27 Dark Bathroom Ideas [Including Pictures!]

Have you noticed how dark decor has become increasingly popular? It's no wonder. Dark spaces are moody, mysterious, and all kinds of gorgeous. Dark doesn't mean depressing! Luckily, dark bathrooms can adopt a plethora of different styles so that you won't be limited. The dark colors allow you to experiment with fun accent colors, textures, patterns, light fixtures, and other accessories.

Luxury dark green marble bathroom interior, 27 Dark Bathroom Ideas [Including Pictures!]

Check out the beautiful dark bathroom photos below to inspire yourself!

1. Platform Tub

Modern luxury hotel bathroom with white bathtub near large window with nature view

The wooden platform adds more dimension to this bathroom while the large windows welcome in natural light.

2. Visual Interest

Modern bathroom with plants, parquet floor and city view window

This dark bathroom certainly doesn't lack visual interest! The combination of the patterned wood-paneled wall and plants is unforgettable.

3. Tile Work

Modern bathroom interior with walk in shower, wooden walls, white countertop basin and round mirror on white frame

The fake wood tile used in this bathroom adds sophistication to the room. If you ever find that your bathroom tiles are falling off, don't worry: Here's what to do.

4.Moody MarbleLuxury dark green marble bathroom interior

The dark green marble gives the bathroom a beautiful moody appearance, the natural elements in the marble snake through the stone to form interesting patterns.

5. Stark Contrast

Large luxury minimalist bathroom with black wall, house plant and bathtub

A black accent wall is a perfect choice for creating a stark contrast in the bathroom. The white tub and floor accompanied by the rose gold accents are stunning.

6. Leveled Tub

Large black themed minimalist bathroom interior design with small pool and outside window view

With an in-ground soaking tub, the barrier between floor and tub is erased. It lets you experience more organic bathing with additional relaxation. It becomes a bathing experience you won't soon forget.

7. Smooth Lines

Black modern shower room

The space in this bathroom is everything minimalistic: clean lines, neutral color palette, simple features. The space is wide open, allowing for free movement.

8. Industrial Chic

Black bathtub in modern loft interior bathroom with dark wood walls

Small bathroom features like the pendant lights, metallic cabinet, natural light, and sprawling floor tiles bring in touches of an industrial style.

9. Neutral Tones

Black and white themed modern bathroom interior

The neutral tones in this bathroom complement each other well. Even though the windows are high on the walls, the light grey walls and sprawling mirrors welcome in the light.

10. Luxurious Color Combo

Black and gold themed modern bathroom with nature view glass window

Black and gold is a classic color combination, evoking a sense of luxury and glamor. The textured wall adds a level of intrigue to the bathroom.

11. Monochromatic

Bathtub in modern bathroom interior with black wall design

Everything utilized in this space is geometric. The shape of the tub, side table, floor tiles, and wall tiles are all different but come together elegantly.

12. Tile Work

Bathtub in large black luxury minimalist bathroom interior

Small tiles make any room appear larger than it is! That's a great fact to note, especially working with darker tones.

13. Earthy Tones

Break up the monotony of solid colors by installing a geometric patterned floor. The fresh flowers pull from the color of the walls, tying the room's style together.

14. Shabby Chic

Let your shabby chic style flow throughout your house and into your bathroom. The window and white accents in this bathroom prevent the room from feeling claustrophobic.

15. Eclectic Country

Details are everything. Eclectic items are distributed throughout the bathroom to create an unforgettable eclectic country aesthetic. Cowhide rug anyone?!

16. Corner Tub

Installing a corner tub allows you to take full advantage of and create more space in your bathroom.

17. Shades of Grey

Use the same tile on your bathroom floor and run it through the shower and up the wall. This gives the room a seamless appearance.

18. Rain Shower

Bring a bit of the outdoors in with a rainfall shower! Relax with both the feel and sound of the falling water.

19. Class Act

The simple addition of houseplants into your bathroom won't go unnoticed. It adds a nice natural element full of texture and life.

20. Sleek Design

Notice how the dark walls and bathroom features contrast beautifully with the wooden vanity.

21. Curved Lines

Natural wood brings warmth and texture and prevents the room from feeling too closed in. A large vertical garden is a fun way to spruce up the bathroom, too.

22. Bold

Even though this bathroom is bold with its dark color scheme and patterns, the room is opened up through the use of a floor to ceiling mirror! The golden accents add some shine to the space as well.

23. Statement Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a fun way to liven up your bathroom and give it a unique personality. We can even help you choose the right wallpaper pattern.

24. Nordic Flair

Minimal yet perfect, the saying "less is more" resonates with this bathroom style. The combination of natural wood and sleep black is perfect.

25. Elegance

You'll notice that the black and gold color combination is frequently used in high-end spaces and businesses. The hanging lights sparkle and dance, bringing the gold tones to life.

26. Ultimate Relaxation

With a wall-sized window like this one, you practically touch the outdoors. Your room will glow with the natural light and feel softer and more inviting.

27. Dark Jewel Tones

The deep jewel green tone is all things charming and sophisticated. The hue is calming and pairs beautifully with metallic accents. If you can't quite commit to black tones, try out dark jewel tones.

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Modern bathroom with plants parquet floor and city view window




Black bathtub in modern loft interior bathroom with dark wood walls

Black and white themed modern bathroom interior



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