a buffer by installing a grid or trellis. That way, you also have the option to build your own plant wall!

Can you use plastic grids for plants?

If plywood planks don't suit your taste, you can go for plastic grids and hang them over hooks. It's a cheaper alternative, and it doesn't pose any risk of wall damage. 

Check out this plastic grid on Amazon.

4. Put a lamp over it

Wall lamps are another creative way you can cover up a hole. If the wall tile is in the bathroom, make sure that the lighting follows the IP rating.

This way, you can have more stylish or moody lighting if you want a more relaxing atmosphere.

Sconce lighting is also energy efficient, so you won't have to worry about them hiking up your electric bills. 

Check out these wall lights on Amazon.

5. Hide it behind a carpet 

Modern living room with TV

Tiled floors can also suffer accidental drill holes. If you can't be bothered to fix it--or you have, but it has imperfections that can't be ignored--you can simply move your carpet over to cover it. 

However, if the hole is huge, it can be a safety hazard. Getting a carpet over it is only possible if the hole isn't big enough to bother anyone.

Don't sacrifice safety for aesthetics. Make sure you get the hole patched up before covering it with a carpet!

6. Throw a small but stylish rug over it

Navy blue love seat and ottoman by large sliding door

If hiding it behind a carpet will only seem too obvious, you can settle for a stylish rug. A faux-sheepskin rug will make your space look visually pleasing, and it will add to the cozy atmosphere of your room.

This small rug can be a statement piece, too, especially if it fits your interior. If it's situated in a corner, you can transform that space into a reading nook with a few throw pillows and a blanket.

However, as always, make sure the hole is not too big to pose a safety hazard. 

Check out this faux fur rug on Amazon.

7. Place a potted plant over it

Placing a heavy potted plant over the hole on a tiled floor is a safer option if the hole is too big. That way, no children or small pets will accidentally stumble over it. For extra safety, surround the potted plants with heavy rocks.

Tiled Mexican balcony with potted plant near railing

You can place potted plants anywhere in the house--even in the bathroom. They will act as a natural purifier, and they will be able to thrive in the humidity--just make sure you choose the right plants.

Artificial potted grass plant, grey wall, modern cloakroom with white, dual button flush toilet

8. Hide it behind a bookcase

This solution can apply to holes in both walls or floors. However, try to paint your bookcase in a color that can complement your tiled walls or floors so it won't look forced. 

For aesthetic purposes, you can purchase a minimalist and space-saving bookcase so the space won't look cramped. A folding bookcase might also be a better alternative, especially if you're planning to get the hole fixed.

There are many designs in the market that could fit your taste and blend with your interior. 

Check out this bookcase on Amazon.

9. Install floating shelves over it

Scandinavian bathroom with classic white vintage interior design

Floating shelves are also another option you have to cover up holes. They are more space-saving, and they fill up awkward corners so you won't have to worry about the fixture looking forced.

Floating shelves are also functional, so you can turn this into an opportunity to add more storage to your space. You can put trinkets, plants, or your favorite books on it.

10. Install a wall panel

A worker is attaching the gypsum tile to the wall

Acoustic felt tiles can be installed over your damaged tiled walls to effectively hide holes. You can do this if you're already looking into improving your walls for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Wall panels have a better noise-reducing component, and they add beauty to your space. You can choose from an array of designs available in the market, so you won't have to sacrifice function for visual appeal. 

11. Hide it behind artistic pottery

Ceramic vase and bowl decoration in a bathroom

Art pieces, especially elegant-looking pottery, can give your space a more luxurious appeal. If the hole was accidentally punctured on a wall, you can put a high table or a floating shelf and have sleek pottery hide the imperfection.

For a rustic look, go for solid earth tones. If you want a more posh appeal, go for gold-finished pottery pieces. If you're hiding holes on the floor, place heavy pottery pieces over them so no one will be able to stumble over them.

Artistic pottery can blend with any bathroom, kitchen, or living room design. Make sure to get ones that fit your style.

Final Thoughts

Tile holes sometimes suffer occasional damage. If you intend to wait before you fix them, make sure the decor will be immovabl, especially if the hole on the floor is huge. 

The best way to hide them is still to patch them up. If patching them up still won't hide flaws, you can apply these creative solutions as much as you want!

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