How To Decorate Around A Mounted TV

Having a mounted TV in your home is one of the best ways to conserve space, but it does make your walls look a little bit plain. We've received a lot of questions about what to do with this particular issue, and in this post, we will be talking about the best ways we've found to decorate around your mounted TV and maximize your space.

There are different ways to decorate the space around a mounted TV. Here are some ideas:

  1. make a picture wall
  2. hang statement art pieces
  3. frame the TV with lanterns
  4. mount a floating shelf
  5. place bookshelves around the TV
  6. turning it into the room's accent wall

There are a lot of different ways to decorate around a mounted TV, and the ideas can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we will help you find what suits your home best through this post. Keep reading as we talk about decorating, maximizing the space, and how you can beautify the look of your mounted TVs.

A minimalist inspired living room with round coffee tables and ottoman, How To Decorate Around A Mounted TV

How To Decorate Around A Mounted TV

A mounted TV often gives us a chance to add decoration to the wall space around it. The additional floor space you get from mounting your TV on the wall can give you more places to add storage, plants, and other items in the room.

Most walls of mounted TVs tend to be bare because a lot of people think that the TV should only be the centerpiece. However, the TV isn't going to be turned on all the time, so it's a good idea to add decorations around it to keep it from looking too empty.

There are about a hundred and one ways to add design to the wall space, and here are some favorites of most interior designers:

1. Make a Picture Wall

A picture wall is a great way to incorporate design into your wall-mounted TV. It's a way for you to display favorite photos around the TV to accentuate it. You can make a picture wall in many different ways—either hang them alongside the TV or add a couple of floating shelves and display your photos on them. 

2. Hang Statement Art Pieces

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Aside from photographs, another way to decorate your wall is to hang statement art pieces. You might have some modern prints or favorite paintings that you love, and you can create a mini gallery by placing them around your TV. Make sure to have a cohesive flow with your decorations by putting up statement art pieces with similar styles.

3. Frame the TV with Lanterns

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Another great way to utilize your TV wall space is by placing some lanterns beside your TV to frame them. When the TV is not in use, you can turn on the lanterns as additional lighting to your space. Not only will this decor have multiple functions, but they also look very aesthetically pleasing if you are going for a different style for your space.

4. Mount a Floating Shelf

A purple colored accent wall with floating dividers and a small night stand

Floating shelves are very popular nowadays for adding extra storage and decorative space in the home without having to buy big bulky furniture. These shelves are great if you are looking to have a minimalist style in your home. These floating shelves can also double as your media console without having to buy an entire piece of furniture to put at home.

5. Place Bookshelves Around the TV

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Aside from watching television, you can also use the wall to emphasize the use of other media like books and the like. Place some bookshelves around the TV to store your favorite novels, coffee table books, magazines, or other items for entertainment. You can also turn these shelving into additional decorative space.

6. Turning it into the Room's Accent Wall

Rustic inspired condominium unit with laminated flooring, gas propane fireplace and a TV mounted on a gray accent wall

Turn your TV into your room's accent wall by placing it against a bold pattern or color to draw the eyes towards it. Decorating your mounted TV in this way keeps it from being just a boring piece of equipment that is hung on the wall. 

How Much Space Should I Leave Around A TV?

A lot of manufacturers highly suggest that a mounted television should have space around it to provide ample ventilation. Generally, you should have about two to six inches of space between the back of the TV and the wall. This shouldn't be a problem as TV mounts are most likely pre-measured for this purpose.

The sides of the TV should have at least about four inches of space around it for ventilation purposes. This means that you shouldn't put any decorative items, frames, or similar objects too close to the TV to prevent hardware damage. 

If you are planning to put items around your mounted TV, make sure that it will not get in the way of its ports and ventilation spots. This will prevent the TV from overheating because it will allow the air to circulate around the hardware freely.

Aside from preventing hardware damage, it is better to place decorations away from the TV to prevent distractions while watching. Some decorations can also cast a shadow on your screen while watching, so it really isn't recommended to have these items too close to the screen.

What Can I Put Under A Mounted TV?

Putting a mounted TV on a wall often gives you more chances to utilize all the extra floor space from not having a media console. This is great if you want to put more storage and decorative items using different kinds of furniture instead of working around a TV stand.

For many interior designers, one of their choice pieces to put under a mounted TV are small tables or benches that can hold items like books, some decorative storage pieces like baskets, and many other things. 

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Another option is to add additional floating shelves on the bottom of the TV. This will give your wall a look of continuity by mounting everything, while giving you additional storage space for small items. It can also hold other appliances like media boxes, speakers, and other things you might need for your entertainment space. 

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How Can I Hide The Wires Of My TV?

Rustic inspired condominium unit with laminated flooring, gas propane fireplace and a TV mounted on a gray accent wall

One of the major issues of having a TV mounted are the unsightly cords and wires of the TV and other media consoles. Technically, you can leave them out, but it does tend to look messy after a while. Fortunately, there are multiple ways how you can hide the wires of your mounted TV.

First things first, your TV should be mounted on a sturdy wall mount that allows you to move the TV around. This range of movement will allow you to shift your screens for a better viewing experience. It also gives you the chance to give the hardware some breathing room by allowing air to ventilate around it.

However, before you go out and buy a TV mount, make sure that it can carry the full weight of your TV. Check the size of your TV as well, since the mount has to be compatible with your TV screen size.

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When you've mounted your TV, it's time to hide the wires and prevent them from being an eyesore. If you are allowed to drill holes through your drywall, you can use cable management kits that will allow you to hide your cords and cables while plugged in.

There are many varieties of cable management kits available, but you'll find that most of them are recessed behind the wall. These are easy to install, and you'll only need a pair of extra hands to help you pull out the cords from one hole to another.

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For those who can't drill holes in their drywall, there are still options that you can use to hide your cords. In this case, cord covers are great because they can organize all your cables without any hassle. The only downside is that it's not as clean-looking as hiding the cables behind the walls. 

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Final Thoughts

A minimalist inspired living room with round coffee tables and ottoman

Mounting your TV on the walls is definitely a great space saver, and it also gives you more reasons to decorate your walls. Whether you want your TV to be the star or you want it to seamlessly blend in, there are many different ways you can decorate it. Have fun choosing the decors, but do make sure to leave space to prevent distractions from watching your favorite shows!

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