8 Awesome Ways to Decorate a Bathroom Countertop

Have you been staring at your bathroom countertop, wondering how to decorate it? With nothing on it, it sure looks plain, doesn’t it?

Double sink vanity with towels and a hand sanitizer in a luxury bathroom

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We’ve shared eight awesome ways below to decorate a bathroom countertop that will transform your space into a stylish and functional area!

1. Decorative Tray

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Modern bathroom interior with stylish mirror, eucalyptus branches, vessel sink and wooden vanity

Thought trays were just for the kitchen? Think again!

Spotlight and organize your vanity items on a tray. Using a tray keeps the items clustered together in a beautiful display.

With so many styles, you can easily find one that matches your bathroom vibe, whether simple or luxurious!

Bamboo Tray

This sturdy and durable tray is constructed from solid bamboo. Bamboo is the perfect wood color to blend in with virtually any decorating style.

Mirrored Decorative Tray

A mirrored decorative tray brings a touch of upscale luxury. The reflective surface enhances the items on the tray, giving its practicality a slight facelift.

2. Dispensers

Soap and shampoo dispensers on a shelf inside a shower box / bathroom

Dispensers are a necessity when it comes to decorating your bathroom countertop. You need them for soaps and lotions, so why not improve the aesthetic by using stylish ones?

Promote hygiene and style at the same time! Find a dispenser that’s right for you: there are numerous different sizes, colors, and design options on the market.

2-Pack Dispensers

Complement any bathroom style with the timeless features and finish of these dispensers.

Mason Jar Dispenser

This soap dispenser is perfect for adding rustic charm to your bathroom counter. The stainless steel lid is durable and rust-resistant, making it ideal for the bathroom.

3. Organization And Storage

Personal hygiene products on table near white wall in bathroom

Goodbye are the days of ugly storage and organizers! Decluttering your space can be a breeze.

Fill storage containers with bathroom necessities (like cotton balls and swabs, bath salts, and hair accessories) and sweet decor pieces (like natural sponges, sand, or dried florals).

Keep items like makeup and perfume neatly organized in a vanity countertop organizer.

3-Piece Storage Set

These three clear acrylic bathroom organizers are versatile in their appearance, perfect for any decor style and any bathroom.

Vanity Drawer Beauty Organizer

Organize your makeup with this stylish piece. It has three small drawers to conceal items and a large compartment on top with 13 different-sized cubbies to maintain tidiness.

4. Countertop Lighting

A luxuriously renovated bathroom in a 19th century cottage

Using lamps and other tabletop lighting options brightens the room and adds an extra design element.

The extra lighting provides additional illumination to the space. Pick the right lamp to best complement the style of your room.  

Touch Control Lamp

This lamp’s touch control and dimmable features allow for a controlled level of light. It is simple, elegant, and easy on the eyes.

Simple Slate Gray Lamp

This quaint-sized lamp stands 11 inches tall and makes the perfect bathroom accessory. Its color and style are extremely versatile, so it’ll look great on just about any bathroom countertop.

5. Greenery Or Floral Arrangements

White modern bathroom. Bright room. Modern interior. Green plants on wooden counter and bathroom sink.

Looking for something that adds instant cheer? Greenery and floral displays do the trick. Make your bathroom look cozier and fresher.

No matter your style, your bathroom can benefit from the lively plants (fake or real!). Be a minimalist or fill the room. Using plants is a great way to add natural texture and color.

Faux Mini Succulents

Odd numbers are eye-catching. These natural-looking faux succulents boast organic textures and colors. With these faux plants, your bathroom countertop is sure to draw attention.

6. Photos Or Artwork

A gothic bathroom with undeniably attractive white marble floors and a freestanding white tub

Photos or artwork are great for adding a personal touch to your bathroom. Whether it’s family pics or beautiful artwork, they express your style and make the space more inviting.

Just make sure the materials can handle bathroom humidity!

7. Candles

Tray with eucalyptus leaves and burning candles on countertop in bathroom

Candles can add a warm glow and sweet scents. They come in a variety of styles, scents, and sizes, giving you many decor options.

When used in the bathroom, it can help evoke a spa-like feeling, too. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to experience that kind of relaxation?

Fresh Linen Scented Candle

Fresh linen evokes all kinds of feelings of cleanliness. Choose from a few different size options and breathe in, knowing this soy wax candle contains no harmful toxins.

8. Ceramics Or Other Glassware

Stylish mirror, eucalyptus branches and vessel sink in modern bathroom. Interior design

Ceramics and glassware are perfect for sprucing up your bathroom counter. With endless shapes, sizes, and colors, you can easily find pieces that match your style.

Use different-sized vases for variety and add figures for personality. Whether your style is modern, eclectic, traditional, rustic, or anything, you’ll find the perfect ceramic or glass piece.

White Ceramic Honeycomb Vases

The intriguing honeycomb texture of these ceramic vases enhances the aesthetic in the bathroom. Use them as stand-alone vases or place florals and other greenery stems in each.

Balloon Dog Ceramic Decor

Talk about a fun piece! The rose gold balloon animal ceramic figurine is a fun accent for the bathroom countertop.

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