15 Decor Ideas For A Breakfast Nook

A beautiful breakfast nook is a must-have for many homeowners. These casual eating areas are typically set off from the rest of the kitchen in a quiet, cozy spot, and they aren’t just for eating breakfast. Breakfast nooks can be used for any meal of the day, they can serve as a quiet place to study, or you might favor the spot in the evening to enjoy a relaxing cocktail. 

Breakfast nooks don’t need to be fancy-in fact; they should be a rather informal alcove. Keeping the space simple and focusing on the natural light in the room is a must, but just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it can’t be creative and trendy.

rustic theme breakfast nook in a rustic theme house, metal chairs, white walls, near a window. 15 Decor Ideas For A Breakfast Nook

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If you have a breakfast nook and you are looking to make it into something spectacular, we have some great ideas for you! So let’s get started!

1. Beach Dream

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Hyperrealistic kitchen extension with cozy seating. Utilizes a small space effectively, brightened by white benches and chairs.

This cozy little spot in the photo is an extension of the kitchen, and it fully utilizes a small amount of space. Even though there isn’t much light, the white in the bench and the table brightens the area considerably. The blue cushions match the pillows and give the room a vivid feel and a beach vibe.

2. Coastal Colors

Hyperrealistic breakfast nook flooded with light. Banquette under large windows, bold-colored throw pillows, and cube-shaped stools evoke a summertime feel.

Vivid colors abound in the breakfast nook featured in the photo. Since the banquette is situated directly under the large windows, the room is filled with light, and the bold-colored throw pillows and rectangular benches give the space a summertime feel.

The light wooden table evens things with its neutral tones and makes this the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade on a sunny afternoon.

3. A Little Sunshine

 Minimalist breakfast nook with breathtaking views. Simple decor allows the bold color of the chairs to add pizazz and vibrancy.

Sometimes less is more with a breakfast nook. In this photo, the room is decorated in a minimalist style, enabling the breathtaking views to take center stage. Although the decor is simple, the bold color of the chairs gives the breakfast nook some pizazz and vibrancy.

4. Decadent Yellow

breakfast room luxury estate home real estate in decadent yellow theme. 15 Decor Ideas For A Breakfast Nook

The breakfast nook in this photo is decorated in lovely shades of gold and tan, and the effect is stunning. The yellow walls nicely complement the banquette, cushions, and valences. The room looks warm and inviting while still achieving a level of sophistication with the glass-top table and modern light fixture.

5. Bright And Cheery

Coastal-inspired breakfast nook with a beach house vibe. Cool, nautical feel with lots of blue tones. Casual, woven chairs for a laid-back atmosphere.

Even if you don’t have a view like this photo, you can still achieve a beach house look for your breakfast nook. This room features lots of blue tones combined for a cool, nautical feel. The casual, woven chairs fit perfectly into the laid-back room, and the flowers and plant add a little color and style.

6. Simple And Bright

Simple and charming breakfast nook with a light wood table, chairs, and a cute bench under the window.

You don’t need to have over-the-top decor to have a beautiful breakfast nook. This room in the photo utilizes a simple light wood table and chairs paired with a cute bench under the window.

The blue and white walls and bench cushion provide a charming bit of color, and the throw pillow matching the pitcher and lemons on the table is a nice touch.

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7. Timeless Charm

Charming breakfast nook with built-in benches and a rustic table, reminiscent of a picnic in the park.

Everyone wants a spot in their home that exudes charm, and in this photo, the breakfast nook does just that. The built-in benches and rustic table will make you feel like you’re having a picnic in the park.

The lovely cushions provide the touch of color that the room needs and the clean look of the white shelves and walls give the space a rustic quality.

8. Pink And Blue Beauty

Sensational breakfast nook with a burst of bold, colorful vibes. Perfectly balanced blue and pink hues complement the white table and banquette.

A colorful, vibrant breakfast nook might be just what you need to brighten up your day! The designer of the room in this photo wasn’t afraid to use bold colors, and the result is sensational.

The combination of blue and pink is perfectly balanced with the white table and banquette, and when you add a trendy light fixture, you’ll have a room that dazzles.

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9. Graceful Garden

 English garden-inspired breakfast nook with delicate sophistication. All-white walls and dinette set create an elegant ambiance.

If you’ve dreamed of a breakfast nook that resembles an English garden, then the room in the photo might be for you. This lovely room exudes a delicate sophistication with its all-white walls and dinette set.

The soft, pink flowers on the table provide a subtle hint of color, and the window seat is a delicious addition where you can while away an afternoon with a good book.

10. Mid Century Style

Mid-century-inspired breakfast nook with L-shaped bench and sleek rectangle table. Wall paintings complement room colors for a polished

Mid-century style is all the rage, and who would have guessed that it would be perfect for a breakfast nook? The room in this photo pairs an L-shaped bench with a simple, rectangle table and wall paintings that complement the other colors in the room. The result is a polished atmosphere that’s sophisticated enough for a small dinner party.

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11. Simple and Sleek

Bright colorful rambler kitchen room design, simple and sleek

A breakfast nook doesn’t need to be over-decorated, and the room in this photo embodies that sentiment beautifully. The simple espresso-colored table with modern chairs is a minimalist’s dream.

The painting on the wall complements the floor, both of which are perfectly understated. The decor allows the focus to be directed to the huge windows and the light they let in. 

12. Elegance Abounds

Sun filled breakfast nook boasts modern table set, elegance abounds

Who wouldn’t adore a breakfast nook like the one pictured in this photo? Not only do the gorgeous windows let in massive amounts of light, but the glass table and black and green chairs also provide the room with understated sophistication and beautifully complement the wood floors.

Add a lovely matching centerpiece, and you have a stunning place to dine- morning, noon, and night.

13. Charming Cabin

charming cabin, wooden structure, stained wood concept

If you have a home with lots of wood, you can easily create a breakfast nook like the one in this photo. The great outdoors can come to life in your home, and all you need is a wooden table and chairs paired with some red cushions. The drapes and valence coordinate with all of the shades in the room, and the result is cozy and charming.

14. Back To Basics

back to basic breaktast nook with simple table and chairs beside a large window with curtain

No rule says a breakfast nook has to be excessive or expensive; in fact, a breakfast nook can be as uncomplicated as you’d like. In this photo, all that is needed is a simple table and chairs and a solitary space set off from the kitchen.

The neutral color of the table and floors keep things understated, and the red cushions and green drapes create an enchanting contrast.

15. Retro Glamour

Retro 50s diner-inspired breakfast nook with black and white flooring, red-topped metal table, and matching throw pillows.

Who doesn’t love a room that makes you feel like you’re in a 50s diner? The breakfast nook featured in this photo will bring you back to a simpler time.

The black and white flooring and the red-topped metal table are complemented by the throw pillows containing the same colors. The wall and the shelves are decorated colorfully, which helps the space achieve a fun, nostalgic vibe.

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Breakfast Nook Basics

As you can see from the previous photos, designing a fabulous breakfast nook doesn’t have to be complicated. All you really need is some imagination and the desire to create the perfect little spot in your home for eating, drinking, reading, or just relaxing. 

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