Should Crown Molding Be The Same Color As The Walls?

When building or remodeling a house, picking out paint colors is an exciting step! The colors selected for each room of your home are important in setting the tone and feel, but what about the crown molding? What color should it be painted? Should it be the same color as the walls? We have looked into this matter and have found the answer for you. 

Crown molding can be painted the same color as the walls, creating a fluid, even look from floor to ceiling. Crown molding is usually painted white, as this has been known to make the room look bigger and tie everything together. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Crown molding can be painted to match the ceiling, the walls, or other trim. Alternatively, it can be painted an entirely different, complementary color and be an architectural statement in itself.

Whether or not your crown molding matches your walls or anything else will, ultimately, be dependent on your personal style and preference. However, there are a few helpful tips and theories regarding crown molding that we think will help you to narrow down the choices. Keep reading to learn more about painting crown molding.

Collaged photo of living rooms with white crown moldings

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What To Consider Before Painting Crown Molding

Choosing a color for your crown molding doesn’t have to be difficult. However, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before you start shopping. Look at your rooms, are they large or small? Are your ceilings high, or are they considered low? What style of home or decor are you going for? Each of these factors will play into the decision of what color to paint your crown molding.

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Light blue colored wall and a white crown molding

Crown molding is an embellishment that is meant to receive some attention, even if it’s not the star of the show. That being said, it is understandable that some homeowners have preexisting crown molding in their homes and may want to diminish this effect. For this reason, it is important to decide what role you want your crown molding to play.

Should Crown Molding Match the Walls?

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It is becoming more and more popular to paint an entire room the same color, including crown molding and baseboards. This is a good choice if you have furniture or decorations that you want to stand out in the room.

Matching colors of crown molding and wall

Painting crown molding to match your walls can have a somewhat muting effect, diminishing the statement that molding usually makes. There will be little attention drawn to it, which can be a plus or a drawback, depending on your preference. One bonus to matching crown molding to the wall color is that it can make a small room seem larger, and a low ceiling can seem to be taller. Without a color break, the wall may seem to extend higher than it actually does.

Should Crown Molding Match the Ceiling?

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Painting your crown molding to match your ceiling is a great choice, with one caveat. Ceiling paint is typically white, or some variation of white, but more importantly, it is usually painted with a flat finish. For this reason, we do not recommend painting your crown molding using the same paint as your ceiling. A flat white finish could make your ceilings feel lower, as the molding takes up extra wall space while blending right into the ceiling.

White crown molding and mint green wall

If your ceilings are tall enough to accommodate this effect, painting your molding a flat white would look fine and is a great way to reduce the formality of unwanted crown molding. However, using a different paint finish, such as a semigloss or gloss, will help the molding stand out and be distinguished from the ceiling. 

Should Crown Molding be White?

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White is the most popular and classic color for all trim, across the board. Painting crown molding white can have the effect of extending the room, or making the edges of the ceiling disappear, in a sense. White paint can really showcase your crown molding, especially if the room color is dark. It is also incredibly versatile, complimenting most other colors in a room.

That said, white is not everyone’s color of choice. Ivory, gray, blue, tan, and many other colors are often used with great success. Find what you love and run with it! For some color inspiration, be sure to check out this post 4 Popular Color Ideas for Crown Molding (Inc. Pictures).

Should Crown Molding Match Other Trim?

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Should your crown molding match the other trim in your home? It can! But it does not have to. What are the pros and cons of this?

White crown molding and matching brown and gray walls

Painting crown molding and trim to match is a popular technique. This brings a uniform and cohesive look to a room. If you don’t want them to match completely, consider painting them complimentary colors or different hues of the same color. However, if your trim is a dark color, you should consider that painting your crown molding to match may “close-in” the corners of your room. Nonetheless, painting both your trim and molding a darker color can create a very cozy space.

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What is Trim?

While we’re on the topic of trim, let’s define what exactly the term “trim” includes. Usually, trim refers to:

  • Baseboards
  • Door casings
  • Window casings
  • Cornice trim
  • Chair rail
  • Wainscoting
  • Molding

All of these fall under the label of trim. Whether or not they should all match is a matter of personal choice. For a closer look at this topic, take a look at this article. Should Baseboards and Crown Molding Match?

What is the Best Finish for Crown Molding?

Living with blue painted walls and matching white crown molding

Most trim, including crown molding, is painted with a gloss or semi-gloss finish. Gloss finishes are easy to clean and last a long time. Although crown molding does not have the same problem with fingerprints and grime as trim does, there will be some. Dust and smudges just don’t stick to semigloss in the same way they do to flat or eggshell finishes. This makes gloss and semi-gloss the best, hands down.


We’ve covered many different opinions concerning crown molding, but in the end, that’s really all they are – opinions! The truth is, crown molding can match the walls or other trim. It can be light or dark, semi-gloss or flat; it really all depends on you.

We’ve hinted at the effect that crown molding can have on how big or small a room feels. Take a look at this article for a more in-depth discussion on the topic! Does Crown Molding Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

Ceiling moldings in the interior, detail of a angular ceiling skirting and lamps, should crown molding be the same color as the walls

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