Dark or Light Cabinets in Bathroom? [5 Tips to Keep in Mind]

The color of a cabinet dramatically impacts the overall look and feel of a room. To create the perfect atmosphere of your bathroom, you need to consider whether to settle for a dark or light shade for your cabinet. Not sure how to do that? We got you. We’ve done a lot of extensive research to provide you with some handy tips to spruce up your bathroom layout.

Here are a few tips to help you decide on whether to have a dark or light cabinet in your bathroom:

  1. Light bathroom cabinets give out a more dramatic and edgier look. 
  2. Lighter cabinets are ideal for bringing out a warm ambiance around your bathroom.
  3. For bathrooms with a window, opt for a dark cabinet. The sunlight from the window will blend perfectly with the dark color for a stylish contrasting look.
  4. Dark cabinetry does exceptionally well in bathrooms where there’s a window bathed in sunlight.
  5. Pair either shade with contrasting countertops. 

It’s never easy deciding on the perfect combination. That’s why we’ve gone into greater detail on this post; to ensure you give your bathroom a smooth and appealing finish. Keep reading for handy tips and useful info.

Elegant bathroom with Tub and plexiglass shower. with dark cabinet, Dark or Light Cabinets in Bathroom? [5 Tips to Keep in Mind]

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Dark Or Light Cabinets In Bathroom?

To answer this frequently asked question, let’s look at how well each cabinet shade performs with either dark or light bathroom floors. 

Light Bathroom Cabinets With Light Floor

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White plus white is equal to an illusion of lots of space. White bathroom cabinets and white vanity reflect light, so they make the bathroom space appear a lot bigger. 

We recommend that you try out a white-on-white palette in your bathroom for a clean, seamless look. The beauty of this setup is that both surfaces will reflect –and not absorb – any available light. 

Light Bathroom Cabinets With Dark Floor

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Light cabinets fused with dark floors tend to deliver a compelling but stark contrast. These two shades can work out great, provided you’re sure of the kind of mood you want for your bathroom.

Dark floors are known to absorb more light. Visually, this feature can ground your space. This will offer a secure feeling to most homeowners, especially those who don’t like an all-white setting.

Also, consider the amount of light in your room. If your bathroom has no available light source, the dark floor might make your room feel enclosed. 

In the presence of natural light, dark floors offer a stunning contrast and make your light cabinet stand out. 

Dark Bathroom Cabinets With Light Floor

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Dark cabinets look stunning when paired with lighter flooring. Indoor and natural lighting play a huge role in maintaining the balance between light and dark shades. 

One way to instantly liven your bathroom is by opting for a dark cabinet. When fused with the bright floors, the result is a clean appearance and a new feel. How dark your cabinet should be is based on the existing decoration and your personal preference.

The clean look will tie in well with wooden tiles, rather than the glass types. Wood tiles often complement the cabinetry and pop out radiantly against light walls. 

Dark Bathroom Cabinets With Dark Floor

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Dark furniture on its own is enough to bring out the class and luxury in any room. What happens when you pair dark furniture with dark flooring? Pure magic. 

When choosing the type of floor that will match your dark cabinets, focus on the finish. Settle for the ideal flooring that matches the size and layout of your bathroom. This will erase any feeling of your bathroom being claustrophobic.

Depending on the finish and color of your bathroom, dark wood tiles are excellent flooring options. Though they’re a tad expensive, they’re authentic, beautiful, and blend perfectly with your cabinet’s design scheme.

Other flooring options you may want to consider are ceramic/porcelain tiles, stone tiles, and laminate/vinyl flooring.

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Cabinet?

There’s more to a bathroom cabinet than its exterior style and appearance. Here’s a detailed guideline of what you should do to get the right bathroom cabinet:

Consider Your Personal Needs

Cabinets – otherwise known as vanities – can be used for a lot more than storing utility or house plumbing features. They can also serve as decor, a place to display your perfume collection, and so on. Start by deciding what you want from your bathroom cabinet.

Draft a Budget

Next, establish how much you’re willing to spend on a bathroom cabinet. Doing so helps a lot to narrow down the available options and choose a cabinet that goes in line with your financial capability.

Measure Your Cabinet Space

You’ll need to set aside ample wall space to accommodate the height and width of your preferred cabinet. Cabinets typically measure 45.72 cm (18 inches) to 121.92 cm (48 inches) wide. If your space is a lot bigger, you have the option of going for a bigger cabinet. 

Perform A Thorough Cabinet Comparison

Closet cabinets, base cabinets, and wall cabinets are the most common types of bathroom cabinets. Here’s a little info about these bathroom vanities:

Closet Cabinets

They are used in concealing dryer/washer units and water heaters. They can also serve as linen closets.   

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Base Cabinets

You can place these cabinets anywhere around your bathroom. They are freestanding and come in various shapes and sizes.

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Wall Cabinets

A perfect example of this type is a medicine cabinet. Wall cabinets are hung above the toilet or sink area. 

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Decide which one of these vanities is suitable enough for, based on your budget and bathroom measurements.

Look Into The Installation

Wall and closet cabinets are usually more involving as far as installation goes. They typically require more labor and experience, so they may cost more to set up.

Can You Use Kitchen Cabinets In A Bathroom?

Kitchen cabinets can undoubtedly work as bathroom units if handled the right way. You need to make a few modifications to your kitchen cabinet before you decide to transfer it to your bathroom.

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One of the first things to consider is the drawers. Does your cabinet have multiple drawers? Then you need to do away with them since the plumbing and pipes for your sink will need plenty of space. Ensure that your kitchen cabinet can be modified and is also suitable for plumbing. 

As for the style, you shouldn’t shift all your attention to it. Any form can work, provided it’s in line with your decor, and it blends with your bathroom layout. 

Final Thoughts

An ideal way to find the perfect shade for your bathroom cabinet is to play around with materials and colors. If one doesn’t work out for you, try the next. You could even use both. There’s no telling where that creative mind of yours might take you!

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