4 Types Of Curtains That Are Best For Privacy

When shopping for new curtains, no doubt that privacy is a consideration for which curtains to choose. You know that some designs are intended for style or specifically to let in light, but others intended for privacy. We've looked around and gathered up the best choices for curtains that keep your goings-on secluded from passersby.

Here are the best types of curtains for privacy:

  • Blackout curtains
  • Solid color curtains in opaque fabrics
  • Double curtains
  • Lined curtains

Let's take a look at each of these types of curtains and why they're good for privacy. We'll also look at ideas for allowing light inside while maintaining your privacy and whether you can see through curtains at night. Finally, we'll touch on alternatives to curtains when you're seeking privacy.

Modern living room with sofa and pink curtains, 4 Types of Curtains that Are Best for Privacy

The Best Types Of Curtains For Privacy

For some people, curtains are simply a decorative way to finish off windows. Other people don't prefer curtains or window treatments at all. But others want curtains for privacy or to block light. We'll look at some of the best types of curtains for maintaining your privacy in your home.

1. Blackout Curtains

Initially, blackout curtains were produced for hotel chains. But currently, they have gained popularity for private residences. Typically, these fabric curtains are backed with a light-blocking foam. The fabric faces indoors, while the foam is what receives the sunlight. This foam blocks most of the light that would come through regular curtains.

Blackout curtains are available in most window sizes and a huge variety of fabrics. Do note that if you want some filtered sunlight to come in during the day, these are not the curtains for you.

These thermal blackout curtains will keep out all light when closed. They have grommet slides and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Click here for these on Amazon.

2. Solid Color Curtains In Opaque Fabrics

If you don't want a total blackout, but enjoy privacy at night, choose a solid-colored curtain in a piece of opaque fabric. Darker colors will provide more privacy than lighter colors. Still, if the fabric is heavy enough, even a lighter color fabric will show nothing more than the occasional shadow of movement.

These textured polyester navy curtains allow soft filtered light while maintaining your privacy. They are reasonably dark when closed though they won't be as dark as blackout curtains. Click here to see this on Amazon.

These linen curtains with a quatrefoil pattern are more translucent than the navy curtains above. However, they still provide a good amount of privacy. Click here for these on Amazon.

3. Double Curtains

If you want the option of bright filtered light during the day and total privacy at night, consider a combination of both sheer and opaque curtains. You can buy double curtain rods to hang a layered combination of curtains easily. Pull back the heavier curtains during the day and leave the sheers closed. Sunlight will still stream through, but some privacy is still provided. At night, shut both pairs of curtains for ultimate seclusion.

A double curtain rod like this allows you to hang both sheers and solid curtains with one rod. Double rods are easy to install and only take one bracket, just like regular curtain rods. The difference is the bracket is designed to hold two rods. We love the beautiful soft brass finish on this double rod. Click here for this on Amazon.

These beautiful sheer curtains in chocolate provide a bit more privacy while still allowing in light. Sheers are available in other colors as well. Click here for this on Amazon.

4. Double Lined Curtains

Double-lined curtains contain two layers of fabric. A patterned or solid color fabric meshes over a muslin or linen backing. Often custom curtains and many roman shades have this two-layer approach. The advantage of double-lined curtains is a more solid surface for your window. They provide as much privacy as a solid color opaque curtain. Because of this, they often let in less sunlight than a double curtain situation.

Click here for these faux silk curtains with privacy lining on Amazon.

These patterned Roman shades come with a double layer of fabric for privacy when closed. Roman shades are a great option for those who want open windows during the day and closed private windows at night. Click here for this on Amazon.

Do Sheer Curtains Give You Privacy?

Lightweight fabrics like gauze allow the maximum amount of light through, so gauze is often used for sheers. Though they will provide some privacy, especially during the day, it is possible to see shadowy movement through them. At night, if the lights are on indoors, passersby may be able to see through the sheers and into the home.

Can You See Through Curtains At Night?

The proper curtains will provide adequate coverage at night. Some filtered light might be evident if interior lights are on, and if curtains are not properly drawn, your interior may be visible through the gap. But with the right type of curtain fabric, you can total privacy, even at night.

How Can You Put Privacy On Your Windows Without Curtains?

If you don't want curtains but still want privacy is there anything you can do for your windows? Yes! There are various window films on the market that can provide total darkening on the inside, often with a mirrored reflection on the outside of the window. Check out, How to Use Room Darkening Window Film in Your Home.

Window blackout paper like this is available on Amazon.

How Do You Let Light In But Keep Privacy?

If you want both sunlight and privacy, what kind of solutions are out there? We've mentioned sheers already. These lightweight curtains allow beautiful filtered sunlight to come into your room while still providing a fair amount of privacy. Though they don't work for privacy in the evenings, during the day they work well.

Click here for these beautiful sheers on Amazon.

Another option is to use a frosted window film. These films attach directly to your window and allow light in, but mute and block outside viewers from peering. They are available in simple, clear frosted versions or more elaborate decorative films.

A non-adhesive frosted film like this is a perfect light plus privacy solution. Click here for this on Amazon.

This prismed rainbow film distorts any view an outsider may have when passing by. It allows the sunlight in, while maintaining your privacy. Click here for this on Amazon.

Let Light Shine Or Not With Privacy Curtains

Fortunately, it is possible to have both sunlight and privacy in your home when using curtains. It's also possible to completely block out the sun if necessary. Whether you live on a crowded street with people that walk by your windows or work an odd schedule that requires you to block out the light, one of these perfect solutions should work for you.

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