Do Curtains Typically Come With Rods?

It's time to shop for new curtains, but do you need to shop for rods at the same time, or do your curtains come with them? We've looked around to see what the standard practice is and have found the answers.

Curtains do not typically come with curtain rods. You'll need to pick out your curtains, and then find the rod that works for your budget, style, and type of curtain.

So let's take a look at some of the types of curtains and what kind of rod they require. We'll also explore brackets, transverse rods, and other ways to hang curtains. So, please keep reading!

Curtain rod and accessories, Do Curtains Typically Come With Rods?

Pair The Right Curtain With The Right Rod

There are different types of curtains out there, and not all take the same kind of rod. So how do you know which needs which? For starters, you could see our post here: How To Choose Curtain Rods [You MUST check these 3 things]. We've got some examples for you below as well.

Rod Pocket Curtains

Rod pocket curtains have a pocket created by the top hem for your curtain rod to slide through. These curtains hide most of the curtain rod, and only the finial ends show against the sides of the window. They require sliding the rod through the hem pocket to install, making the rod cumbersome to lift into place for just one person.

The rod pocket curtains featured below hide the curtain rod and present a seamless look against the wall. Three neutral shades are available to coordinate with any room's decor. Click here to see on Amazon.

Tab Curtains

Tab curtains feature a series of fabric loops across the top of the curtain. The rod slides through each loop and peeks through the curtains. The finials rest at the ends of the rod. These can be decorative like the pair shown with its twisted tab, or very simple with a straightforward fabric loop. Click here for these on Amazon.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains feature large grommet holes placed evenly across the top of the curtain. Your rod slides through the grommet and gives the curtain a soft, pleated effect. The grommets are typically metal and help your curtain to slide easily along the rod. Eyelets are a more casual look for family rooms and the like.

Pictured is a roman shade version of an eyelet curtain. You see the grommets that run across the top for ease of curtain rod installation. The curtain rod shows intermittently. Click here for this curtain on Amazon.

Pleated Curtains With Hangers

Pleated curtains are very elegant. They come in square box pleats, busier pinch pleats, and classic tailored pleat styles. These pleated curtains feature a classic tailored pleat. Click here for them on Amazon.

One way to hang pleated curtains is with the use of curtain hangers. These hangers clip onto the curtains and have a circular fitting that slides over the curtain rod. Curtain rod clips, like these, feature a small clip attached to a ring. The ring slides over the curtain rod, and the clip attaches to your curtains. This can be a dressy or casual look depending upon the choice of curtain, ring, and rod. Click here for these clips on Amazon.

Drapery rings can be found in metal, plastic, or even wood like the ones featured below. Click here for these on Amazon.

What Kind Of Curtains Can Go On A Traverse Rod?

Traverse rods are curtain rods that hide the curtain connectors and opening and closing mechanisms inside the rod on a track. They are very functional and even come in double traverse styles for layering sheers with heavier curtains without two curtain rods. Your curtains will typically be a pinch pleat curtain that comes with adjustable plastic hooks for hanging on the traverse rod. Many pairs also come with a separate set of round hooks for hanging on a regular curtain rod.

This pair of curtains are made for traverse rods and has the typical pleating you'll find on traverse curtains. These are a polyester blend available in numerous colors and sizes. Click here for the choices on Amazon.

What Is A Standard Curtain Rod?

A standard curtain rod is a simple pole, adjusted by pulling it out on one end. They typically have some sort of a stopper or cap on each end and come with brackets to hang the pole on. Curtains hang on them with either fabric tabs or clip-on curtain rings. The most standard curtain rod sizes are 28- to 48-inches, 48- to 84-inches, and 66- to 120-inches.

This pole and end cap style is the most standard curtain rod style. Click here for this black rod on Amazon.

Are Curtain Rods Adjustable?

Most curtain rods are adjustable. Adjustable styles include pole rods, double rods, tension rods, and traverse rods. However, there are some curtain rods in each style that are not adjustable. Certain decorative curtain rods are not adjustable. Things made out of forged iron are typically made in a fixed size. You'll need to check to be sure before you purchase your curtain rods.

Does Home Depot Have Curtain Rods?

The home and building supply chain store, Home Depot, does sell curtain rods. They also sell some curtains. They have a great webpage on all different types of curtain rods found here.

Do Curtain Rods Come With Brackets?

Most standard curtain rods come with brackets. Some are very simple, and some match your curtain rods. You can, however, buy decorative brackets if you want something a bit fancier for your space.

Ceiling mount brackets are typically not included, and if that's your choice for your curtains, you'll need to buy those separately. This gorgeous pair is available in black, bronze, or nickel, as shown. It comes in a pair, or you can order a 4-pack (8 individual brackets). 

Click here for this on Amazon.

These wooden drapery brackets for 2-inch rods are not something you'll find standard with curtain rods. But adding a unique curtain rod can really make the details count in your room. Available in silver as shown, and also black, espresso, walnut, and gold.

Click here for these on Amazon.

Can You Hang Curtains Without A Curtain Rod?

If you don't want to use a curtain rod, there are other ways to hang your curtains. You can use Command Hooks to hang your curtains, as demonstrated here: How to Hang Curtains Without Nails. Another cute idea is to use a series of coat hooks instead of a curtain rod.

These floral ceramic coat hooks would make lovely hooks for hanging gauzy curtains on. Click here for these on Amazon.

These little birds could also make a really unique hanging system for your curtains. We particularly love the way they hang here, as if in mid-conversation. Click here to see these on Amazon.

Curtains And Rods Coordinate Together But Don't Come Together

heavy woolen braun curtains with ring-top rail

Now you know that most likely, you'll need to shop for your curtain rod and your curtains separately. But the great news is that you can often find both at the same place, which helps eliminate some confusion. Just be sure you pick the right rod for your curtain.

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