What Cushions And Pillows Go With A Beige Sofa? [16 Suggestions with Pictures]

You have a gorgeous neutral sofa in beige and want the perfect cushions and pillows to go with it. Some people may find beige a bit bland or understated, but having a gorgeous neutral sofa gives you options. Run with the neutral theme, or spice it up with bold color.

And, you're in luck because we've gathered some fabulous inspiration for you in your quest. Let's have a look at these images, and perhaps you'll find the perfect throw pillow upgrade for your beautiful beige sofa.

Living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements, What Cushions and Pillows Go With a Beige Sofa? [16 Suggestions with Pictures]

1. Geometric Throw Pillows In Beige and Darker Brown

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Scandinavian interior design living room with white wall, beige sofa and coffee table

This beautiful neutral space plays on all the tones of beige and brown while still keeping things light and elegant. Geometric throw pillows mirror the pattern in the throw rug and round end table. All of the accessories keep this color palette in mind.

These gorgeous 18" x 18" throw pillow covers will help you pull off this look. Click here for these on Amazon.

2. Get Glitzy By Adding A Bit Of Gold To Your Beige Sofa

Sofa with throw pillows in gold living room interior

If your couch is more on the grey side of beige, why not consider splashing it with gold and grey throw pillows? These pillows, in combination with the decorative items on the shelves, glitz up this room.

This marble swirled throw pillow cover embodies the gold and silver theme of the above sofa. Click here for this on Amazon.

3. Play Up The Simple Shades And Shapes Of Nature

Modern interior design scandinavian style living room with beige sofa and coffee table

This is a room of patterns and textures. The tweedy fabric on the sofa, the herringbone pattern of the wood floor, and the subtle drape of the curtains call for another subtle pattern on the pillows. Here they've chosen the silhouette of branches in neutrals for a perfect accent.

4. Beige Goes With Just About Any Color

Living room with corner sofa and poster on wall

This modern sectional in beige rules the room, but throw pillows in patterns and colors help keep it from bogging things down. The touch of aqua to match the dining chairs pulls the two sides of the space together.

These rectangular velvet pillows will add a brilliant pop of color to your beige couch. Click here for these on Amazon.

5. Soothing Blues With Comforting Beige

Living room interior with beige sofa, throw pillows and blank poster on wall

Blue is a universal favorite among colors. It's also a sure-fire match for beige sofas. Here, denim colored blue throw pillows with stripes in white create a welcoming mood.

Get this look with this jacquard stripe throw pillow cover. Find it here at Amazon.com.

6. Soft Peach and Raspberry Pillows On A Beige Sofa

Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture and wooden elements

These gorgeous soft, warm tones bring out the warm tones of this beige sofa. The look reminds us of a spa. We also love the matching toned soft ottoman in this bright light-filled room.

7. Soft Rose And Grey Throw Pillows Bring Out The Cool Tones Of Your Beige Sofa

Scandinavian interior design living room with carpet, parquet floor, sofa and throw pillows

These beautiful rose and grey throw cushions accentuate similar tones on the couch. The subtly patterned rug in grey and creme, along with the simple coffee tables, give this room modern elegance.

This soft rose tone exhibits the same gorgeous subtlety of color as those above. Click here to see these on Amazon.

8. Choose A Few Pillows To Match Your Wall Color, Then Add Accent Pillows

Scandinavian interior design living room beige sofa, hardwood floor and wooden frame on wall

This sectional sofa in beige is sublime in its style. Here a couple of pillows match the wall color, and contrasting pillows add interest and eye appeal.

9. Think About Salmon Toned Pillows For Your Beige Sofa

Panorama view of luxury home living room with beige sofa

This cozy family room features an oversized beige sectional that begs for a movie night with the kids. But sometimes mom and dad want to dress it up. This family chose a unique color blend of beige, salmon, and rich chocolate brown for a look to please every age.

These light coral waffle weave throw pillow covers in cotton are great for a family room sofa. Click here to see these on Amazon.

10. Turn Things Up On Your Beige Sofa With A Hot Pink Pillow

Beige sofa with plain and colorful pillows in the living room

Beige and pink are a beautiful pairing. Why not dress up your beige couch with a sweet hot pink pillow? A grey pillow and coordinating throw round out the look.

These hot pink pillows in corduroy bring color and texture to a living room space. Click here for these on Amazon.

11. Forest Green Is A Natural Match For Beige

Close-up of pillows on beige sofa against grey wall with molding in living room interior

Greens and shades of browns mimic the colors of the forest. So, it's no wonder a forest green pillow pairs beautifully with a beige sofa. The pillow's quilted texture is a nice contrast to the sofa's linen nub upholstery.

These throw pillows bring great quilted texture, similar to the one pictured above. Click here for these on Amazon.

12. Chocolate Brown And Tan Go Together

Contemporary living room with hardwood floor, sofa and brown throw pillows

If you love earth tones, then this combo is for you. This beige sofa features two throw pillows in a milk chocolate color. The floor lamp's shade ties into the color scheme, as do the storage boxes on the back shelves.

These chocolate brown pillows have a soft, nubby texture. Click here for these on Amazon.

13. Dark Tan With A Beige Sofa

Interior of modern living room with beige sofa, rug and coffee table

This is another variation on the theme above. These brown pillows are larger and a softer shade of brown. They perfectly match the design in the throw rug. 

14. White Or Cream Pillows For Your Beige Sofa

Beige couch with pillows in white modern interior

Do you love the coastal vibe? (See our great post here: Coastal Home Decor: The Complete Guide) One way to achieve it is by choosing a neutral sand-inspired pallette. Here, a beige sofa and subtly striped beige and white throw pillows get you in that coastal mindset.

These beautiful pillows add some texture to the above idea. Click here for these on Amazon.

15. Match Your Sofa Or Choose One Shade Below It

Modern living room interior with beige sofa and throw pillows

You can't go wrong with picking throw pillows to match your sofa. If you want to choose a slight variation, simply go one tone darker or lighter than your sofa's upholstery.

16. Soft Pink Pillows On A Beige Couch

Interior design of modern living room with beige sofa, pink throw pillows, floor lamp and coffee table with tulips

This room is a mood, feminine, comforting, and gorgeous. You can achieve this look by choosing oversized subtly patterned pillows in soft rosy pink with accents of cream. Add a coordinating throw and a few tabletop accessories in similar tones, and you'll bring your whole space together.

Add some fun with faux fur to create a playful version of the above look. Click here for these pillows on Amazon.

Pillow shopping ranks up there on the list of super excellent things to do for your home. We love how easy it is to switch them out to switch up your room's overall feeling. 

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