11 Awesome Deck Paint Color Ideas

Ah, painting a deck. Is there any action more summery, more all-American? Adding a fresh coat of paint to your deck is one of the best ways to prevent pests from getting into your deck's wood while also adding your own personal touch to your home's exterior. A common issue that people have with painting their decks is a lack of ideas. 

It's common to hear that decks are just decks and that you should just paint it whatever color you feel like. This isn't true, though. Different colors can add a different finish. These colors below, for example, can add a phenomenal layer of class to your home.

Deck with night window glow, 11 Awesome Deck Paint Color Ideas

1. Snow White

A hyperrealistic white deck in a backyard with the appearance of cleanliness, reflecting natural light to create an expansive and cool outdoor space

There is something so nice, so comforting about seeing a white deck in a backyard. White decks always look clean and have a natural ability to reflect light. This makes your deck look larger and also keeps your deck cooler. In warmer climates with high UV indexes, painting your deck white is an excellent way to add a marginal amount of comfort to your outdoor setting. 

Besides, who can deny how elegant it looks? When paired with a roof, it seems downright European.

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2. Nautical Stripes

A photorealistic deck with nautical stripes in blue and white.

If you're lucky enough to live in a coastal town, then you might as well play up your oceanic theme! This cool concept featured two colors: blue and white, done up in nautical stripes. The look gives your home a very beachy vibe that is both eye-catching and unique. In a world where everything is plain, this will be a great way to add a personalized touch to your home. 

People looking to get this ocean-friendly vibe should also consider getting some blue chairs for their deck. It just fits.

3. Woody Brown

Lake from house with large deck and outdoor living areas

Believe it or not, blue and white aren't the only deck paints that can give your home a resort-like feel. One of the most popular deck paint colors on the market is this sienna-like brown. This paint choice is very similar to a wood stain, making it a suitable "happy medium" between the painting and staining battle. 

Since it works with almost every type of setting, it is a very HOA-friendly deck paint idea that also will remain versatile for your own home decorating style. 

4. A Faux Rug

an artistic deck with a rectangle faux rug created through paint1

One of the cooler ways you can paint your deck is to create a faux rug through paint. Here, some artists took a beautiful shade of sage green with floral accents. This looks challenging, but it really isn't. To make it, tape off the area you want to paint, then add accents using a different color. 

To make your accents look crisp and clean, we suggest using stencils. This set of stencils below could be an excellent way to add a bunch of cute touches to your "rug."

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5. Add A Trim

A hyperrealistic grey deck with white trim on the side of the wall, green wall siding. showing two plants in a white pot.

When it comes to finding a good paint color, it can be challenging. You end up getting tons of different options, and sometimes, you want to pick more than one. If you're a fan of traditional deck painting ideas but want more than one color, it's a good idea to get a pair of paints. Use the darker one as the paint for your deck's flooring, plus a shade that matches your home's siding for the trim. 

This helps add unity and coordination to your deck and your home's exterior. The end result? A clean-cut look that raises property values immensely. Better still? Most HOAs are fine with this look. By the way, this is most commonly done with a grey and white theme.

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6. Subtly Framed

A hyperrealistic deck with stained wood and painted side of the borders in white, creating a structured and visually appealing look

If you love the look of stain for the majority of your deck but still want a splash of paint, there is a pretty easy way to do it. One of the better ways to add a splash of paint to a deck (while keeping your stain mostly intact) is to paint the borders of each portion of your deck a different color. It's a subtle look that makes your deck look a bit more structured.

7. Join The Stripe Club

A photorealistic deck with alternating color stripes on the boards

Stripes are great, and you don't have to go latitudinal with them to make them work. One of the easiest ways to add personality is to paint your deck's boards in alternating colors. While this is most commonly done with black and white paints, you can do it with virtually any color scheme with some reasonably astounding success. 

Depending on the colors you choose, the vibe can be artsy, nautical, or tropical. It's up to you to decide how you want to spin this cool concept. 

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8. Match The House

Deck with night window glow

Trying to figure out which color is the best for your deck can be daunting, especially if you are worried about having a visually jarring look. Making your deck feel like an extension of the home is one of the smartest ways to make it appear larger than it is. The easiest way to get that effect is to match your deck with the color of your house. 

While it may not seem like the most exciting option, you will love how modern and elegant it makes your home look. Expect your house to look photo-ready 24/7.

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9. The Mandala Effect

A photorealistic deck with a mandala design on the floor in bold colors.

If you go online to Pinterest, you're going to notice a major trend among artists. Artists are loving the look of mandalas and are now adding them to decks. The most common way to make this happen is to paint the deck's entire floor a single, darker color. Then, they add a mandala design (with the use of stencils) in a bold color to add a bohemian-chic element to their deck. 

Admittedly, this is one trend that is great for houses that are not heavily controlled by HOAs. However, if you have an HOA in your area, this might be a little too hippie-ish to work with your neighborhood. 

10. Fade To Black

A hyperrealistic urban deck with black flooring and black seating against the home's wall. Create an intimate, stylish nook in an urban setting

If you are a homeowner in an urban setting, the chances are that homes surround you. This means that your deck is probably less of a deck and more of a nook. At times, this can be a bit of a drag. However, it can also be a good way to get a little privacy and turn part of your home into a statement. The easiest way to do it is to paint your deck black, along with a portion of the seating up against your home's wall. 

This gives your home a cool, edgy little nook of its own that will keep you warm during chillier months without looking out of place in a city setting. 

11. Say It In Stencils

A hyperrealistic deck painted to resemble tile, featuring a repeating pattern created with tile-style stencils, giving your outdoor space the appearance of an elegant tiled deck

Did you ever want to have a deck that was made of tile rather than wood? Well, you (kind of) can. Or rather, you can get a similar effect by using the right paint and decorating technique. What this designer did was employ the use of tile-style stencils to create a repeating pattern that's highly reminiscent of tiling. 

Want to do a "mixed media" look to your home's deck? You can paint over your stained wood or even add some mosaic tile accents for an aesthetic boost. The best part about this look is that you can work it a bunch of different ways, so your finished product can be a total reflection of what you love.

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